Newsletter April 2021
Bob Hoida, AIA
AIA Michigan creates a Strategic Plan for the organization and that plan is revised annually at a minimum in order to be sure that we focus on those items that are deemed to be most valuable to the organization and its members. Each year we are reminded that one of the most important activities of the state organization is that of advocacy with the State legislature to provide information to the legislators and to lobby for laws and legislation that help and protect design professionals and also guide the state toward a better and healthier built environment. AIA Michigan’s efforts are typically combined with those of registered engineers and Land Surveyors (AELSC) in a joint lobbying agreement. Those efforts are culminated in the annual Legislative Day efforts each spring. This year the virtual Legislative Day was attended by 138 professionals, 42 were architect/associates, and they met with 109 legislators. We thank those that attended.
I have noted with others that the lobby topics have not been of particular interest to the architects who attend. The Government Affairs Committee spearheads the advocacy efforts on your behalf. The GAC requested an advocacy agenda this year so that they were sure to focus on issues that were important to membership. Rather than a simple Board discussion about the necessary items, this is my personal request, you, the members, to provide your input to this discussion. The Michigan Board has requested a list of proposed discussion or legislative topics at the local level. Each local section or chapter has been asked for input on what topics are most important to them to be forwarded for a larger discussion. So, my request is to be aware of the desired outcome and provide your personal thoughts to your local leadership for documentation and discussion. Read More
Nicole Tischler, Assoc. AIA
Hello again,
Happy -almost- Spring! Between scraping ice off my windshield, dealing with flu-like symptoms from a vaccine dose, and slurping down bowls of soup, I did have time for a few Spring activities. A few warm bike rides, some basketball, a bonfire, and many long walks to look at the blossoms to name a few. Spring and licensure are in the air! Congratulations to my great friend Stephanie Sweet for passing all of her exams, a newly licensed Architect just in time to enjoy this construction boom! You’ve inspired me to continue my own study schedule on the path to licensure. As your Regional Associate Director, I am planning an ARE study session in July. It will be an online trivia event much like the event hosted last year. There will even be a prize for the winner, so stay tuned for more information.
Our Meet and Greet event went very well. Interested emerging professionals were able to meet local firms via zoom. Studio Detroit hosted a couple of people. We discussed the projects we’ve worked on, processes and programs we use to convey ideas, and the general studio atmosphere. Feedback from the attendees was positive, and it gave us a chance to critically analyze our internal processes. We’re staying very busy at Studio Detroit. Read More
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New Members - March 2021
Ariadne R. Rodriguez-Boog, AIA
Emily A. Meza, AIA
Charles B. Cooper, AIA
Tawanesha T. Jones-Williams, Associate AIA
Jeannette M. Woodard, AIA
Kevin D. Hart, AIA
Jake A. Stuck, AIA
Yao Tang, AIA
Craig W. Sykes, AIA
Ivars U. Dzirnis, AIA
Jeff Hunt, AIA
Arindam Bose, AIA
Valeria J. de-Jongh, Associate AIA
William M. Salliotte, Associate AIA
Solomon H. Tucker, Associate AIA
Sandakahle Khumalo, Associate AIA
Newly Licensed Members Congratulations!
Jake A. Stuck, AIA
Craig W. Sykes, AIA
Yao Tang, AIA
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