June 16, 2015

Dear AIA Michigan Member:

A special meeting of the AIA Michigan membership was called by the President of AIA Michigan and 2/3 of the Board of Directors present to discuss and vote on the following bylaws change. This amendment to the bylaws allows electronic or paper voting of the AIA Membership. Currently members must be present at the annual or a special meeting to cast a vote.


Date:              July 16, 2015


Time:              5:30p.m. - 6:30 p.m.


Location:       The Christman Company, University Room

       208 N Capitol Ave, Lansing, MI 48933


RSVP:             aiami@aiami.com or call (313) 965-4100




5.3.1    Eligibility. Eligibility for voting
 on matters put to a membership vote shall be as follows:

1. All Architect Members, Members Emeritus and Nonresident Members in good

standing may vote on all matters.


2. All Associate Members and International Associate Members in good standing

         may vote on all matters except dues for Architect Members.


3. Unassigned Members, Allied Members, Professional Affiliate Members and

Honorary Affiliate Members shall not vote on any matter.

5.3.2   Voting Process. The Secretary shall prepare the ballot and accompanying background material at the direction of the Board, and shall ensure that the means of voting (electronic or paper) is extended by reasonable means equally to all eligible voters. The voting period shall be open for not less than 7 days. Ballots shall be retained for 30
 days after the date of the election, and shall be open to inspection by any member.

5.4.2  Votes at Meetings. Votes may be received at Meetings or Special Meetings when the voting process is otherwise as specified above, when
 proper notice is given, and when the voting period is scheduled to close at the time of the meeting. Quorum at a meeting is not required to receive votes when the vote otherwise complies with requirements of these Bylaws.






Jeffrey S. Ferweda, AIA 

AIA Michigan 2015 President

AIA Michigan | 313-965-4100 |  aiami@aiami.com |  http://www.aiami.com
553 E. Jefferson Ave, Detroit, MI 48226