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April 20, 2020

The 2020 General Assembly concluded last Wednesday, April 15, about 90 minutes prior to the midnight deadline. Much like everything else this past month, COVID-19 dominated the session. Outside of the budget, most of the legislation of note that passed had to do with combating the virus. This included SB 150, which gave the governor clear statutory authority for the executive orders already issued, expanded the use of telehealth and provided Good Samaritan protections for healthcare providers and others responding to the pandemic.
The budget that was passed is a one-year budget that is based on the pessimistic projection of the consensus forecast group last fall.  The budget also contains a budget reduction plan should revenues fall 5% or less between now and the 2021 session. Most experts believe that the pessimistic forecast is now optimistic, predicting that the additional shortfall will be greater than 5% and will need to be addressed, either in a special session or when the general assembly reconvenes in January.
HB 467, which allowed local review of construction documents, died in the Senate State and Local Government Committee. Current law grants local governments expanded jurisdiction on plan review with HBC approval. The bill would add educational facilities to the list of projects eligible for expanded jurisdiction. The bill will likely resurface in 2021.
Senate Bill 8, which dealt with school safety, passed and was signed by the governor on February 21. Funding for school safety will remain a challenge in the current budget climate.
Likewise, SB 57 which dealt with the requirement on drinking fountains and water filling stations, was signed by the governor on March 17. The bill removes the mandate to address water fountains during school renovations but retains it for new construction.
HB 93 dealing with construction manager-at-risk, HB 49 dealing with the sale of historic places, and HB 151 which raised the minimum bid threshold to $30,000 on construction projects all failed to pass. The tight budget also derailed the expansion of historic preservation tax credits.
Below are the bills that AIA Kentucky tracked in 2020. Unless the bill has been signed or is on the governor's desk, it is dead for the session.

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Week In Review 
   (For the Week Ending April 18, 2020)  

On the last day of the 2020 legislative session, the Kentucky General Assembly passed several bills related to the state's response to the coronavirus pandemic, though others came just short.
Louisville Courier-Journal
Before Kentucky legislators wrapped up this year's law-making session late Wednesday night, they approved a controversial measure to give Republican Attorney General Daniel Cameron authority to stop abortions during the coronanvirus pandemic.
Lexington Herald-Leader
A coronavirus relief bill in the Kentucky legislature that would have put chiropractors back to work failed Wednesday night in the final hours of the 2020 General Asssembly.
Lexington Herald-Leader
Lawmakers on Wednesday confirmed all but one of Gov. Andy Beshear's appointments to the Kentucky Board of Education.
Louisville Courier-Journal
A lawsuit has been filed against Gov. Andy Beshear and other state and county officials accusing them of going "too far" and violating religious freedom with restrictions put in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19, according to court records.
Lexington Herald-Leader
On the final day of Kentucky's 2020 General Assembly, lawmakers were preparing to override Gov. Andy Beshear's vetoes of parts of five budget and revenue bills.
Lexington Herald-Leader
Senate President Robert Stivers on Wednesday reversed his position and said he was supporting the state Senate's confirmation of Gov. Andy Beshear's appointments to the Kentucky Board of Education for the sake of consistency.
Lexington Herald-Leader
Speaking over the muffled shouts of a few dozen protesters outside the Capitol, Gov. Andy Beshear said Wednesday brought another 88 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Kentucky, and the virus played a role in seven more deaths.
Lexington Herald-Leader
Legislators returned to Frankfort Tuesday for the final two days of the Kentucky General Assembly's 2020 legislative session, where they began overriding up to 10 vetoes issued by Gov. Andy Beshear, in addition to passing through other legislation.
Louisville Courier-Journal
Republican members of the Kentucky House of Representatives are working on a coronavirus relief bill that is intended to reopen some of the "non-essential" businesses Gov. Andy Beshear has shut down to slow the spread of COVID-19.
Lexington Herald-Leader
The state Senate will consider confirming Gov. Andy Beshear's appointments to the Kentucky Board of Education on Wednesday, months after he became the first governor to reorganize the panel.
Gov. Andy Beshear said Tuesday afternoon he does not foresee Kentucky holding traditional in-person elections June 23.
Louisville Courier-Journal
Kentucky state courts have been mostly closed for nearly a month, and state Chief Justice John Minton Jr. ordered Tuesday that they remain that way through May.
Lexington Herald-Leader
Lawmakers gathered in Frankfort Tuesday to focus on the final two days of the 2020 legislative session, focusing primarily on overriding Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear's vetoes and passing more coronavirus relief legislation.
Kentucky's legislature will return to Frankfort Tuesday for the last two days of the 2020 session, with plans to not just override vetoes of Gov. Andy Beshear, but also to pass other legislation.
Louisville Courier-Journal
Kentucky lawmakers come back to Frankfort Tuesday to take up vetoes signed by Governor Beshear. The senators and representatives could take up other bills, but they would not be able to over-ride any subsequent actions by Beshear.
Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear vetoed parts of budget bills Monday, saying he wanted to ensure that he has the flexibility to continue Kentucky's response to the coronavirus pandemic.
Lexington Herald-Leader
Kentucky's legislature will return to Frankfort Tuesday for the last two days of the 2020 session, with plans to not just override vetoes of Gov. Andy Beshear, but also to pass other legislation.
Louisville Courier-Journal
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