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March 2017

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President's Message

Dateline Washington, DC.  First, I would like to offer a shout-out to the following chapters/sections that invested in sending their leadership to Grassroots this year. Thanks to Flint, Grand Rapids, Huron Valley, Mid-Michigan, and Southwest, plus AIA MI Ex. Com, AIA MI staff and AIA Detroit staff for investing in this valuable experience that in turn builds our leadership capacity across the state.
I would summarize the conference briefly with two themes that were featured. First is the importance of finding opportunities to serve the public and live into our leadership potential in ways that extend beyond our everyday work. In considering this theme, I was reminded of the AIA Code of Ethics. There are six cannons that comprise the Code of Ethics, and it is noteworthy that none of them address the interests of the firm or the individual practitioner.  Interestingly the client only ranks third on the list. Other priorities including serving the public, the profession, our colleagues, and the environment. On this subject I also commend to you AIA national's recent statement of values, which in short states: "We stand for: equity and human rights; architecture that strengthens our communities; a sustainable future; protecting communities from the impact of climate change; economic opportunity; and investing in the future." And by the way, thanks to all of you who participated in our local Legislative Day last week as well, which was very successful - a great example of the last AIA value: "we speak up and policy makers listen."
The second major theme was that architectural thinking is at the core of building great cities. To achieve our potential, we need to constantly be on the lookout for how our work might affect a larger scale beyond the property line. How can our work improve the neighborhood, the district, and the city itself?  How does one discrete project connect to and influence larger systems that we sometimes think of as infrastructure or landscape rather than architecture?
Stitching these two themes together helps to remind us that the thoughtful crafting of the "21st Century City" affects everyone in our communities. Of course, we serve our clients most directly, but in the long run our impact is much greater on all stakeholders, the general public, and future beneficiaries of our work.

Will Wittig, AIA

E xecutive Director's Message

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Happy St. Patricks Day

AIA Michigan Honor Awards - Call for Entries

Submissions are due March 23, 2017

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We still need AIA Mentors for the AIA Michigan mentoring network. If you are interested, please contact Evelyn Dougherty -
Cathy Mosley, Hon. Aff. AIAMI
Emerging Professionals Corner
Matt Guinta, AIA
As this is still early in our calendar year, what better time to discuss the value of our institute in terms of Advocacy? At our state level, we have a great network of members working hard to ensure our voices are collectively heard. The profession has many head-winds to battle on a regular basis. We applaud those who have fought on the emerging professionals' behalf to ensure a professional license which carries weight and respect, but, most importantly, protects public health, safety and welfare.
In recent Michigan history, our own lobbying has adjusted our licensing requirements to allow concurrent exam taking and to permit new programs never seen; examples include a two-year equivalency for "interning" or professional experience and also the licensure upon graduation program.  These efforts have been long in the works of the National Council of Architecture Registration Boards (NCARB). Note both University of Detroit Mercy and Lawrence Tech are pilot programs for this exciting opportunity for licensure upon graduation.
Nationally, our architecture Emerging Professionals are not alone in graduating with large student debt load.  Many leave universities with degrees that hold much earning potential over the long-run, however, in the near-term, they are welcomed into a tradition founded on apprenticeships and un-paid internships, e.g. low pay with long hours. Per the press release, "Emerging architectural professionals currently face some of the highest student debt loads when compared with graduates in other fields." 
Addressing this during the last congressional session, the National Design Services Act was re-introduced by Colorado Representative Ed Perlmutter. This legislature would have authorized student debt relief for our graduates who provide volunteer services to needy communities through non-profit community design centers. Architects, unlike doctors, lawyers, and veterinary school graduates, do not benefit from existing policies to exchange working in under-serviced areas for student debt relief.
There is also discussion about the use of loan deferment, similar to that given to those working toward professional practice, for example, lawyers taking the bar exam. For years I have heard tales of this working for the "brother of a cousin in some far-away outpost," however, no one in my circle has ever attempted loan deferment. Please share if you know of anyone.

As this new session of congress gets underway, the AIA has not rested on this issue, and nor shall we.  The Young Architect Forum is working to promote and continue the efforts of our national advocacy committee. We, as an AIA collective body, have the ability to inform public policy. Please heed the call to support both our state and national Political Action Committees. If throwing money isn't your thing, then, more importantly, please throw us your voice - volunteer, attend our own Legislative Day in Lansing, write, call, speak and/or telegraph your message to your representative.
The challenge for Emerging Professionals is beyond the drafting boards or BIM equipped computers. Easily, the health of our profession will hinge on this incoming generation's ability to buy and lead the firms of today. 

AIA Flint Scholarship
The American Institute of Architects- Flint Chapter is pleased to announce it has established a scholarship for graduating high school seniors pursuing an education and career in architecture, as well as for continuing college students enrolled in an architecture program. To download an application and further required criteria and details please visit
The AIA Flint Architecture Scholarship Fund was established to encourage and assist students graduating from high schools in the Flint Chapter region (Genesee, Shiawassee, and Lapeer Counties ) and existing college students to pursue a professional degree in architecture at a college or university with a NAAB accredited architecture program, or an associate degree in architectural technology.  The fund is administered by the AIA Flint Chapter of the American Institute of Architects. Read More

Monthly Highlights

AIA Michigan Honor Awards 2017
Call for Entries
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Submissions due March 23, 2017

Health Facilities 50th Anniversary
March 30-31, 2017, Amway Grand Plaza 


  • ROWE Professional Services Company was named 2017 ACEC/M "FIRM OF THE YEAR"
  • Michigan's Top Engineering and Surveying Projects Recognized at Annual ACEC/M Excellence Awards Ceremony -  List of Winners
  • ROSSETTI has expanded its urban planning services with the addition of award-winning urban planner, Amy Chesterton, who will lead the department, and urban planner Alex Niehaus. Mark McPartlin, Project Manager, has also joined ROSSETTI this month.
  • Hamilton Anderson worked with SHoP Architects to design the proposed Hudson's site development.
  • Quinn Evans Architects, an award-winning planning and design practice, has added four new staff members in the firm's Ann Arbor, Mich., office. Kristen Nyht, AIA, LEED AP, has been named a senior architect. Benjamin Telian, AIA, LEED AP, has been named an architect, Amy McNamara, AIA, LEED AP, has been named a designer, and Fatima Beacham is an interior designer.
  • Benjamin Rambadt, Associate AIA is now Benjamin Rambadt, AIA - Congratulations Benjamin!
  • Danielle O'Neal, AIA was named Associate at TMP Architecture. Congratulations Danielle!

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