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February 10, 2020

The Executive budget is now in the hands of the House Appropriations & Revenue Committee. We should know by the end of the month what changes the House plans to make in the governor's initial proposal. One potential problem is that the legislation legalizing sports betting has stalled in the House. While it doesn't generate a huge amount of money, the governor's budget relies on this additional revenue.

SB 8, which clarifies certain provisions of the school safety act has passed both houses and is now on the governor's desk. The requirement that school resource officers be armed remains in the legislation.

HB 325, which expands historic preservation tax credits has been sent to the House Appropriations and Revenue committee. AIA Kentucky supports this legislation.

Thanks to everyone who attended our annual Legislative Day last week! We had 16 legislators attend the breakfast and we reached a number of others with office visits that morning.

Below are the bills that AIA Kentucky is currently tracking.
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Bill Activity Report

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(Report created on February  10, 2020)

Week In Review 
   (For the Week Ending February 8, 2020)   

After an extended debate, the Kentucky House of Representatives on Friday approved a Senate bill that would require school resource officers in the state to be armed with guns.
Lexington Herald-Leader
Three Kentucky representatives have filed a bill that would protect employees who test positive for cannabidiol (CBD) or tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).
Owensboro Messenger-Inquirer
House Bill 137 has been on the House floor for consideration for more than three weeks. Supporters say it will pass, but there's a loud minority against it.
Spectrum News
A bill to give Kentucky schools the opportunity to install cameras on school buses, to catch illegal passing while children are embarking or disembarking, passed the state House Thursday.
Frankfort State Journal
A bipartisan group of lawmakers is proposing a long-delayed pay raise for roughly 33,000 state workers that would top the one that Democratic Gov. Andy Beshear included in his budget plan.
Lexington Herald-Leader
Gov. Andy Beshear is trying to rally support for a bill that would legalize sports betting in Kentucky as the proposal continues to languish in the Republican-led state House of Representatives.
The Senate passed two bills Wednesday, sending them to the House floor.
Cn|2 Pure Politics
Eighteen municipalities across Kentucky have adopted nondiscriminatory LGBTQ "fairness" ordinances, and now, nine senators want to make it statewide.
Paducah Sun
By all measures, a bill to legalize sports betting in Kentucky sailed through the early part of the 2020 legislative session. There was little debate over the bill in committee and the vote was unanimous. By mid January, House Bill 137 was waiting to be voted on by the full House of Representatives.
Lexington Herald-Leader
A bill that would prevent Kentucky teenagers from being automatically tried as adults won broad support in the Senate on Wednesday.
Louisville Courier-Journal
A bill that would automatically clear the criminal records of people acquitted of committing a crime unanimously passed out of a legislative committee on Wednesday.
Legislation aimed at shaking up some inner workings of Kentucky's Medicaid program won initial approval from a state Senate committee on Wednesday.
Bowling Green Daily News
More Kentucky residents are in favor of legalizing marijuana than in the past, a new poll shows.
Cincinnati Enquirer
A Republican-backed bill that advocates fear will weaken Kentucky's school council system cleared its first hurdle Wednesday afternoon after substantial changes to the initial bill.
Louisville Courier-Journal
A Kentucky legislator wants to set aside a date for Women Veterans Day, and she has a lot of support from her colleagues.
Louisville Courier-Journal
Faced with dangerously overcrowded county jails across Kentucky -- many of which house state inmates serving felony time -- two lawmakers are sponsoring bills in the General Assembly that would make it easier to transfer prisoners to jails with open beds and to give larger state payments to jails that offer rehabilitation programs and more rigorous standards.
Lexington Herald-Leader
A bill to ban sanctuary policies by most public agencies in Kentucky won state Senate approval Tuesday after a debate that offered starkly different portrayals of the contentious immigration measure.
Bowling Green Daily News
"The safety of students must always come first in Kentucky schools...," high school student Alex Young said.
Over the course of a single week last fall, seven Kentuckians lost their lives in a series of violent car crashes - each stemming from a high-speed police chase.
Louisville Courier-Journal
Lawmakers say a bill proposing to narrow the definition of milk will help Kentucky's struggling dairy industry.
The Kentucky House is expected to vote this week on a resolution that seeks to restore a waterway that runs more than 250 miles through Central and Southeast Kentucky.
House Bill 354 contains the 2020-2022 biennial highway construction plan.
Spectrum News
A Kentucky state lawmaker said, odds are, that betting on sports is already legal in Kentucky.
The Kentucky Senate voted in favor of a bill Monday that provides specific rules for bourbon distilleries, small farm wineries, and craft brewers.

Questions or comments may be directed to Legislative Chair Eric Steva, AIA, Lobbyist Greg Brotzge or Executive Director, Kelly Ives.
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