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29 March 2023 | Issue 29

Artificial Intelligence is here!

The escalation in AI technology has led to a surge in the requirement for STEM jobs. The maintenance of AI necessitates a diverse range of employment opportunities comprising of data scientists, AI researchers, software engineers, and machine learning engineers. These proficient experts collaborate to create, maintain, and enhance AI systems. Employment in AI encompasses job titles such as AI researchers, AI developers, natural language processing (NLP) engineers, robotics engineers, and AI ethicists. In the foreseeable future, it is possible that certain job roles that involve repetitive or manual tasks may be replaced by artificial intelligence. Nevertheless, it is significant to note that AI is simultaneously creating fresh avenues for job opportunities in emerging fields like data science and machine learning. Hence, it becomes imperative for individuals as well as companies to adjust to this paradigm shift and procure the requisite knowledge and expertise to remain competitive in the ever-changing job market. 

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If you sneeze too hard, you could fracture a rib

The longest one-syllable words in the English language are "scraunched" and "strengthed." Some suggest that "squirreled" could be included, but squirrel is intended to be pronounced as two syllables (squir-rel) according to most dictionaries. "Screeched" and "strengths" are two other long one-syllable words, but they only have 9 letters.

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