Newsletter February 2021
Bob Hoida, AIA
Greetings. Spring is approaching and with spring, comes one of the more important events of the AIA Michigan calendar, Legislative Day. When reviewing the Strategic plan last year and assigning priorities to the efforts of the state board, advocacy at the state level was identified as one of the most important services that are provided. Most of that activity revolves around the work of the Government Affairs Committee (GAC), but Legislative Day affords the opportunity for all of us to become active participants in the lobbying process. Even if there isn’t active legislation directly affecting our profession, which there sometimes isn’t, touching base with a legislator has true meaning when there is. 

Speaking of advocacy agendas, or legislation that is needed, Jan Culbertson and Eric Biller, the GAC co-chairs, recently requested and agenda for items that the Board feels are of importance to monitor and perhaps push legislation to the forefront. They pointed toward a document that another state had developed, which can be found at this link: Sample GAC agenda Rather than having the AIA Michigan Board develop an agenda or list of issues that are important to the Board, I have asked each of the chapter and section boards to develop that list for items that their members feel are important to stress and support. Read More
Nicole Tischler, Assoc. AIA
Bonjour, from the comfort of my humble stay-at-home arrangement (Yes, I am the ‘bonjour’ polar bear meme). My name is Nicole Tischler and I’ll be acting as your Regional Associate Director for the next two years! I am an Emerging Professional on the path to licensure working at Studio Detroit in the heart of the city. I’m a Lawrence Tech. Alumni of the Graphic Design program and further, a graduate of the University of British Columbia in Canada. While there I was a member at the Green College, received a Master's degree in Architecture, and even began teaching courses at the undergraduate level. Since I’ve returned to Detroit, I’ve begun practicing as an associate architect, making furniture, painting and as recently as this year- teaching alongside Chris Stefani. Now, I would certainly be remiss if I did not give credit where credit was due.  Chris has done such a fantastic job of maintaining a strong connection to AIA National, hosting study sessions, connecting young professionals, and supporting others as a mentor and a professor.  I am excited to follow in his stead. Read More
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New Members - January 2021
Amy L. Conti, AIA
Ludovic F. Gabaron, Assoc. AIA
Kelly Lyons, Assoc. AIA
Shanita D. Rutland, Assoc. AIA
Christopher Westerlund, Assoc. AIA
Ciera E. Clayborne AIA
Newly Licensed Members Congratulations!
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