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Ask:  Vote NO on House Bill 227

(Solar Net Metering)


AIA Kentucky's Government Affairs Committee has recently been tracking  House Bill 227, which  changes Kentucky's net metering law in a way that drastically reduces incentives for solar power in Kentucky.  Currently, utility customers that install rooftop solar are reimbursed for the energy they generate and feedback to the grid at the retail rate.  HB 227 would change this to the wholesale rate which would be a 70% reduction in the reimbursement customers receive.  The effect would be to significantly lengthen the payback period for a homeowner's solar investment and reduce the value of rooftop solar in Kentucky.
Utilities view rooftop solar as a threat to their business model.  The argument for HB 227 is that there are fixed costs that they incur to maintain reliable power to all customers.  This is not in dispute, but there are mechanisms to address this issue and the true cost to the utilities are not known since there has never been a full Public Service Commission study of the matter.  The utilities and their allies will also argue that solar only benefits the wealthy.  Yet national studies show that two-thirds of all systems are installed by middle income families.

The Problem
HB 227 passed out of committee on February 8 and was in the House Rules Committee until last Friday when it was sent to the House floor for consideration.  The bill could be voted on as early as tomorrow (Tuesday, February 20).  There are currently twenty floor amendments, but it is unclear if any of them will end up being attached to the bill.  The bill as passed out of committee is bad and needs to be defeated.

Action Needed
Contact your State Representative and let them know that you oppose   HB 227 .  It  is especially important if you have personal experience with rooftop solar installations, or a personal relationship with a member of the House to let them know you are opposed to this bill. Here is how:
  • If you don't know who your legislator is, visit the Kentucky Voter Information Center to find out.
  • Call the Legislative Message line at 1-800-372-7181 and leave a message for your state representative telling them you oppose HB 227
  • Send an Email to Legislative Inbox (see link in paragraph at top of page)
  • Send an Email to your Legislator's individual email (individual links by name)  
  • USE "VOTE NO ON HB 227" in the subject line
Call Greg Brotzge at 502-819-6780, or Janet Pike at 859-223-8201, if you have questions or need further assistance and, if you receive any feedback from anyone you have contacted, please let us know ASAP.
Thanks in advance for your action on this important issue!

Janet D. Pike, Hon. AIA
Executive Vice President
AIA Kentucky