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September 2019
Kristen Nyht, AIA, AICP,
President Message
Late this summer, I learned that a dear friend was diagnosed with cancer. She’s only a year older than I, and one of my oldest friends. The prognosis is a middling one – they caught it on the early side and it seems to be responding to chemo well, but it is a rare and aggressive type. She is on round two of chemo; I don’t know how many more rounds she has to go. Whateve r the case, she will have to be aware and take precautions for the rest of her life. Any time that we’re made aware of death through news like this, it makes life that much more poignant. The little things seem big and meaningful. And naturally, it makes one look at one’s own life. Read More
Christopher Stefani, Associate AIA
Emerging Professionals Corner
Happy October to all of our Michigan members!
Fall is here and it is that exciting time of year where we all pull out our black sweaters!
I want to call out a few upcoming events that I think would be of interest to our EP members. First is the ARE prep session being held on October 12th at LTU’s Detroit Center for Design + Technology. If you are planning on sitting for your exams – this is a great opportunity to come out, study with some like-minded EPs, as well as learn a bit more about what to expect in the exam process. This will be a study group covering the following 4 sections of the exam: Development + Documentation, Construction + Evaluation, Practice Management, Project Management Read More
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New Members - August 2019
Denise Close, AIA – AIA Huron Valley
Julia H. McMorrough, AIA – AIA Huron Valley
Steven D. Pecic Jr., AIA – AIA Detroit
Rachel C. Raclawski, AIA – AIA Grand Rapids
Claire S. Antrassian, Assoc. AIA – AIA Detroit
Roujia Bai, Assoc. AIA – AIA Huron Valley
Paul A. Codreanu, Assoc. AIA - AIA Detroit
Spencer S. Gafa, Assoc. AIA – AIA Grand Rapids
Akanksha Giri, Assoc. AIA – AIA Detroit
Arley Gonzalez, Assoc. AIA – AIA Grand Rapids
Ian Kemler, Assoc. AIA – AIA Northern Michigan
Da Li, Assoc. AIA – AIA Detroit
David S. Shaffer, Assoc. AIA – AIA Grand Rapids
Ayat Sleiman, Assoc. AIA – AIA Detroit
Isabel A. Toth, Assoc. AIA – AIA Detroit
Adam Waynick, Assoc. AIA – AIA Southwest
Amy M. Baker, AIA – AIA Detroit
Tyler D. Anthony, Assoc. AIA – AIA Grand Rapids
Tarek A. Hassan, Assoc. AIA – AIA Detroit
  • Reminder that the Bureau of Professional Licensing (BPL) within the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) has transitioned to online renewal for all of its licensing programs. Licensed Architects may begin renewing licenses at
  • Carl Elefante, FAIA, FAPT, LEED AP, a principal with Quinn Evans Architect has retired
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