June 15-19, 2020
Please download the MI Practice Advisory and share with your colleauges!
AIA Re-occupancy Assessment Tool which provides a framework of strategies for re-opening buildings. Informed by authoritative sources (CDC, WHO, OSHA, etc.) and public health experts, the tool includes baseline parameters for re-occupancy, architectural and engineering strategies, and administrative policies that promote the health, safety, and welfare of the public while creating opportunities for non-essential facilities to provide services.
How AIA contracts address the COVID-19 pandemic
For the foreseeable future, the design and construction industry may experience considerable disruptions, such as material shortages, construction delays, work stoppages, and suspended and terminated projects due to the coronavirus pandemic. This article provides some tips on how to handle project delays, suspensions, and terminations with AIA documents, and also provides a list of some insurance issues to consider.
Webinar: 7 Deadly Construction Contract Clauses
Construction clauses that you believe to be benign, may jeopardize the financial well-being of your firm, and the health, safety, and welfare of the public. Join us for a free webinar on June 18 to thoroughly understand these "deadly clauses" and how to identify and correct faulty language to mitigate. Earn 1 LU. Register
Webinar: AIA Construction Manager Documents changes
AIA Contract Documents, in conjunction with the ABA Forum on Construction Law, assembled an expert panel to lift the curtain and explore some of the key changes of the 2019 AIA Construction Manager documents. Join this webinar on June 23 . Earn 1.5 LUs. $95* (use promo code, ABAFCLAIA- at checkout). *The discount code is not valid for AIA Members who are current ABA Forum members. Register
Best Practice: Leading a firm 
At the core of a successful architecture firm are two critical elements: the right clients and the right talent. To help firms assess their operations, we've outlined some best practices, correlating clients and personnel to leadership and success.  Learn More
Jason Pettigrew Memorial ARE Scholarship
Applications are now open through August 14 for the 2020 Jason Pettigrew Memorial ARE Scholarship. Apply today for this grant covering the full costs of the Architect Registration Examination, as well as study materials and access to ArchiPrep®.  Apply now

Richard Morris Hunt Prize  
Applications are open now through August 14 for the 2021 Richard Morris Hunt Prize. Apply today to receive a $20,000 research fellowship for emerging trends in historic preservation. Apply now
ARE testing  Centers are closed As a result, NCARB has extended our no-cost rescheduling period for Architect Registration Examination® (ARE®) appointments and is adding an additional six-month rolling clock extension to all valid passing scores. 
APAC Architects Political Action Committee
Our goal is $10,000 by August 2020
Only personal contributions allowed
Affiliations able to contribute: AIA/AIAE, FAIA, Associate AIA
Now Accepting Credit Cards!
Despite the impacts of COVID-19, this year’s conference will be one of the premier events for Michigan owners, designers, and builders, providing educational and networking opportunities.

We have worked hard with the Grand Hotel to maintain the character and and also keeping the traditions of this great event, while still accommodating the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and providing a safe environment for all attendees. You will also notice the Grand Hotel pricing and conference registration is the same as last year!
For the second time, AIA Detroit is accepting applications for the Christopher Kelley Leadership Development Program from potential scholars located all over the state of Michigan !

Applications due July 7th and View Scholar testimonials here
This exhibit asks, “What are the ways our industry is currently working to combat warming challenges, what building improvements have surfaced that can stall or reverse our environmental predicament, and what role does design and construction play in this new environment with civilization facing issues of a rapidly changing climate?” 

Collaborating with American Institute of Architects, Michigan, 2030 District Detroit, Ann Arbor and Grand Rapids, activist artists, green infrastructure experts, and Architects, Lawrence Technological University’s Detroit Center for Design + Technology and their curatorial partner, Embrace Creatives are bringing this absolutely necessary conversation to the forefront before it’s too late. More information
Discover what you can learn AIAU brings the industry's best learning to you. Our   300+ instructors   are from leading firms, and they'll immerse you in in-demand topics that will boost your skills and portfolio.  
AIAU's Top 25
As our world continues to rapidly evolve, so do the skills we need to design new solutions. We rounded up the top 25 highest rated courses on AIAU, including some of our newest courses. Leading instructors cover topics like business continuity, designing for pandemics, climate change, and more. They're growth areas that can open new opportunities for yourself or your firm, and longer term, change our world by changing the way we work. See what made the list

Free AIAU courses for AIA members
We're in the midst of a pandemic and the business environment is rapidly changing. Many of our members are already feeling the impact. To help you navigate these uncertain times, we're making some of AIAU's best business and tech courses available to AIA members for free. Learn valuable skills about virtual practice, successful business strategies, risk management, and more from some of the most innovative architects, firms, and design professionals.  Browse Courses
The  Capital Development Board   is pleased to announce the publication of a Notice of Intent for an exciting new project in conjunction with  University of Illinois and the Discovery Partners Institute.

•. The design team for this significant new project will be selected through a multi-stage QBS selection process under CDB’s new  Excellence in Design Program  that will include a conceptual design competition.

•. All interested firms must be prequalified with CDB prior to the Stage I submittal deadline.
The deadline to enter is June 23, 2020

Michigan Historic Preservation Network - 40th Annual Statewide Preservation Conference
“Preservation on the Frontline” 
Fetzer Center, Western Michigan University
Kalamazoo, Michigan
RESCHEDULED! September 20-23, 2020
AIA Michigan has Brightwood's 5.0 Study Guides. Please call 313-965-4100 or email   Evelyn Dougherty   to borrow the study materials! 
AIA Huron Valley has the ARE 5 Review Manual and the ARE 5 Practice Problems available to loan out free of charge. If you are interested please email AIA Huron Valley

AIA Saginaw Valley has the ARE materials available for their section members to borrow! If you're a member of the AIA Saginaw Valley chapter please contact AIA Saginaw Valley to borrow the materials.
2020 Honor Awards Project Registrations
Deadline June 15th - More Information Program - Rhino.Inside: Computational Turducken
Tues., June 16 -  More Information

CKLDP Virtual Info Session + Live Q&A
RESCHEDULED - Wed., June 17 -  More Information

Toward More Equitable Living Environments: African Americans, Architecture and Planning in the Time of COVID-19
Wed., June 17 - More Information

Christopher Kelley Leadership Development Program for potential scholars located all over the state of Michigan! All applications and supporting documents are due no later than 11:59pm on Tuesday, July 7th . Please see the 2020 CKLDP Info Packet

Golf Outing
Fri., August 21st - Register Today!

Honor Awards Project & Recognition Registrations Due
Fri., July 10th - More Information

Annual Golf Outing
Wed., Sept. 9th - More Information

2020 Honor Awards Celebration
Thurs., Oct. 29th - Save the Date!

Variable Refrigerant Flow Carbon Neutrality and Cold Climate Performance
Tues., June 16 - More Information

Wood Structural Panels: Grades and Specifications
Tues., June 23 - More Information

Daylighting & Sustainable Design
Thurs., June 18 - More Information

Fri. & Sat., July 17-18 NOMA Project Pipeline  - still scheduled but exploring ideas for a virtual camp

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Grand Rapids Public Schools District, Grand Rapids, MI

6.8.2020 The Grand Rapids Public Schools District is seeking an  Executive Director of Facilities . To learn more about GRPS visit .

Kohler Architecture, Monroe, MI

6.8.2020 Kohler Architecture is seeking a  Mid Level Designer . To learn more about Kohler Architecture visit
Seeking Architectural Designer position:  Resume

Executive Director of AIA Michigan: Events and Programming, Finances, Communications, Membership, Government Affairs, Sponsorship

Operations Director: Event Planning, Documents, Continuing Education, Membership, Sponsorship, Emerging Professionals

Administrative Assistant: Events, Membership, Documents, Continuing Education