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March 2, 2020

The House Appropriations & Revenue Committee spent the weekend working on the budget. We expect to see the House changes this coming week and it is likely the House will vote on it by the end of the week. There are rumors that the House budget will contain some additional revenue but this remains to be seen. March 2 is the last day for new House bills and Wednesday, March 4 is the last day for new Senate bills.

HB 325 which expands historic preservation tax credits has been sent to the House Appropriations and Revenue Committee. AIA Kentucky supports this legislation. We don't anticipate the legislation moving until after the budget is out but members are encouraged to call their representatives and express your support for HB 325.

We are reviewing HB 397 which is a union-backed employer misclassification bill. AGC and several contractor interests are opposed to the legislation.

HB 467 which allows local review of construction documents was filed this past Thursday. Current law grants local governments expanded jurisdiction on plan review with HBC approval. The bill would add educational facilities to the list of projects eligible for expanded jurisdiction.

We are also reviewing HB 475 which is a Constitutional amendment to grant local governments the authority to impose additional local taxes.
Below is the full list of bills that AIA Kentucky is currently tracking.
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Bill Activity Report

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Week In Review 
   (For the Week Ending February 29, 2020)  

Constitutional amendment giving KY cities, counties more taxing options moves forward

Kentucky's cities and counties, which say they're struggling to pay their bills despite a robust economy, would get more taxing options under a bill that is gaining momentum in the legislature.

Lexington Herald-Leader


'Torture and abuse.' KY bill would allow veterinarians to report harm to animals

Every year since 2007, Kentucky had finished dead last in a ranking of state animal-protection laws. Until this year. The state moved up to 47th in the latest ranking by the Animal Legal Defense Fund, based on the legislature's move to outlaw sex with animals.

Lexington Herald-Leader


Anti-doxing bill based on Covington Catholic student incident advances in Kentucky Senate

Prompted by the 2019 experience of a Covington Catholic High School teen, a bill meant to discourage spreading information about minors online to intimidate or frighten them advanced in the Senate Thursday.

Louisville Courier-Journal


Beshear says bill to undo his school board doesn't help 'change the tone in Frankfort'

Democratic Gov. Andy Beshear does not like Republican Senate President Robert Stivers' efforts to undo his remake of the Kentucky Board of Education.

Lexington Herald-Leader


Former KY commissioner's ruling caused 'angst' for this school. Bill would fix it.

The high-performing Model Laboratory School in Richmond, in a crisis because of a 2019 state ruling, could continue to operate under a bill moving through Kentucky's General Assembly.

Lexington Herald-Leader


Republican Wins Longtime Democratic Statehouse Seat In Eastern Kentucky

Republicans have gained a seat in the state House of Representatives following a special election in a historically Democratic district in northeastern Kentucky.



State Lawmakers File Bill Limiting Governor's Power Over Board Of Education

A bill filed by Kentucky Senate president Robert Stivers (R-Manchester) would take away the power of the governor to reorganize the state board of education. The bill would likely prevent future wholesale ousters of board members, like the one carried out by Gov. Andy Beshear.



Proposed bill would allow Louisville to pass 'luxury tax' at restaurants to feed city's budget

You might be digging a little deeper into your checking account when you eat in Louisville or Lexington restaurants if some lawmakers get their way.



Health department survival bill advances in Kentucky General Assembly

Health departments across Kentucky would be more focused in their missions and more likely to survive under a bill that advanced in the Senate on Wednesday, its supporters say.

Louisville Courier-Journal


Rebuking Bevin, Kentucky Senate approves limit on governor's power to issue pardons

The Kentucky Senate approved a constitutional amendment Wednesday to limit when a governor can issue pardons, a rebuke of Republican Gov. Matt Bevin's decision to sign a flurry of controversial pardons for convicted murderers, rapists and child pornographers in his last days in office.

Lexington Herald-Leader


Kentucky House passes bill raising taxes on vaping, tobacco products

The state House passed a bill on Wednesday to increase taxes on vaping products and other non-cigarette tobacco products, a measure estimated to raise $50 million of new tax revenue over the next two fiscal years.

Lexington Herald-Leader


Bill to assist rural Kentucky hospitals clears House panel

A bill aimed at protecting rural health care in Kentucky by creating a loan program to assist financially struggling hospitals cleared a House committee Tuesday.

Bowling Green Daily News


Black Lung Benefits Drop For Kentucky Coal Miners After Controversial Law Change

The issue has caught the attention of Kentucky state Rep. Angie Hatton, a Democrat who represents Letcher Co. in eastern Kentucky. Hatton has introduced a bill in the 2020 legislative session that would essentially undo the provision that excluded Crum, DePonte and other radiologists.



Proposed legislation would increase the taxing powers of local governments

House Bill 470, introduced by Rep. Rob Rothenburger, a Shelbyville Republican, would allow local officials statewide to have more power to levy a restaurant tax and determine how those revenues are spent.

Owensboro Messenger-Inquirer


More taxing powers, including on restaurants, could be coming to Kentucky cities

Two bills were filed Friday in the General Assembly that advocates say could help ease the strain of ballooning pension payments on municipal budgets by giving cities more ways to collect money - something Louisville and others have pleaded for this session.

Louisville Courier-Journal


Kentucky may vote again on Marsy's Law

For the second time in two years, Kentuckians may get the chance to vote on a constitutional amendment called "Marsy's Law" that would create a bill of rights for crime victims.

Lexington Herald-Leader


Bill introduced to undo Beshear's remake of school board

Republicans upset about the new Kentucky governor's overhaul of the state school board responded Tuesday with a bill that would block similar reorganizations from occurring again.

Lexington Herald-Leader


Ky. House passes bills on election issues, battlefield preservation and sexual assault victims rights

The Kentucky House passed five bills Monday, dealing with such topics as elections, battlefield preservation and the rights of sexual assault victims.

Northern Kentucky Tribune


Increase in Cigarette Tax Looks Unlikely

As Kentucky lawmakers work to craft a two-year budget it likely will not have an extra cigarette tax included.

Spectrum News


Critics: 'Conscience' bill lets Kentucky providers refuse abortions, care for trans people

Any health care worker could refuse to provide treatment that violates his or her conscience under a bill pending in the state Senate.

Louisville Courier-Journal


Bill aims to increase participation in jury system

Legislation that would add people with state-issued personal identification cards to a pool of potential jurors passed the Senate today by...

Glascow Daily Times


This week at the Capitol: legislation to limit cost of insulin, Marsy's Law among bills moving forward

Although the Kentucky General Assembly's 2020 session reached its halfway point this week, much more than half of the workload of this session likely lies ahead.

Northern Kentucky Tribune


No Additional Money for Performance-Based Funding in Beshear's Budget

Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear's budget doesn't include any additional money for the state's performance-based funding model for higher education.


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