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February  3, 2020

Governor Beshear released his budget proposal on January 28. The proposal stayed true to promises made on the campaign trail. There is considerable skepticism about where the money will come from to pay for much of what's in the budget and as the details emerge, there are a number of pressing matters that aren't addressed. Two new taxes have been proposed. One is a tax on vaping coupled with a 10 cent increase in the cigarette tax. The other is a $50 increase in the minimum limited liability entity tax. Senate leadership has stated that the increase in the LLET is a nonstarter.
SB 8, which clarifies certain provisions of the School Safety Act, passed the Senate and is currently in the House Education Committee. The most controversial piece of the bill is a requirement that School Resource Officers be armed. HB 325, which expands historic preservation tax credits, has been sent to the House Appropriations and Revenue Committee.
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Week In Review 
   (For the Week Ending February 1, 2020)     

Beshear's budget would mean tens of millions less than expected for state pension fund

Gov. Andy Beshear's budget plan would result in Kentucky Retirement Systems getting tens of millions of dollars less in pension contributions than it had expected during each of the next two fiscal years, aggravating the state pension system's $14.2 billion unfunded liability, KRS officials told lawmakers Thursday.

Lexington Herald-Leader


Sexual harassment bill strengthened, OK'd in House committee

A bill to expressly prohibit sexual harassment by legislators and lobbyists was strengthened and approved by a legislative committee Thursday, on its second trip through the panel.

Frankfort State Journal


Bill would give judges choice on whether to send juveniles to adult court

A bill that would give judges a choice to keep juveniles in juvenile court when they are charged with crimes where a gun was involved received first approval Thursday morning in Frankfort.

Owensboro Messenger-Inquirer


Senate Committee Passes Student Crisis Contact Bill

Identification badges for students from middle school through college would include contact information for domestic violence, sexual assault, and suicide crisis hotlines under a bill passed out of the Senate Education Committee Thursday.



Kentucky Lawmakers Advance Anti-Sanctuary Cities Bill

A bill that would require Kentucky cities, agencies and public employees to comply with federal immigration officials has cleared the first step in the legislative process.



Bill Limiting Beshear's Transportation Appointment Power A 'Work In Progress'

Calling it a "work in progress," Kentucky lawmakers are still considering a bill that would limit a governor's power to appoint a state transportation secretary.



Lawmaker promotes measure to restore felon voting rights

A House Democrat on Wednesday urged lawmakers to put a constitutional measure on Kentucky's ballot to automatically restore voting rights for felons who have completed their sentences.

Associated Press


Kentucky bill would require sex education classes, beginning in kindergarten

A controversial bill is making its way through the Kentucky legislature that would make sex education courses a requirement for all grades in public school, including kindergartners.



Republicans skeptical on Gov. Andy Beshear's two-year budget proposal

Republican leaders expressed skepticism with Gov. Andy Beshear's proposed budget Tuesday night and bashed the governor for not briefing them on its details before his speech.

Louisville Courier-Journal


Andy Beshear's budget replaces cuts with pay raises by adding $1.53 billion in revenue

Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear on Tuesday proposed to lawmakers a two-year state budget that offered rare good news for public workers after a decade of painful cuts, relying on $1.53 billion in fresh revenue from sources including state-regulated sports betting and new taxes on tobacco and vaping.

Lexington Herald-Leader


Kentucky bill would ban the use of phones while driving. Here's what to know

A Kentucky lawmaker wants to take another shot at outlawing the use of handheld phones while driving.

Louisville Courier-Journal


Medical marijuana receives support on both sides of the aisle in Kentucky Legislature

Advocates in Kentucky are hopeful, after years of trying, the state will pass a bill legalizing medical marijuana.

Covington Kentucky Enquirer


Senator wants to ban pharmacy middlemen from Kentucky Medicaid program

Fed up with complaints about corporate middlemen who handle prescription drug claims, a state senator filed a bill Tuesday to exclude them from the state Medicaid plan.

Louisville Courier-Journal


Senate President Stivers, long the key obstacle for medical marijuana in KY, now sees 'a narrow path'

The most important legislative opponent of legalizing medical marijuana in Kentucky said Friday that there is a "narrow path forward" for it. Senate President Robert Stivers said that the day after a medical-cannabis bill was filed in his chamber.

Northern Kentucky Tribune


Bill requiring armed school officers clears Kentucky Senate

In a follow-up to last year's school safety law, the Kentucky Senate overwhelmingly passed legislation Monday to require that police officers be armed when assigned to schools.

Associated Press


Kentucky House Republicans Propose Public Assistance Reform

House Republicans have introduced their top priority in 2020: public assistance reform. Speaker Pro Tempore David Meade, R-Stanford, filed House Bill 1 Monday.

Spectrum News


Ky. Bills Limit Sex Reassignment, Transgender Participation In Sports

Gender identity is at the center of two bills recently filed by Republican lawmakers in Kentucky. One introduces new rules for high school and college athletics and the other limits sex reassignment procedures.



School choice advocates urge Kentucky lawmakers to pass scholarship tax credit bill

School-choice advocates gathered at the Capitol on Monday and urged lawmakers to pass a scholarship tax credit bill during this year's budget session.



Kentucky House Votes Monday on Bill Funding Veterans Nursing Home in Bowling Green

A measure is moving through the Kentucky legislature that would provide the necessary funding to build a veterans nursing home in Bowling Green.


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