AIA Michigan
March 2019
Kristen Nyht, AIA, AICP, LEED AP
President Message
March is gone and April is upon us. Despite the late snows, the weather is getting warmer, the days are getting longer, and spring will be here any day now. There is something wonderful about spring – refreshing, rebirth, the time for cleaning and renewal. It’s a chance to look at things with fresh eyes, even if we’ve been looking at them all along. Read more
Christopher Stefani, Associate AIA
Emerging Professionals Corner
Spring has sprung, and as every Michigander knows, that means it is time to move our snow shovels to a place where it is out of sight but still easily accessible! But truly, how time flies! I feel like it was just yesterday that I was writing my introduction and welcome message for our newsletter – when in reality since then so many great things have happened! Since we last spoke, I have represented Michigan at the National Associates Conference (NAC) in Puerto Rico, joined many of my esteemed colleges from around the state at the recent Grassroots Conference in Washington DC, sat with the Michigan Membership Committee to brainstorm how we can increase our membership enrollment and been privileged enough to connect with a majority of our chapter associate directors from around the state. Below I have outline some of the key points and takeaways in order to keep us all on the same page. Read more
New Members - February 2019
Todd Oeftger, AIA – AIA Southwest
Matthew Sutton, Assoc. AIA – AIA Detroit
Lawrence Webster, Assoc. AIA – AIA Detroit
James Leach, AIA – AIA Detroit
Kristin Nelson, AIA – AIA Detroit
David Soloff, AIA – AIA Southwest
Julia M. Krieger, AIA – AIA Huron Valley
Lindsay L. Gray, Assoc. AIA – AIA Mid Michigan
Michele J. Robinson, Assoc. AIA – AIA Detroit
  • HED and Integrated Design Group Announce Merger - Press Release
  • The Miami Open has a new home at Hard Rock Stadium. ROSSETTI has partnered with event owner IMG and the Miami Dolphins to create an all-new immersive experience. Tournaments began March 18 and will continue through March 31
  • James Chesnut, Associate AIA is now James Chesnut, AIA - Congratulations James!
  • Edward Doyle, Associate AIA is now Edward Doyle, AIA - Congratulations Edward!
  • Daniel Gwozdz, Associate AIA is now Daniel Gwozdz, AIA - Congratulations Daniel!
  • Danielle Kelly, Associate AIA is now Danielle Kelly, AIA - Congratulations Danielle!
  • Nicholas Kothari, Associate AIA is now Nicholas Kothari, AIA - Congratulations Nicholas!
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