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Ask:  CONCUR with House Floor Amendment 1 to SB 100

(Solar Net Metering)


AIA Kentucky's Government Affairs Committee has recently been tracking activity on Senate Bill 100, an act related to solar net metering.   Net metering has been an effective way to encourage the use of solar power in Kentucky, but a bill that has been fast-tracked through the Senate would drastically limit the benefits of net metering and stop the growth of Kentucky's solar industry.

Fortunately, the House added a floor amendment to Senate Bill 100 that significantly improves the bill. House Floor Amendment 1 (HFA1) improves the bill by:
  • Clarifying how net metering rates will be set by the PSC to offer greater certainty to consumers.
  • Allowing the PSC to determine an appropriate netting interval not to exceed monthly.
  • Accounting for all costs and quantifiable benefits from customer-generator systems.
  • Establishing a five-year phase out of net metering, identical to Indiana's recent phase out.
  • Allowing batteries in net metered systems and allowing solar leasing.

Action Needed
HFA 1 is a fair compromise that creates certainty in the market going forward. Please contact your Senator on Tuesday, February 19 and ask them to vote to CONCUR with House Floor Amendment 1 to SB 100.   It  is especially important if you have personal experience with rooftop solar installations, or a personal relationship with a member of the Senate to let them know you would like their support on this amendment. Here is how:
  • If you don't know who your legislator is, visit the Kentucky Voter Information Center to find out.
  • Call the Legislative Message line at 1-800-372-7181 and leave a message for your Senator telling them you support the House Amendments to SB100.
  • Send an Email to Legislative Inbox (see contact form at right of page)
  • Send an Email to your Legislator's individual email (individual links by name).  Us "CONCUR with HFA1 on SB 100" in the subject line.
Call Greg Brotzge at 502-819-6780, or Kelly Ives at 859-223-8201, if you have questions or need further assistance and, if you receive any feedback from anyone you have contacted, please let us know ASAP.
Thanks in advance for your action on this important issue!

Kelly E. Ives, AIA
Executive Director
AIA Kentucky