AIA Michigan
February 2019
Kristen Nyht, AIA, AICP, LEED AP
President Message
February has flown by and we’re looking ahead now to Grassroots, the AIA National leadership conference being held next week in Washington DC. If you’ve never been, it is a great event that brings leaders from all levels of the AIA together in one place for leadership training, sharing ideas, and petitioning our lawmakers on the Hill. It was the first major AIA event I attended as I increased my participation in my local chapter. I had never attended the national design conference, and was blown away by the passion, dedication, and sheer size of the group. Hundreds of architects in one place, all working toward a better profession and membership organization? This is something I can get behind! Read More
Matt Guinta, AIA
Emerging Professionals Corner
Winter greetings from Detroit! I know our great state of Michigan is experiencing very traditional winter full of icy roads, chilly nights, and beautiful snow filled field. Meanwhile, AIA Michigan have so much going on. As I begin my third and final year as the Michigan Young Architect Regional Director (YARD), it is an honor to continue writing this column to all of our Michigan membership. Read More
New Members - January 2019
Justin Fiema, AIA – AIA Detroit
Todd M. Oeftger, AIA – AIA Southwest
Daniel J. Westendorf, AIA – AIA Detroit
Bryan Boyer, Assoc. AIA – AIA Detroit
Mark P. Cahill, Assoc. AIA – AIA Grand Rapids
Jayson B. D'Agnolo, Assoc. AIA – AIA Detroit
Evan Hansel, Assoc. AIA – AIA Grand Rapids
Steven Harris Sr., Assoc. AIA – AIA Detroit
James W. Nellist, Assoc. AIA – AIA Grand Rapids
Antonela Sallaku, Assoc. AIA – AIA Detroit
Matthew Sutton, Assoc. AIA – AIA Detroit
Bryan Cook, AIA – AIA Detroit
Charles Cooper Jr., AIA – AIA Huron Valley
Kevin Hart, AIA – AIA Detroit
John Kerridge, AIA – AIA Northern Michigan
Lisa Kulawczyk-Pringle, AIA – AIA Detroit
Brian Kwekel, AIA – AIA Grand Rapids
Christina Rohs, AIA – AIA Detroit
Eric Wingelaar, AIA – AIA Detroit
Kyle Kerstiens, Assoc. AIA – AIA Southwest Michigan
Christine Wheeler, Assoc. AIA – AIA Detroit
Brian Hoehn, AIA – AIA Grand Rapids
  • Kemba Braynon, AIA and Lis Knibb, FAIA are part of the Mikyoung Kim Design Team, one of three finalists for the DIA Plaza and Midtown Cultural Connections Competition. View their final presentation here
  • Christopher Heine, Associate AIA is now Christopher Heine, AIA - Congratulations Christopher!
  • Christoph Ibele, Associate AIA is now Christoph Ibele, AIA - Congratulations Christoph!
  • Brian Moore, Associate AIA is now Brian Moore, AIA - Congratulations Brian!
  • Mark Schovers, Associate AIA is now Mark Schovers, AIA - Congratulations Mark!
  • Ethan Sims, Associate AIA is now Ethan Sims, AIA - Congratulations Ethan!
  • Brian Hoehn, Associate AIA is now Brian Hoehn, AIA - Congratulations Brian!
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