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January  2018

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President's Message

Well, it's that time of year again when we get to start all over. Your Michigan Board wishes you a happy New Year and hopes this will be a prosperous year for all. First of all, I just want to say that I am humbly honored to be your President this year (2018) and am looking forward to continuing the work of our Past Presidents and complete some of my goals during my tenure. The good news is that most of the board returns from last year, so we should be able to hit the ground running and complete many tasks previously started. Many people have asked me what are "my" goals that I am planning to achieve this year. I always like to point out that I/the board is here to serve the membership and their needs. That being said I have four items that I would like the board to achievethis year.
First goal is to get the Public Awareness piece up and moving forward so that in 2019 this program will begin performing what it was developed to do; promote Architects and the public appreciation of how Architecture enriches life in the State of Michigan. This program was created with funding from the AIA MI Board and matching funds from the MAF board set to began January 2017 and continue through 2023. A joint committee has been founded with members of the AIA MI and MAF Board to develop a state-wide program. Chapter grants are primarily local in nature and have already been established through MAF. This Public Awareness piece is to have a much larger/wider impact, be more sustainable, and continuous. We need to create and share our "Brand" with the General Public. I had heard at one time that only 7% of the general public will ever work directly with an architect.
A new title was created so there would not be confusion between the AIA MI boards Public Awareness Committee and the MAF boards Public Awareness Grants. The committee is now referred to as the Architect "ure" Awareness Committee as AIA MI represents Architects and MAF promotes Architecture.
Since its creation the committee has met several times and created a list of twelve ideas that had potential to serve as our public awareness outreach. The lists had been shared with both AIA MI and MAF boards for their input. Just this month the committee has narrowed the list down to five and is doing additional research to justify that they meet the goals of the committee. Our next step is to reduce the list down to two by the end of March, so we can begin seeing the new Architect "ure" Awareness program taking place.  This program is set to be a much larger piece than our current Public Awareness committee. We are shooing for a kick off to be presented at the Honor Awards Program.  Stay tuned to see what develops.
Goal two is to convey the Governmental Affairs Committee undertakings out to membership by placing links on AIA MI's webpage. This will allow AIA members to bring themselves up to date at any time on issues that are being addressed at the Legislative level. All this being said there is nothing better than your support and attendance at these important meetings.  Feel free to join the Committee.
Goal three; is always very important to AIA MI and that is to retain and recruit its membership. Currently national is reporting that membership is up to 90,000 members.  AIA exceeds the 1.75% needed to maintain its Large States status. Last Septembers count was at 1,716 members. It would be great if we could increase our membership to over 1,800 to build a bit of cushion for future years to come.
Goal Four, I am hoping that we can begin to kick off the goals of your Executive Staff during this year, so it is not just my focus. I am planning that we address Kristen Nyht (Vice President from Huron Valley), Norm Hamann (Treasurer from Southwest MI), and Bob Hoida's (Secretary from Detroit) ideas that they want to achieve during their tenure. One year is a very short time to plan, introduce and achieve ones' goals, let alone to see that they are carried forward.
There will be more on Goals two through four in future news letters and I hope to share with you the value of your AIA membership.
Have a great 2018.
Yours in AIA,

AIA Michigan President
Dan LaPan, AIA

Executive Director's Message
Cathy Headshot
Cathy Mosley, Hon. Aff. AIAMI
Good Afternoon!
There's a bunch of exciting events happening  soon. 
Gallery Opening! Intersections: The City through Cartography on February 2nd at the DCDT Gallery, 4219 Woodward Avenue, Detroit
AIA Michigan Honor Awards call for submission are due February 15th and entries are due March 22, 2018 
Health Facilities is March 22-23, 2018 in Traverse City  at the Grand Traverse Resort & Spa.
G rassroots -  March 12 - 14, 2018
Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina
AIA Conference on Architecture 2018
Join Us in New York City -  June 21-23, 2018
It's not too early to secure your room for the 2018 convention. AIAMI has secured a block of rooms at the Hilton Midtown which is the AIA headquarters hotel. More here about the hotel. If you are interested in reserving a room with the AIAMI block follow this link. You will be asked to enter your information. You are responsible for making your reservation, updating and cancelations. The rate is $389 per night. There are other rooms available on the 2018 convention site here.  and choose the Michigan Architectural Foundation as your charity (MAF). To find out more about the Foundation, visit

Emerging Professionals Corner
Matt Guinta, AIA
Hello from the Emerging Professional Corner!  The New Year is a great time to be taking "stock" or doing a "gut-check" on your career.  How are personal and professional goals adding up?  Do they seem to be at odds with each other, or coalescing seamlessly like couple's figure skating?  I'm certainly not going to get a gold medal for this- I jest.

Speaking with colleagues, we can probably look at our careers in different 10 year segments.  For most of us, we will probably be working, God willing, 40 or more years.  Yowzer!  That's a long time be doing this "stuff".  However, this profession is not a sprint, but a marathon.  Nothing moves fast, not even licensure.  We will never know everything and never want to "peak too soon".  There is always more to learn: new project types, or materials and delivery methods.  In today's world of post nominal credentials, there seems to be a new "hot" test to take to get the joy of weird looks at your business card alphabet soup.

For any of us, but especially Emerging Professionals and Young Architects, what are we looking for in this first 15 years of practice?  One would assume, it's a balance of natural talents, learned skills, and assigned project experiences.  Expertise comes with time.  Other achievements may require mentorship or advocacy from senior staff.  Special opportunities may come from the AIA or your employer.  However we move forward this year, we will be faced with choices, opportunities, and challenges.  You will want to choose wisely.

How might we move our own career agenda? 

Ask these questions:
What do I want?  What am I missing (skills, talents, experience, credential(s), pay, mentor)?  Do I know how to get there?  Which one is most important?
Chances are, we won't have all the answers in this impromptu visioning session, but know there are many places to start.  I'm always a strong believer in mentors, but sometimes there are things that we just don't talk about in the office.  I'd check-out  AIA National's Center for Emerging Professionals site.  Helpful with stories, resources, and career tools.  Everything from results of the recent Practice Innovation Lab, getting licensed, starting a business, to knowing your worth. 

Here is to a great year ahead!

  • Neumann/Smith Architecture Promotions - New Associates; Pat Barry, AIA, LEED AP BD+C; Chris Lentine, AIA, LEED AP; Jeffrey Winslow, AIA, CDT, CS - Congratulations
  • John Castellana, FAIA, Chairman of TMP Architecture, was elected Secretary of the American Institute of Architects College of Fellows Executive Committee
  • SmithGroupJJR has expanded its national presence with the acquisition of TRO, a Boston-based, multidisciplinary healthcare design firm. The move increases the company's resources to 1,300 employees and 12 offices across the U.S. and China.
New Members!
Members who joined, rejoined or transferred to AIA Michigan!

November & December
Lisa A. Schumaker, Assoc. AIA
Paul M. Fisher, AIA
Erin E. Porter, AIA
Kyle D. Veldhouse, AIA
Mitchell Duyser, AIA
Kristina A. Glusac, AIA
Diane K. Jensen, AIA
James E. Karczewski, AIA
Wesley J. Kohn, AIA
David D. Pezda, AIA
J. Vincent Rigg, AIA
Erich P. Schudlich, Assoc. AIA
Joshua E. Steere, Assoc. AIA
Jordan S. Van De Walker, Assoc. AIA
Mr. Run Yu, Assoc. AIA
Benjamin P. Chiu, Assoc. AIA
Alexander J. Froehlich , Assoc. AIA
Amanda C. Gauthier,   Assoc. AIA
Christopher Heine, Assoc. AIA
Corissa B. Leveille, Assoc. AIA
Daniel J. Martel, AIA
Erin M. Martin, Assoc. AIA
Jawan B. Matti, Assoc. AIA
Brian A. Peterson, AIA, LEED AP
Justine M. Pritchard, Assoc. AIA
David A. Smoes, Assoc. AIA
Matthew J. Stark, Assoc. AIA
Patrick Pollock, Intl. Assoc. AIA

Welcome to AIA Michigan and we look forward to meeting you at future events!
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