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April 2016

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President's Message:
Dear AIA Members,
I personally want to thank all of the Board / AIA members that attended the Legislative days in Lansing on April 16. There were approximately 110 Architects, Engineers and Surveyors meeting with Senators and House representatives in order to support or oppose House/Senate bills that effect all of us. 

Many members ask the value of paying dues to AIA. Let's look at several items that we are fighting for on behalf of our members/profession.  
  1. A majority of design professional services occur at the beginning of a construction project before an actual physical improvement is made to a property. If a project fails to be constructed and a design professional has not been paid for their services, they currently have no protection under Michigan statute to utilize a lien against a property/owner to recoup the costs of their services. AIA is supporting a bill that will allow design professionals to put a lien on the property prior to  construction.
  2. Do you believe barns should be used for major assembly events (Weddings, parties, etc.) with no kinds of life safety measures to protect the public. A bill has been introduced exempting agricultural buildings from the building codes for such events, or any other non-agricultural use, would expose the general public who are using these structures to great risk for each, and every, event that occurred there.  AIA is opposing this bill.
  3. Michigan's historic districts and buildings are very valuable to our state. As tangible artifacts of our past they help to tell our history but they are not simply relics. Our historic buildings and neighborhoods are economically vital places, with buildings occupied by people who appreciate the craftsmanship employed in their construction. They are also focal points In our communities; places that bring neighbors, local business owners and tourists together. Historic districts also offer our communities distinct identities that play an important role in our commitment to our communities, affecting major decisions about where we may invest in a business or a home. There is a Bill being introduced to attempt to eliminate the protection that the districts rely on and diminish the authority of our local historic district commissions, as well as local legislative bodies. This bill will weaken the ability to protect historic buildings and neighborhoods by making it harder for local governments to establish local historic districts, and by making it harder to act quickly to protect our buildings that may be threatened by development or demolition. AIA strongly opposes this bill.
  4. Like many professionals, architects and professional engineers are called to defend themselves against third party damage claims and claims by owners. While some of these actions may have merit, many do not.  We are a litigious society and the design professions have not been spared. A "Certificate of Merit" bill is being introduced to protect our profession from frivolous lawasuits. Legislation would require a plaintiff to obtain a positive opinion from an expert witness as to the merits of the claim prior to  filing it with  a court. AIA is supporting this bill.
One last fact, in February we had 1,677 we have increased our membership by 20 members. It's a great start! AIA National has started terminating members and in the end of March we lost 128 members. Please help us in this effort to increase membership in order to maintain our large State status which is critical to in having a strong voice at the National level.

Mike Neville, AIA
Executive Director's Message :

Cathy Headshot
Happy Architecture Week:
I would like to welcome all of our new members. I would also like to invite all of our members to visit the new office. We are now located in mid-town Detroit and our space looks great! 
National AIA has been busy working on a new website experience for all members that will be unveiled shortly.

Please take a look at the  I Look Up Commercial - Share the link!
You may have already seen the AIA's new television commercial, which premiered on cable during Super Tuesday coverage. Tell your colleagues and friends that they can view it at  What do you see when you look up?

Call for Committee Members
The AIA Michigan is looking for volunteers. This is your chance to make a difference in your association!
Download the committee volunteer form here and return to We look forward to your participation.  

Have a great Week!
Cathy Mosley, Hon. Aff. AIAMI
2015 ARE Challenge Winners:


Matthew Cebula, Associate AIA
Ellen Moore, Associate AIA
Tyler Walker, AIA

Thank you everyone for participating in the first ARE Challenge!

AIA Southwest Michigan Public Awareness:
   The second annual Habitat for Humanity Charrette included participation by seven (7) chapter members and three (3) Habitat for Humanity staff. Strides were made on developing various floor plans including 4 bedroom plans and a   bungalow   style house. It was interesting to learn that Habitat for Humanity is working with a client that wishes to build a micro-house, a trend that seems to have reached our community. The connection between our two organizations is natural fit and a great way to make an impact in our community. 
CAM/HBA/AIAMI Mid-Year Economic Forecast - June 22, 2016
Please click here for more information

The  2016 Brick in Architecture Awards is now accepting entries, the competition closes April 30th, 2016. Please click here for more information

2016 MAF Charity Golf Outing - July 18, 2016
Please click here for more information

2016 Mid Summer Conference - Save the Date!
August 4-7, 2016

  • At SmithGroupJJR, sustainability infiltrates nearly every practice and every project. Incorporating Cradle to Cradle Certified products is among the firm's latest efforts to view cutting-edge design practices not as obstacles, but as opportunities.
  • Congratulations to Shelli R. Jaeger, who recently passed all her exams and is now Shelli R. Jaeger, AIA!
  • Congratulations to   Douglas L. Milburn,   who recently passed all his exams and is now Douglas L. Milburn, AIA!
  • Congratulations to   Salvatore A. Moschelli,   who recently passed all his exams and is now Salvatore (Sam) A. Moschelli, AIA!
  • Congratulations Vincent Novak ,   who recently passed all his exams and is now Vincent Novak, AIA!
New Members!

New members who joined, rejoined or transferred to AIA Michigan in March!


Alexandra F. Bernetich, Assoc. AIA
Ethan E. Dome, Assoc. AIA
Christopher A. Hess, Assoc. AIA
Glenn H. Hoffrichter, AIA
Xi Liao, Assoc. AIA
Curt A. Panizzoli, AIA
Brynolf I. Peterson, AIA
Randall C. Sherman, AIA
Peter F. Smith, Assoc. AIA
Liuyang Yang, Assoc. AIA
Kelly D. Raczkowski, Assoc. AIA
Gary J. Wieczorek, AIA

Welcome to AIA Michigan and we look forward to meeting you at future events!!
AIAU is a place for architects to learn and earn continuing education credits.

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Cathy Mosley, Hon. Aff. AIAMI:

Executive Director of AIA Michigan:  Events and Programming, Finances, Communications, Membership, Government Affairs, Sponsorship
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Events and Operations Director: Event Planning and Registration, Documents,  Continuing Education, Membership
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Public Policy Director: Public Awareness, Government Affairs and Fund Development

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24th Annual Congress for the New Urbanism
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CAM/HBA/AIAMI Mid-Year Economic Forecast
Wed., June 22, 2016 - More Information
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AIA Detroit
BEC-GD Monthly Program - Architectural Design with Cast Stone presented by Brian Bronkema
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Continuing Education & Networking event - CE Academy in partnership with AIA Detroit
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Wed., May 25, 2016
Monthly Member Educational Program - TBD - Save the Date
Wed., June 22, 2016
Golf Outing at Heritage Glenn - Save the Date
Fri., Sept. 16, 2016
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Wed., Sept. 21, 2016
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Thurs., Nov. 10, 2016

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