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March 16, 2020

The Coronavirus is dominating all of daily life and the General Assembly is no exception. Last Thursday, the session was postponed until March 17 to assess the path forward. After meeting through most of the day, Legislative leadership decided to continue the session, but with restricted access to the Capitol Annex. Effective immediately, access to the annex is restricted to legislators, essential staff and members of the media. Others having official business will be allowed temporary access to the annex. While there are ways to follow the proceedings remotely, these restrictions will make meaningful input extremely difficult for the remainder of the session. The situation remains fluid and we'll do our best to keep everyone updated.

HB 325, which expands historic preservation tax credits, is still in the House Appropriations and Revenue Committee. AIA Kentucky supports this legislation. We don't anticipate the legislation moving until after the budget is out but members are encouraged to call their representatives and express your support for HB 325.

HB 467, which allows local review of construction documents, passed out of the House Local Government Committee last week. Current law grants local governments expanded jurisdiction on plan review with HBC approval. The bill would add educational facilities to the list of projects eligible for expanded jurisdiction.

HB 475, which is a Constitutional amendment that grants local governments the authority to impose additional local taxes, was defeated on the House floor last Friday by a vote of 49-17. The bill required 60 votes because it is a constitutional amendment. It was placed back in the orders of the day last week and appears to still have some life in it.
Below is the full list of bills that AIA Kentucky is currently tracking.
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Week In Review 
   (For the Week Ending March 14, 2020)  

Republicans in the Kentucky legislature are pushing for a bill that would make Louisville's mayoral and Metro Council elections nonpartisan.
A bill to curb the power of corporate middlemen who handle about $1.7-billion-a-year in prescription drug claims for the state Medicaid program moved a step closer to becoming law Thursday.
Louisville Courier-Journal
The Kentucky House of Representatives has passed a bill making it illegal to intimidate sports officials with the intention to get them to alter a decision in a sports contest.
Legislation to reduce the cost of reprocessing old coal is heading to the full Kentucky Senate. Senate Bill 251 would affect a specific refuse fill area in Clay County. If passed, it would eliminate the requirement for a coal company foreman and two emergency medical technicians.
A bill to restore voting rights to some people with felony convictions has taken a step forward in the Kentucky legislature after being expanded to restore other civil rights.
Kentuckians could soon get alcohol shipped to their home from in and out of state producers under a bill passed by the House Licensing and Occupations Committee Wednesday. House Bill 415, sponsored by Rep. Adam Koenig, would allow producers to ship wine, spirits, and beer to consumers.
KY Chamber Bottom Line
A bill aiming to prevent Kentuckians from stopping medications prescribed to them by a doctor because of a misleading advertisement passed through the Senate on Tuesday with a 21-13 vote.
KY Chamber Bottom Line
Business leaders, trade associations, chambers of commerce and government officials from across the state came together to rally urging lawmakers to pass a bill estimated to bring in an additional $453 million in funding for roads and bridges on Tuesday.
KY Chamber Bottom Line
The Kentucky House passed a bill Tuesday seeking to amend the state constitution to specifically state that women do not have a legal right to an abortion.
Louisville Courier-Journal
Utility crews coming to the Commonwealth to help out after a natural disaster would not have to pay Kentucky income taxes under a bill passed out of the House Budget Committee Tuesday.
A number of constitutional amendment measures have been acted on during this general assembly session. One acted on in the State Senate Tuesday pertains to Virginia and Kentucky.
A controversial school choice measure may be withering in the Kentucky legislature. Legislation creating tax credits to bolster donations to private school scholarships may be blocked from a vote - by Republican lawmakers, supporters claim.
Louisville Courier-Journal
Louisville voters wouldn't know if local candidates for mayor and Metro Council are Democrats or Republicans under a proposal working its way through the Kentucky General Assembly.
Louisville Courier-Journal
House Republicans cut $2.5 million in direct aid for local libraries from their version of the state budget, unveiled last Thursday, potentially closing small libraries that depend on it in some of Kentucky's poorest rural communities.
Lexington Herald-Leader
A House committee on Monday approved a bill that could cost millions of dollars a year in order to move Kentucky's local government pension fund out of the ailing Kentucky Retirement Systems. It's a longtime goal of city, county and school district leaders who say they want more control over the soaring pension contribution rates set by a 16-member governing board where they only hold three seats.
Lexington Herald-Leader
After two hours or questions and comments, the Kentucky House passed a two-year budget to fund the executive branch of government on Friday.
Northern Kentucky Tribune
Radon testing would be required at Kentucky's licensed child care centers once every five years under a bill before the full House. The legislation got the backing of the House Health and Family Services Committee last week.
A proposed reduction in funds to fight invasive Asian Carp in Kentucky was removed after a tourism budget meeting in the Kentucky House of Representatives last week.
A state senator wants the Kentucky legislature to approve legislation that would require employers to give employees paid sick leave in order to help limit the spread of the coronavirus.
Louisville Courier-Journal  
Questions or comments may be directed to Legislative Chair Eric Steva, AIA, Lobbyist Greg Brotzge or Executive Director, Kelly Ives.
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