AIA Michigan
September 2020
Norman Hamann, Jr., AIA, LEED AP, NOMA
President Message
Hello Everyone

It is August 21, and the sounds of late summer are in the air. The last week saw cooler nights allowing us to open our windows> Great for sleep! Schools are open or about to open, whether in person or virtual or a hybrid version. We are all recalibrating and reassessing on just what plan to move forward with. Many of our businesses will be working primarily from home, at least through the end of the year and likely into next year. School, the need for day care, and lingering uncertainty on how safe it is to return to school or work or even social gatherings are what we will continue to cope with. Read More
Jonathon Jackson, AIA
Emerging Professionals Corner
Hi folks

First: I would like to cover some of the exciting things that took place since my last entry. KLA 2020 was a great success. More than 20 Knowledge Communities from the Council were in attendance and many deep conversations were had ranging from topics such as EDI, the future of the profession, biodiversity, and of course climate change. Since one of my main focuses is to help young professionals in this industry, I really took note on the importance of reaching out to young inspiring minds as well as to the teachers who help mold them. Architecture is a beautiful blend of Art, Math, and Science and our local teachers could use our help in supporting their lesson plans to spread the good word about this amazing profession. Read More

We know that many of our fellow AIA Members have been hit hard with the COVID-19 pandemic and it’s affect on your business and personal life. The last thing you may be thinking of doing is contributing to APAC right now. But give us a moment to share with you a couple thoughts.

  • This is the end of the legislative session in Michigan.
  • A legislative cycle lasts two years where we deal with some consistency amongst our elected officials
  •  After the cycle ends we have to start over next year with new faces and initiatives.
  • This is the last opportunity to push through two legislative efforts.
  • The Government Affairs Committee has highlighted these issues in the GAC Legislative updates that can be found on the AIA Michigan website.
  • Historic Tax Credits
  • Certificate of Merit
  • This is a presidential election year which always amplifies the political process.

This year’s $20 in support of APAC’s $20 in 2020 Campaign! was designed to encourage first time donations to APAC and assist in the progress of focusing on architectural related issues in Lansing that support our practice. Please consider giving to APAC this year as we work toward our goal of $10,000. Giving is simple, just follow the link to the APAC donation page and click on the amount you wish to give. All donations must be from personal funds, no corporate donations are allowed by law. Donating by credit card is easy and fast. 

Please consider donating now as you read this update.

Only personal contributions allowed
Affiliations able to contribute: AIA/AIAE, FAIA, Associate AIA

Thank you and with great appreciation,
Des Retreat GROUP by Jolanta
New Members - August 2020
Mai M. Abdelkhaliq, Assoc. AIA – AIA Detroit
Holly Carroll, Assoc. AIA – AIA Detroit
Alison M. Haynes, Assoc. AIA – AIA Huron Valley
Stefany K. Holland, Assoc. AIA – AIA Southwest Michigan
Rachel Kowalczyk, AIA – AIA Detroit
Karin L. Neubauer, AIA – AIA Huron Valley
Newly Licensed Members August 2020 Congratulations!
Analise D. Pietras AIA - AIA Detroit
2020 Upcoming Events
  • Virtual Design Retreat 8 HSW credits - September 12, 2020 - More Information
  • Virtual Honor Awards Ceremony - October 9, 2020
  • Virtual Leadership & Annual Meeting - October 15, 2020
  • Holiday Open House - December 10, 2020
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