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February 13, 2017

After the fast start this past January, the first week back was relatively quiet. Several pieces of legislation did begin to move through the process, most notably medical review panels. One of the major issues that has still not been addressed is charter schools. Two bills have been filed on the subject HB 103 and SB 70 but there appears to be growing opposition, particularly from rural school districts and some private school interests.
There is already some discussion about tax reform and the upcoming special session. The Governor indicated the need for additional revenue in his state of the Commonwealth address. It's not certain what tax increases he has in mind but we continue to be concerned about a tax on professional services.
Finally, we are concerned about HB 228 which prohibits the requirement to install sprinklers in certain agricultural buildings. The bill has been assigned to the House Veterans, Military Affairs & Public Protection Committee.
Below are the bills AIA Kentucky is tracking.
Finally, please note that our Legislative Breakfast is scheduled for Tuesday, March 7 from 8 to 9:30 in the annex cafeteria.
Greg Brotzge 
AIA Kentucky Lobbyist 
Bill Activity Report 

Below is the current status of bills AIA Kentucky is tracking.
Report created on February 13, 2017   


PREVAILING WAGE (HOOVER J) AN ACT relating to prevailing wage and declaring an emergency.

Amend various KRS sections to delete prevailing wage provisions; abolish the Prevailing Wage Review Board; make conforming amendments; create new section of KRS Chapter 65 to prohibit local governments from requiring employers to pay prevailing wage to employees; repeal KRS 337.505, 337.510, 337.512, 337.520, 337.522, 337.524, 337.525, 337.530, 337.540, 337.548, and 337.550, relating to prevailing wages in public works; apply this repeal to public works projects for which bids have not yet been awarded as of the effective date of the Act; EMERGENCY.


Current Status:   




PUBLIC PROCUREMENT (DONOHUE J) AN ACT relating to public procurement.

Create new sections of KRS Chapter 45A to set forth findings of the General Assembly and establish policy of the Commonwealth of Kentucky to promote the Kentucky and United States economies by requiring a preference for iron, steel, and manufactured goods produced in Kentucky and the United States; define "manufactured in Kentucky," "manufactured in the United States," "Kentucky," and "United States"; require preference for iron, steel, and manufactured goods made in Kentucky in construction and maintenance contracts and subcontracts; provide for a waiver of the Kentucky preference requirement; require preference for iron, steel, and manufactured goods made in the United States if the Kentucky waiver is granted; provide for a waiver of the United States preference requirement; establish a short title of "Kentucky Buy American Act"; amend KRS 45A.343, 45A.352, 65.027, 162.070, 164A.575, 176.080, and 424.260 to require compliance with the Kentucky Buy American Act.


Current Status:   

1/3/2017 - (H) Referred to Committee House State Government



PUBLIC BENEFIT CORPORATIONS (MILLER J) AN ACT relating to public benefit corporations.

Amend KRS 14A.3-010, 271B.1-400, 271B.2-020, 271B.6-260, 271B.7-400, 271B.8-300, 271B.13-020, and 271B.16-210, and create a new section of Subtitle 11 of KRS Chapter 271B to establish public benefit corporations.


Current Status:   

2/10/2017 - (H) SECOND READING, to Rules



OCCUPATIONAL LICENSURE (RICHARDS J) AN ACT relating to occupational licensure for military service members and veterans.

Create a new section of KRS Chapter 12 to require administrative bodies to issue professional licenses or certificates to military service members or veterans within two years of an honorable discharge if the training received by the service member or veteran could reasonably be expected to provide the necessary experience and skills; grant the administrative body the right to deny licensure or certification if training is not equivalent; allow appeal rights; require administrative bodies to promulgate administrative regulations to implement the section; clarify that military training and experience cannot be substituted for the acquisition of a college degree or passage of a specific examination when either is a prerequisite for licensure or certification.


Current Status:   

2/10/2017 - (H) posted in committee House Licensing, Occupations & Administrative Regulations



VETERAN OWNED BUSINESSES (JOHNSON D) AN ACT relating to service-disabled veteran-owned small businesses.

Create a new section of KRS Chapter 45A to require the Finance and Administration Cabinet to set aside a minimum of 3% of the value of all state contracts for goods and services for service-disabled veteran-owned small businesses; require that when an item has been designated as a set aside for service-disabled veteran-owned small businesses, that the invitations for bids shall be confined to those qualified small businesses; if fewer than three qualified bids are submitted for an item and if the cabinet determines that the bids received are not cost effective, then the cabinet may open bidding to other businesses.


Current Status:   

2/7/2017 - (H) Referred to Committee House Veterans, Military Affairs & Public Protection



OPEN RECORDS (HARRIS C) AN ACT relating to open records.

Amend KRS 61.870 to make an exception for certain services or functions to the exemption from the definition of "public agency" that excludes services provided resulting from competitive bidding.


Current Status:   

2/9/2017 - (H) Referred to Committee House State Government



DOCTORAL PROGRAMS (CARNEY J) AN ACT relating to advanced practice doctoral programs at comprehensive universities.

Amend KRS 164.295 to remove the maximum number of advanced practice doctoral programs that may be offered by the six comprehensive universities; require the Council on Postsecondary Education to review advanced practice doctorates consistent with its review schedule for all other academic programs; prohibit a comprehensive university from offering a terminal degree in veterinary medicine, chiropractic, or optometry or a primary degree in architecture.


Current Status:   

2/9/2017 - (H) Referred to Committee House Education



AGRICULTURE BUILDINGS (DECESARE J) AN ACT relating to agriculture buildings and declaring an emergency.

Amend KRS 227.300 to prohibit the commissioner of Department of Housing, Buildings and Construction from requiring exempt buildings used for agritourism and previously used for agricultural purposes to install fire protection sprinkler system, create a new section of KRS Chapter 198B to prohibit any local government or special purpose governmental entity from modifying the state building code to require fire protection sprinkler systems in buildings used for agritourism activities and previously used for agricultural purposes; EMERGENCY.


Current Status:   

2/9/2017 - (H) Referred to Committee House Veterans, Military Affairs & Public Protection



STATE GOVERNMENT (MOFFETT P) AN ACT relating to statutorily mandated boards, councils, and commissions within state government.

Repeal various sections in KRS Chapters 11, 15., 18A, 36, 64, 146, 147, 153, 158, 164, 171, 177, 198B, 205, 211, 216, 336, 342, and 403 to abolish inactive boards, commissions, committees, and councils, including the Agricultural Resource Development Authority, the Architectural Barriers Advisory Committee, the Athletic Trainers Advisory Council, the Auto and Truck Recyclers Licensing Advisory Board, the Capitol Centennial Commission, the Cardiovascular Disease Initiative, the Child Support Enforcement Commission, the Children's Health Insurance Program Advisory Council, the Diabetes Research Board, the Council on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault, the Advisory Committee for Educational Improvement, the e-Health Network Board, the Council for Families and Children, the Family Health Care Providers Board, the Innovation Commission, the Labor-Management Advisory Council, the My Old Kentucky Home Advisory Commission, the National Guard and Reserve Employers' Council, the Natural History Museum Board of Directors, the Personnel Steering Committee, the Public Officials Compensation Commission, the Southern Growth Policies Board, the Underground Railroad Advisory Council, the War of 1812 Bicentennial Commission, the Workers' Compensation Advisory Council, the Bicentennial Commission, the Health Care Infrastructure Authority, and the Historical Events Celebration Commission; amend KRS 148.400 to direct the use of funds in the "My Old Kentucky Home Endowment Fund"; amend KRS 403.705 to decrease the responsibilities of local domestic violence coordinating councils and to direct any recommendations be transferred to the commissioner of the Department for Community Based Services; repeal, reenact and amend KRS 407.707 to create a Sexual Assault Response Team Advisory Committee attached to the Department for Community Based Services, staffed as necessary by the secretary of the Cabinet for Health and Family Services; transfer any committee recommendations to the commissioner of the Department for Community Based Services; require the secretary to make certain appointments; establish continuation of service of members of the Sexual Assault Response Team Advisory Committee; direct transfer of funds of abolished boards, commissions, committees, and councils to the appropriate cabinets and agencies; amend various KRS sections to conform.


Current Status:   

2/9/2017 - Introduced



GUBERNATORIAL APPOINTMENTS (STIVERS R) AN ACT relating to gubernatorial appointments and declaring an emergency.

Amend KRS 63.080 to permit the Governor or other appointing authority to remove and replace certain board or council appointments to comply with statutory proportional representation requirements for the board or council and to permit the Governor to remove and replace appointments if a board or council is unable to perform its statutory duties; amend KRS 156.029, 164.011, 164.131, 164.180, 164.321, 164.350, 164.821, and 164.830 to conform; EMERGENCY.


Current Status:   

2/8/2017 - (S) Returned to Committee Senate State and Local Government



ELECTRIC METERING (SEUM D) AN ACT relating to metering of electric service.

Create new sections of KRS Chapters 96 and 278 to define "smart meter" and to require utilities seeking to install smart meters to give notice to affected customers and the right to opt out of having a smart meter installed on the customer's premises; specify that customers are not required to pay for any electricity necessary to power the smart meter.


Current Status:   

2/8/2017 - (S) Referred to Committee Senate Natural Resources and Energy



ROOFING CONTRACTORS (HORNBACK P) AN ACT relating to roofing contractors.

Amend KRS 367.628 to prohibit causing damage to a roof to increase the scope of repair or replacement in order to secure a contract for repair or replacement from an insurance policy; create a new section of KRS 367.620 to 367.628 to allow any person to maintain an action to enjoin work in violation of KRS 367.620 to 367.628 and to entitle the plaintiff to recover twice the amount of economic damages plus reasonable attorney's fees.


Current Status:   

2/14/2017 - Senate Licensing, Occupations, and Administrative Regulations, (Bill Scheduled for Hearing)


Week in Review - 1/15/2016
Week In Review 
   February 10, 2017     
Gov. Matt Bevin touched a number of subjects in his State of the Commonwealth address, recapping his first year in office while looking ahead to what he hopes to accomplish in his second.

Gov. Matt Bevin is in for a bumpy ride and an uncertain outcome if he's planning on proposing a tax increase to the General Assembly later this year.

Gov. Matt Bevin offered to take the heat for Republican lawmakers in his State of the Commonwealth address Wednesday when he said an overhaul of the state's tax code would not be revenue neutral.

Senate President Robert Stivers told members of the Senate State Committee on Local Government that he is putting the final touches on SB 107, a bill which would permit the governor or another appointing authority to remove and replace certain board or council appointments at all of the state's colleges and universities.

A controversial Kentucky lawmaker has filed legislation that would prohibit cities from resisting President Donald Trump's executive order cracking down on illegal immigration.

A growing movement that wants the U.S. Constitution to be rewritten at a national convention has made the Kentucky legislature its next target, with odds that look better than they once did.

A bill which would allow patients to contract with physicians by paying a monthly fee for basic doctor health care was passed on Wednesday by the Senate Committee on Health and Welfare by an 8-0 vote.

A bill which would allow students to voluntarily express religious or political viewpoints in school assignments was passed on Thursday by the Senate Committee on Veterans, Military Affairs, and Public Protection.

Kentucky students' first day of school may happen later than usual if state lawmakers approve legislation that allows for more flexibility in designing the annual calendar and incentivizes end-of-August start dates.

People with conceal-carry permits could take guns onto any school property or public university campus under proposed legislation at the Kentucky General Assembly.
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