MAY 13, 2020

And so it begins...Monday marked the first official day of the phased reopening that so many have been anxiously awaiting.  As each of us eases back into the new "business as usual", or rather "business as unusual", we can be certain of only one thing...change is imminent in the coming days.  Please allow this update to serve you as you navigate back into the office and into your new normal.

Reminder:  Find the entire "Healthy at Work Framework" submitted to the governor on behalf of AIA Kentucky members  here .  


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And check our web calendar and AIAU for free educational opportunities, such as:
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The AIA released a NEW AIA Re-occupancy Assessment Tool which provides a framework of strategies for re-opening buildings. Informed by authoritative sources (CDC, WHO, OSHA, etc.) and public health experts, the tool includes baseline parameters for re-occupancy, architectural and engineering strategies, and administrative policies that promote the health, safety, and welfare of the public while creating opportunities for non-essential facilities to provide services. Contact Lindsay Brugger for more information.


Preparing for the Architect Registration Exam? AIA is offering free access to ArchiPrep® for Associate AIA members through August. If you need experience hours, AIAU's Emerge series is also free for Associate AIA members.


AIA is working to ensure your priorities are included in the next federal COVID-19 response legislation, including making 501(c)(6) entities eligible for the Paycheck Protection Program. More information here.

Congress updated paid family leave policies twice in response to COVID-19, first in the Family First Coronavirus Response Act, and then made changes to the policy again in the CARES Act. The Department of Labor guidance answers many paid leave questions but please also check here to see what policies may have been changed again.


We hope that the resources and information above are useful to you and if  there are other steps that we can be taking to support you, we hope that you will let us know We look forward to hearing from you and hope that each of you continues to stay safe and healthy!

Kelly E. Ives, AIA
AIA Kentucky Executive Director