April 2022
Cindy Pozolo, FAIA
Hello Colleagues -- Quarterly updates are hardly the stuff of best-sellers but I do have a few important items to share in this month’s newsletter.

Probably the most urgent message is our request that you act on a legislative matter recently flagged in Monday Minutes. Many of us discussed this bill during Legislative Day meetings and are surprised at how quickly it was voted out of committee. The history of school regulations is unique and complex. This new legislation appears to muddy it further. Act now to urge your Michigan Representative to vote NO on HB 5538 (Design-Build for Schools). This legislation violates Article 20 and allows a ‘design-builder’ to offer design professional services if the design-build firm employs a licensed architect or engineer. Under HB 5538, the architect/engineer is employed by the design-builder and thus is supervised by and responsible to them as an employee or by a contract.

Unfortunately, the duties to the design-builder and the owner can come into conflict. Verbiage of the bill can be found at this link

Related to this and other regulatory matters, please reach out to us to be invited to our next Government Affairs Committee (GAC) call. We will orient you to our AIA MI advocacy process and demystify this business of legislation. We ultimately intend to add new members to GAC and this would be a great way for you to ease into it. Read more.
Trent Schmidt, AIA
Who’s getting ready for The AIA Conference on Architecture (A’22)???
I’ll be there! We’re still a ways out, but I’m starting to get excited. I’m really looking forward to meeting again in person, and finally getting some of those CEU’s! While I am excited for CEU’s, I’m also looking forward to the conference, as a few of the things I’ve been working on will come to life. Part of my focus group’s initiative is working on the Mini MBA session for A’22, so I’m getting ready for that as well (read more below).
In March, I met with the other Young Architect Representatives in the country and worked on our initiatives for the year. This year, my focus group will be working on a few different things:
1.    We will be assisting the Large Firm Round Table with the Mini MBA series at A’22. Also, this is the first year that this session will be offered for FREE! I hope you’re registered! Feel free to read more about the Mini MBA here https://conferenceonarchitecture.com/schedule/#poster-1922217
2.    I’m also working with the Committee on Design (COD) on a webinar with different architects who are in various stages in their career, all with a focus on design. I’m SUPER excited for this as we have some great panelists lined up. This will take place on June second, so be sure to look out for an email!
Lastly, did you know all of the Young Architect Representatives work to create a publication each quarter? Here is the Q4 issue for 2021. Next quarter’s issue will be out soon!
If you’re a Young Architect, reach out! Like I said, I will be representing Michigan for two years in this role, so I’ll be here for a while! Talk soon, and I’ll report back with the results of the Young Architect’s Forum!
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