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March 9, 2020

The House passed the budget (HB 352) last Friday. The House Committee Substitute makes several changes to the Governor's budget. It scales back raises for teachers, but gives most employees a 1% raise in the coming year. The House also eliminated funding for the Kentucky wired project.

Other than about $25 million from increased taxes on cigarettes and vaping, the House budget contains no new revenue. The bill now goes to the Senate, which will adopt its own version. The two versions will be resolved in a conference committee by the end of the session.

HB 325, which expands historic preservation tax credits, is still in the House Appropriations and Revenue Committee. AIA Kentucky supports this legislation. We don't anticipate the legislation moving until after the budget is out but members are encouraged to call their representatives and express your support for HB 325.

HB 467, which allows local review of construction documents has been assigned to the House Local Government Committee. Current law grants local governments expanded jurisdiction on plan review with HBC approval. The bill would add educational facilities to the list of projects eligible for expanded jurisdiction.

HB 475, which is a constitutional amendment granting local governments the authority to impose additional local taxes, was defeated on the House floor last Friday by a vote of 49-17. The bill required 60 votes because it is a constitutional amendment. It's possible the bill could be reconsidered but it's prospects are uncertain at best.
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Week In Review 
   (For the Week Ending March 7, 2020)  

Beshear's new Ky. Board of Education could be gutted by this bill. It is moving forward.

Senate President Robert Stivers' legislation that could gut Democratic Gov. Andy Beshear's remake of the Kentucky Board of Education received approval from a legislative committee Thursday.

Lexington Herald-Leader


Senate Republican Leaders go after Andy Beshear's power with three new bills.

In the first session with Republicans controlling the legislative branch and a Democrat in the governor's office, Senate President Robert Stivers, R-Manchester, and Senate Majority Floor Leader Damon Thayer, R-Georgetown, made a play to assert the legislative branch's power over the executive branch.

Lexington Herald-Leader


Legislation To Create UK Cannabis Research Center Goes To House

The House Education Committee has passed legislation to establish a cannabis research center at the University of Kentucky. Under the bill, UK would work with researchers at other state universities.



Medical marijuana in Kentucky? Senate leader not sure if he'll allow a hearing or a vote

A bill to legalize medical marijuana in Kentucky that passed the state House by a wide margin two weeks ago was finally assigned to a Senate committee on Monday, though its chairman is not sure if the legislation will receive a hearing and vote.

Louisville Courier-Journal


KY panel approves anti-abortion bills as opponents dress in Handmaid's Tale costumes

Two more anti-abortion bills before the Kentucky General Assembly - one codifying the state Attorney General's ability to prosecute violators of state abortion statutes, and the other dictating the terms for disposal of fetal remains - won approval from a House committee on Wednesday.

Lexington Herald-Leader


Legislation, Task Force Aim To Raise Awareness of Suicide Among Farmers

Some Kentucky legislators want to raise awareness about suicide among farmers.



Recovery through employment legislation passes first legislative hurdle

Empowering businesses to play a greater role in Kentucky's substance use disorder crisis is the goal for a measure that passed the Senate Health and Welfare Committee Wednesday.

KY Chamber Bottom Line


Senate committee passes bill to curb misleading advertisements

Sen. Ralph Alvarado, the sponsor of Senate Bill 178, said advertisements about certain prescription drugs advising warning about adverse side effects have led patients to stop taking the medications altogether. Alvarado, a doctor from Winchester, said there are many risks to patient health as a result of these misleading legal advertisements about prescription drugs.

KY Chamber Bottom Line


Suicides of Ky. superintendent's daughter, Lexington student motivate lawmakers to act

A Kentucky superintendent whose daughter died by suicide last year and a Lexington school social worker whose family friend lost a Fayette child the same way persuaded lawmakers Tuesday to move forward on a prevention bill.

Lexington Herald-Leader


University of Kentucky would open cannabis research center with $4M in state cash

A bill establishing the Kentucky Center for Cannabis Research at the University of Kentucky to advance study of cannabis use for medical treatment received tentative approval Tuesday from a legislative committee.

Lexington Herald-Leader


House Passes Bill Requiring Kentucky Voters to Have Photo ID

After a lengthy debate a bill requiring Kentuckians to bring a photo ID to the polls passed the Kentucky House. The modified version included several changes from the original version and the version that passed out of a House committee two weeks.

Spectrum News


KY Bill Lets Veterinarians Report Abuse, But They'll Need A Second Opinion On Farmed Animals

A bill granting Kentucky veterinarians legal protections if they report suspected animal abuse to law enforcement has cleared committee, but not without one change.



Corporal Punishment Ban Faces Hurdles In Senate Committee

A bill to end corporal punishment in Kentucky schools is facing hurdles clearing a state senate committee, according to advocates for the measure.



Bill to help those with addictions get medication-assisted treatments moves to full House

A bill to help people with opioid and alcohol addictions to get prescription drugs to treat their substance-use disorders - the recognized standard of drug treatment - passed unanimously out of committee last week and now heads to the full House.

Northern Kentucky Tribune


Kentucky Athletic Trainers Bill To Get Senate Vote

Legislation to update practice guidelines for athletic trainers at schools across the Commonwealth is up for a vote in the Kentucky Senate. A robust discussion about the measure took place last week in the Senate Health and Welfare Committee.



Kentucky Eating Disorder Bill Aims to Bring Awareness to the "Silent Epidemic"

Eating disorder treatment experts call the illness a "silent epidemic." Now, they're pushing for a new law in Kentucky. Senate Bill 82 would create the Kentucky Eating Disorders Council, which would consist of experts to work on better, more accessible treatment for those who suffer in the Bluegrass.

Spectrum News


Committee Votes To Clip Governor's Power To Reorganize Human Rights Commission

A legislative committee has passed a bill that would strip the governor's power to reorganize the Kentucky Human Rights Commission by executive order while the legislature isn't in session.



Amended Kentucky bill to require photo voter ID would go into effect this year

An amended version of a bill to require photo identification to vote in Kentucky is expected to receive final passage in the state House early this week.

Louisville Courier-Journal


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