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March  2018

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President's Message

The AIA Grassroots Conference was in San Diego, March 12th through the 14th. It was filled with challenges to strengthen our position in local communities and beyond. The weather was in the 60's, new friendships were made, and others renewed, and the location was beautiful. March madness had made its way to the 2018 conference.
This year's theme was on leadership and influence. Architects must become leaders that are influencers in their communities. Influence is really about power. The power to create change for the greater good. It was noted, since we as architects are primarily problem solvers, then why are most of the community leaders' lawyers? We need to start locally and work our way up. It was interesting after the mayors' panel,when the group of attendees were asked; who wereinvolved in local governments either elected or appointed, approximately one quarter of the attendees stood up.
Carl Elefante, FAIA, AIA National President 2018 in an opening statement said, "as architects, we must recognize our role in addressing pressing social, economic, and environmental issues, because resolving them is impossible without also confronting the conditions of the build environment." During a panel discussion about the architect's role in Urban Design and Influencing by Example, David Dixon, FAIA, vice President of Stantec's Urban Planning team said, "Architects can make a profound difference over time because people really listen to the stands we take, perhaps even more than we realize."
On the final day, a panel discussion was held by former city mayors. Charles Travis, FAIA, former mayor of Cornelius, North Carolina (a suburb of Charlotte), part of the mayor's panel said, "We need people who can come in, listen to a lot of different viewpoints, gather information, and make the right decision. We're all used to being critiqued on a daily basis, that's how we were trained. Taking a hard stance and then supporting it is what we were taught to do - so why not be out there leading in these conversations?"
We have known this for a long time. A few of us have served our communities in many different capacities. I have served for over 22 years to the City of Saginaw on the Transit Authority Board, along with serving on many other community boards. You know, it's never too late to become involved. Your community needs you, exert your influence and sit at your local community table. The challenge is to become both a leader and an influencer in your community. The personal rewards are many, as are the new and diverse relationships that will empower your service.
The third week of March included Legislative Day topped of with the Health Facilities conference at Grand Traverse. This was a very good conference to attend even if you are not involved in Health Care. Needless to say, I've fallen a bit behind at work and other responsibilities so its time to catch back up.
On the local front at AIA Michigan we began at February's board meeting discussing what AIA Michigan should look like and where we should be in the next five to ten years. We will be taking the information from February's meeting and expanding on it at our April meeting. We may have to do it again in June if necessary. After that I will be setting up a committee headed up by Norm Hamann, AIA MI Treasurer to begin putting together our new Strategic Plan/goals and Mission Statement for 2020. Yes, 2020. Where has the time gone? Once these thoughts are gathered, I will share this information created by the board with you the membership inthe next few months, so stay tuned. We will be looking for additional comments from you and hope that a few non-board members will assist in this monumental task.

Yours in AIA,

AIA Michigan President
Dan LaPan, AIA

Executive Director's Message
Cathy Headshot
Cathy Mosley, Hon. Aff. AIAMI
Another successful Health Facilities conference in Traverse City. The local 9 and 10 news visited the conference during  the North Star Research Camp presentation. Click here to view the video. Thank you to our Sponsors and Presenters for another great conference. Be sure to mark your calendars for March 28-29, 2019 at the Amway Grand Plaza in Grand Rapids.

Blue Print for Better Film Challenge 2018 - Registration opens June 18, 2018
Secure your room for the 2018 Covention. AIAMI has secured a block of rooms at the Hilton Midtown which is the AIA headquarters hotel. More here about the hotel. If you are interested in reserving a room with the AIAMI block follow this  link . You will be asked to enter your information. You are responsible for making your reservation, updating and cancellations. The rate is $389 per night. There are other rooms available on the 2018 convention site   here .  and choose the Michigan Architectural Foundation as your charity (MAF). To find out more about the Foundation, visit
Emerging Professionals Corner
Matt Guinta, AIA
Happy Spring from the EP desk. There is much change in the air.

This past month, one of the profession's most celebrated contemporaries, Richard Meier, FAIA has had counts of multiple alleged harassment and abuse claims brought forth. This news has rocked the profession. The Young Architects Forum (YAF) is proactive on addressing the AIA leadership on this issue:

"We believe it is time to put the profession on notice, that such behavior is not tolerable, and that we must all act together to create a more equitable practice culture."

YAF from within the AIA intends to bring an era of a new status quo that is inclusive and respectful regardless of one's gender, race, sexual orientation and/or religion from day one, that is fair, and impartial. The Young Architects Forum has outlined a path towards the future that looks to begin an Anti-Harassment and Abuse Taskforce. This group will look to employ new initiatives which give voice to our vulnerable. Our letter concludes: "As leaders of our profession, we understand that it is on us to create the change so desperately needed in our culture of school and work. We look forward to working with you to design a better future for us all".

As a member of the Young Architects Forum, I have chosen to sign on to this letter. It may be read in its entirety here.

On a lighter note, my next correspondence will be from a desk at the HKS office in Gurgaon, India. Located just outside of New Delhi, I'll be exposed to a unique culture and work process. Participating in our "Xchange" program, I'll be working alongside colleagues in this foreign land for three months.

The appeal of this immersion experience is beyond a singular adventure or job experience. It is not even the air miles. It's getting to know a culture- one that is growing and evolving rapidly. It's seeing how our profession responds this time to globalization and in a country that is figuring out how to provide employment, humane housing and treatment to the vulnerable. It's seeing how we, Architects from a very privileged position, here in the United States play a part in this.

Best regards,

Matthew Guinta, AIA
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