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AIA Indiana Executive Director Jason Shelley 
 Please do not hesitate to contact me if I can answer any questions regarding legislative issues.  




 AIA Indiana in Action!


Jim Schellinger, AIA

Jim Schellinger, AIA testifying in the House Employment, Labor and Pensions Committee 



Hal Kovert, AIA 

 Hal Kovert, AIA testifying in the House Local Government Committee 



Hal Kovert, AIA and Rep. Stemler

 (L-R) Hal Kovert, AIA and Rep. Steve Stemler (D-Jeffersonville)



Rep Ed Clere

  (Far Right) Rep. Ed Clere (R-New Albany) discussing legislative issues with Southern Indiana AIA members at Kovert Hawkins Architects in Jeffersonville, IN



YAF at the Statehouse

  2012 YAF/AIA Indiana Day at Statehouse



Sen. Kenley and Jeremy Stroebel

 (L-R) Sen. Luke Kenley (R-Noblesville) and Jeremy Stroebel, Assoc. AIA



Rep. Greg Porter and Sanford Garner, AIA

(L-R) Rep. Greg Porter (D-Indianapolis) and

Sanford Garner, AIA



Jim Kienle, FAIA

Jim Kienle, FAIA testifying in the House Ways & Means Committee in favor of historic preservation tax credit legislation



Jim Kienle, FAIA and Marsh Davis

(L-R) Jim Kienle, FAIA and Marsh Davis, Indiana Landmarks. 



Jim Kienle, FAIA and Jason Shelley

(L-R) Jim Kienle, FAIA and Jason Shelley, AIA Indiana & AIA Indianapolis Executive Director.



Rep. Ed Clere and Jason Shelley

 (L-R) Rep. Ed Clere (R-New Albany) and Jason Shelley, AIA Indiana & AIA Indianapolis Executive Director



 Jason Shelley and Dana Wannemacher, AIA

(L-R) Jason Shelley, AIA Indiana & AIA Indianapolis Executive Director, and Dana Wannemacher, AIA




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Mass Transit, Public Project Delivery, and A Call To Action!

January 28, 2013


Bills regarding public project delivery and mass transit were heard in committee last week and AIA Indiana was there to support them. A call to action and detailed information regarding the aforementioned issues and other matters are explained below.



HB 1011 - public mass transportation, authored by Rep. Jerry Torr (R-Carmel), and co-authored by Rep. Greg Porter (D-Indianapolis), Rep. Cherrish Pryor (D-Indianapolis), and Rep. Cindy Kirchhofer (R-Indianapolis), was heard in the House Roads and Transportation Committee January 23. AIA Indiana testified in favor of the bill and stressed the positive transit-oriented development aspects that accompany increased mass transit investment.


House Chamber 

The House Chamber was full of mass transit supporters for the committee hearing on HB 1011.


HB 1011 would create in Central Indiana a nine-county transit district and allow ballot questions in Marion and Hamilton counties on whether to raise local income taxes to help fund increased mass transit options. CLICK HERE to view a mass transit issue brief.


HB 1011 is scheduled to be amended and voted on in the House Roads and Transportations Committee January 30. 


Your help is needed on this issue. If you have not already done so, please contact your state representative and ask them to support HB 1011.


House of Representatives Phone - 800/382-9841



In particular if your state representative is one the legislators listed below, please contact them ASAP and ask them to support HB 1011.

*District 90: Rep. Mike Speedy: Indianapolis - h90@in.gov


*District 74: Rep. Lloyd Arnold: Crawford, Perry & surrounding counties - h74@in.gov


*District 33: Rep. Bill Davis: Jay, Randolph & Delaware Counties - h33@in.gov


*District 67: Rep. Randy Frye: Rush, Decatur, Ripley and Franklin Counties - h67@in.gov


*District 11: Rep. Rick Niemeyer: Lake & Porter Counties - h11@in.gov


*District 52: Rep. Ben Smaltz: DeKalb County and portions of Steuben & Allen - h52@in.gov


*District 71: Rep. Steven Stemler: Jeffersonville - h71@in.gov



HB 1036 - guaranteed energy savings contracts, authored by Rep. Steve Stemler (D-Jeffersonville), allows a licensed architect to enter into a guaranteed energy savings contract with a local unit of government. Currently, only licensed engineers can be providers. The bill was heard in the House Local Government Committee on January 17. AIA Indiana testified in favor of the bill. Thank you Hal Kovert, AIA for attending the hearing and providing testimony. No vote was taken on the bill at the hearing.


This past week HB 1036 was withdrawn in committee at the request of the bill's author. An agreement was reached with interested parties to meet and discuss a compromise over the interim that can be submitted as legislation in the 2014 session of the Indiana General Assembly. 



HB 1207 - Construction Manager as constructor (CMc), authored by Rep. Randy Truitt (R-West Lafayette), would allow public higher education institutions the option to use CMc. The bill was heard January 22 in the House Employment, Labor and Pensions Committee. AIA Indiana testified in support. Thank you Jim Schellinger, AIA for attending the hearing and providing testimony. No vote was taken on the bill.  


Jim Schellinger, AIA  

Jim Schellinger, AIA testifying in favor of HB 1027. 


Among those who testified in support of HB 1027 were: Shiel Sexton Co., Purdue University, Indiana University, Indiana Construction Association, Indiana Association of Cities and Towns, and  Gilbane Co., among others. However, in an interesting twist, both union and non-union representatives testified in opposition to the bill. Their concerns included issues pertaining, but not limited, to bonding, labor inconsistency, guaranteed maximum price timing, CMc self-performance, project threshold, etc. 


AIA Indiana is working with the bill's author, Rep. Truitt, on compromise amendment language in an effort to address concerns raised by those in opposition. AIA Indiana supports HB 1207 but will continue to encourage legislators to amend the bill to eliminate the current project dollar threshold and allow all public agencies the option to use CMc. CLICK HERE to view an AIA Indiana CMc Issue Brief. 


Do not hesitate to contact AIA Indiana Executive Director Jason Shelley, jshelley@aiaindiana.org, 317-634-6993, if you have questions or concerns regarding these or any other issues.


Indiana Satehouse AIA Indiana Days at the Statehouse 

Use your clout and support your profession by attending an "AIA Indiana Day at the Statehouse."  This is a unique opportunity for you to learn firsthand about the key AIA state legislative and regulatory issues and become a lobbyist for day. You will be able to use your clout to directly impact the legislative process by meeting with your state legislators and discussing the issues important to architects. Current dates available are: January 31, February 4, and 14.  Please choose a date and RSVP to AIA Indiana Executive Director Jason Shelley, jshelley@aiaindiana.org, 317/634-6993. The day will begin at 12 p.m. with lunch and end no later than 3 p.m. A unified voice is vital.  Don't wait to get involved!



Senator John Broden 
Senator John Broden (D-South Bend) speaking at the December 2012 AIA Northern Indiana Chapter meeting at The Troyer Group in Mishawaka, IN.



"Lobbying Basics for Communicating with Your Local Legislators"

*Take a personal inventory of how you know legislators with whom you have a personal relationship (political or civic activities, church, business relationships, etc.)

*If you are having an open house, or important press release or ribbon cutting event, add your local legislators to the mailing list.

*Ask legislators and other elected officials to attend local AIA chapter meetings.

*Invite your local legislators to visit your firm.

*Invite your local legislator to lunch or coffee.

Do not hesitate to contact AIA Indiana Executive Director Jason Shelley, 317/634-6993 or jshelley@aiaindiana.org, if you have any questions.


Transit Day at the Statehouse 

AIA Indiana is participating in the Transit Day at the Statehouse, Wednesday, February 13. This day is dedicated to mass transit advocacy and provides the chance to join with others from around the state to meet with legislators, share information, and build support for mass transit legislation. Please plan to attend!


CLICK HERE to learn more and to register!




AIA IN Grassroots   

2013 AIA Grassroots Leadership Conference, Washington D.C. - March 20-23, 2013 - All members are welcome to attend!


This year's 2013 Grassroots Annual Leadership and Legislative Conference is designed to help AIA's leaders reach their fullest potential in their firms, components, and communities.  With a wide range of leadership opportunities being offered, the event will focus on a leadership curriculum that allows leaders to acquire and enhance their leadership skills and focus on specific hands-on practice exercises.  Continuing the Grassroots tradition, there will be many occasions for attendees to provide input on AIA initiatives and share information and ideas with AIA component staff and their counterparts from around the country.  The agenda will also include a dynamic legislative conference that will address how you can effectively influence the political arena in your community.  Two vibrant keynote speakers will provide their insights on the current and future state of the profession and organizations and our roles as leaders.


Plan to join your AIA colleagues for three and one-half days that will enlighten, inform, and inspire you.


* Network with peers and meet AIA national leaders and staff

*Advocate for the AIA's legislative agenda on Capitol Hill

*Hear and articulate ideas at the Member Congress

*Sharpen leadership skills with workshops and best practices sessions designed specifically to help you become more effective chapter and civic leaders.


Go to www.aia.org for more information.



Please contribute to the Architects for Indiana Political Action Committee (ARCHPAC).  The importance of our participation in the political process becomes evident each time we must take action to cope with legislative proposals that call for extending the sales tax to services, requiring stock school plans, or providing interior designers stamping privileges!   

Please join many of your fellow Hoosier AIA members who have already contributed and write a $50 check today to ARCHPAC and return it to AIA Indiana, 201 N. Illinois St., Suite 1410, Indianapolis, IN 46204.