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April  2018

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President's Message

Spring has finally sprung or has it? Is there another winter storm lurking around the corner, I hope not but I do remember the year (2003). My daughter was graduating from high school and also playing in the softball districts (end of May). It rained, sleeted and snowed during the same game. Who knows, it is Michigan and that is why we love it (or not).
This month we had our first Presidents call in. This is being provided for all of the components to call in and hear about the latest decisions/updates from National and ask questions to both Cathy and I. I believe the first call in was successful and informative for those who joined in. The next call in is scheduled for June.
Next on the agenda was attending the Honor Awards selection committee where membership from around the state gathered to select this years honor recipients. Congratulations to all of the 2018 nominees. It was a great slate and very tough to make the decisions. I know that there are many more members certainly deserving of the numerous awards. Please consider the nomination of a friend or colleague that is deserving of one of the awards for next year. Don't forget to mark your calendar for June 8th. We will again be meeting at the Roostertail Entertainment Facility in Detroit to honor these prestigious honorees. Enjoying time to celebrate the accomplishments of Michigan architects is rewarding for all. It's not just the award winners that are inspiring; all of the submitted projects speak clearly to the value that we as architects bring to our communities, and collectively they're cause for considerable pride in our profession.
Congratulations to our members that recently received Masonry Awards given by one of our partners, the Masonry Institute of Michigan. While attending this award ceremony they did a presentation on a program that was set up to design and draw masonry structural walls. When completed the drawings contained all information needed for actual construction. What's next, architectural design programs (just a little something for you to think about). All you need to do is enter the code data, program and site restraints push a button and there is your design. (I still think that we will be needed to add the pizzazz). You can do all this while riding in your car as it drives you to what ever social function that is on the schedule for the day.
With all the changes we have recently gone through, repositioning and the changing dynamics with chapters and sections, office relocation, etc. this is an important time to intentionally discuss the mission and service of AIA MI. Our current mission and service statement is up in 2020. Its time to begin planning for the next 5 years. As promised last month I mentioned that the board was discussing the future of AIA Michigan. I am going to give you a snippet of what we discussed.
In a 5 - 10 year window our profession may take on a whole new look. There is also a possibility we will be doing a search for a new E.D. and a vision of that role in the future. More generally the question of how much space we will need for an office and where it should be located will come up in this time frame. We will need to evaluate what percentage of our expenses should be devoted to a physical location (or not) and how that facility serves our mission and the statewide membership.
This implicates the priorities for our headquarters - the need to be able to respond on the fly to things happening around the state and in Lansing is one argument for the relocation of a staff person to Lansing when our lease is up. Perhaps one staff member could be in Lansing and one could be in a population center either Detroit or Grand Rapids (or both) - to focus on events and member services in the surrounding areas.
I saved this quote from one of Tamara's newsletters, original quote by Peter Drucker, "The best way to predict the future is to create it". "The future isn't something that already exists and we just have to arrive there. We need to envision it. We need to broaden our reach as architects and collaborate with our partners in the built environment. We need to create a culture of being involved and engaged." I could not have said it better myself.

Yours in AIA,

AIA Michigan President
Dan LaPan, AIA
Executive Director's Message
Cathy Headshot
Cathy Mosley, Hon. Aff. AIAMI
The  2018 Hanley Wood/AIA Opportunity Fund application  is now open for components. The grant awards $5,000 to two AIA local or state chapters to support development of charrettes, continuing education, membership recruitment and youth education. Deadline: June 30  Submit application >

The  State Government Network (SGN) Annual Meeting will be held July 10-13 at the Park Hotel in Madison, Wisconsin. All interested members are invited to attend and catch up on the latest policy trends, learn from other's experiences and reconnect with fellow volunteers. Registration is now open and there is no fee for members to attend.  Register >

The 2018 Grassroots presentations have been posted to Component Connect. Videos of the awards presentation and opening and closing keynote panel can also be found on Component Connect.  View materials >

First-Ever AIA Small Firm Compensation report dedicated to the unique needs of small architecture firms, this report includes data on compensation trends and employee demographics at small firms, plus details on benefits offered by small firms, and 23 detailed compensation tables broken out for 6 positions by firm type, firm revenue, region of the country and more. Learn more >

State Economic Profiles available - The AIA National State Economic Profiles contain economic indicators at the national, regional, and state level (e.g., employment, construction starts) to demonstrate the importance of architects and the industry to society. Learn more >

Update your Advocacy and Action Profile - Making an impact for your profession just got easier with the new and improved AIA Advocacy Action Center & ArchiPAC site. It has a new look, upgraded features to make it easier for you to engage your legislators, and new tools and resources so you can develop your skills as an advocate to build power for architects. Visit the site today and make your voice heard. Learn more >

Now Available - 
Brightwood's 5.0 Study Guides! Please call 313-965-4100 or email  Evelyn Dougherty  to borrow the study materials!

Secure your room for the 2018 convention. AIAMI has secured a block of rooms at the Hilton Midtown which is the AIA headquarters hotel. More  here  about the hotel. If you are interested in reserving a room with the  AIAMI block follow this  link . You will be asked to enter your information. You are responsible for making your reservation, updating and cancellations. The rate is $389 per night. There are other rooms available on the 2018 convention site  here .

Blue Print for Better Film Challenge 2018  - Registration open June 18, 2018  and choose the Michigan Architectural Foundation as your charity (MAF). To find out more about the Foundation, visit
Emerging Professionals Corner
Samantha Szeszulski, Associate AIA
Happy Spring!

This month, the message I'll be sharing is directed towards the newest group of Associate members and those that mentor them. The arrival of May means that college graduations are right around the corner, and a new class of aspiring architects will be joining the profession. Congratulations to each one of them! And as they leave the structure of college courses, I have a couple pieces of advise to share with them moving forward: Unfortunately, if they're not already AIA Michigan members, they may not see this communication. So, I'm counting on all of you who are seeing this, as mentors and guides to our newest colleagues, to pass this information along to them:
  1. Take advantage of your free AIA membership: Did you know as a new graduate, you can get up to 18 months of free AIA membership? If you're graduating now, your AIA membership is paid for through the end of 2019. More information can be found here
  2.  Attend A18 Conference on Architecture for Free: Not only do you get 18 months of free membership, as a new member, you also get free registration to the A'18 Conference this June in New York City. Join AIA members and other affiliated professionals from all over the country in one of the greatest cities on earth. Hear from featured speakers such as David Adjaye, Sheela Sogaard, and Tod Williams & Billie Tsien. Be sure to check out the Emerging Professionals Party while you're there!
  3. Get involved in your local AIA Chapter: Are you an AIAS member now? If not, that's okay too! Get in touch with your local AIA chapter to see how you can get involved. Chances are there are some great opportunities to get involved with other emerging professionals at the local level. Take all those efforts you've worked on in school through AIAS, and grow them even larger within the profession. If you need help getting in touch with your local chapter or section, let us know! You can contact Cathy or Evelyn at AIA Michigan, and they'll be happy to connect you.
  4. Start thinking about licensure! I know the last thing you're probably wanting to do right now as you wrap up finals is thinking about taking more exams. But a piece of advice as someone whos currently going through the testing process; life only gets busier. Keep going while you have the momentum and still know how to study and pull all-nighters when need. And put that knowledge of structures you have from school to good use before you forget it all. AIA Michigan has programming and study resources to support you through the process. As you get a full time position, be sure to start logging your AXP hours, if you haven't already, and as you take that new position with a firm, be sure to talk to your leadership team about getting the experience areas that you need. We can help with all of this - if you're looking for AXP or ARE support, feel free to give me a shout.

Congratulations again to all of you entering the profession! We'll see you in NYC in June at A'18!

Best regards,


Samantha Szeszulski, Associate AIA

Harassment Statement from AIA

A statement by 2018 AIA President Carl Elefante on Sexual Harassment
By AIA Staff, March 13, 2018
"AIA stands by a set of values that guide us as a profession and a Code of Ethics that define standards of behavior for our members. Sexual harassment is not only illegal, it flies in the face of our values and ethics," said Carl Elefante, FAIA, 2018 President of the American Institute of Architects. "We are deeply troubled by the allegations in The New York Times today, and believe that sexual harassment-in any form and in any workplace-should not be tolerated and must be addressed swiftly and forcefully."
"Several years ago, AIA embarked on a multiyear process to understand and address the equity and diversity issues in our profession. In 2014, AIA adopted a sexual harassment policy for all AIA leadership and staff, and is committed to extending it to all AIA components, members, and their firms." 

Carl Elefante, FAIA, 2018 AIA President
Harassment resources
This page offers resources to members to identify and respond to sexual harassment in the workplace.  If you are an architect/designer, and believe you have been sexually harassed, here are options for you to consider. Resources >
  • Mausharie Valentine, Associate AIA is now Mausharie Valentine, AIA - CONGRATULATIONS Mausharie!
  • Ann K. Dilcher, AIA, LEED AP, a principal with Quinn Evans Architects, has been named to the company's board of directors. 
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