October 2018
President's Message
Spending many days now following harvesters on the way to and from work. Farmers are still pulling in Beans, Corn and Sugar Beets along with prepping fields for next year.

This was leadership month. Earlier AIA Michigan held its Leadership retreat/Annual Meeting in Ypsilanti. I would like to thank those of you who were able to take the time to attend. There were some great programs offered. Just to name a few we learned more about our Anti-Harassment Policy, Strategic Planning and Developing Leadership. It is a great time to meet with State Chapter/Section leadership who serve our members to advance the mission of the Institute. I want to stress that this was and is not only for current leadership, it is for all of our membership. So if you were unable to attend, please plan on joining us next year especially if you are thinking about becoming a leader in your Chapter/Section.

Including the many seminars there was multiple times allotted for networking and sharing/steeling of ideas. This is a very important time to get to know everyone and develop personal relationship for years to come. I hope these relationships build throughout the years and that you keep participating. This is what makes this organization great. Just think if we could get greater participation. Take time to personally invite someone new/old to your next event. Who knows you may get them interested in a Leadership role.

On Friday the Annual Meeting for AIA Michigan was held. Elections for Michigan’s Board members were concluded at this meeting for the first time since the Director Bylaw change. Congratulations to the new Board Members.

Here are your next years Michigan Executive Committee ;
  • President                    Kristen Nyht, AIA (Huron Valley)
  • Vice President           Norm Hamann, Jr., AIA (Southwest)
  • Treasurer                   Bob Hoida, AIA (Detroit)
  • Secretary Cindy Pozolo, FAIA (At Large, Detroit)
  • Strategic Council      Jeff Ferweda, AIA (Flint)
  • Past President          Dan La Pan, AIA (Saginaw Valley)

Other Members/Directors to the board are;
  • Affiliate Director       Kim Mehl Hon. Aff AIAMI, PA
  • Education Director   Karl Daubmann, AIA
  • Associate Director    Chris Stefani, Assoc. AIA
  • Detroit                       Chuck Lewis, AIA
Todd Drouillard, AIA
  • Huron Valley           Chuck Bultman, AIA
  • Mid-Michigan/Flint  Tom Reder, AIA (Mid-MI)
  • North-MI/UG Lakes  Mark Humitz, AIA (Northern MI)
  • Saginaw/UP              Paul Haselhun, AIA (Saginaw)
  • Grand Rapids            Eric Biller, AIA
Congratulations to everyone interested in serving. Hoping for a good and prosperous year! I am grateful for you supporting me in working to serve all AIA Michigan members, now and in the future.

Yours in AIA,
Dan La Pan, AIA
Executive Director's Message
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There are many hotels to choose from the official AIA Hotel is the Wynn. Due to the variety, we will not be providing a room block. Please book early.
AIA Knowledge Community Opportunities

  • AAH has a new Case Study Library containing the 2013, 2014 and 2015 AIA/AAH Healthcare Design Award recipients with the goal of "bridging the gap" between research and practice. View the case study projects >

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Cathy Mosley, Hon. Aff. AIAMI
Executive Director
Emerging Professionals Corner
With only two months left in the year, 2019 will be here before we know it. The end of the year always seems to get a little crazy. Holidays aside, it seems like the offices are busy trying to wrap up projects and hit several end of the year deadlines – it can get a bit overwhelming. 

On top of project work, at my office we have a pretty in-depth annual review and goal setting process that starts to happen around this time as well. It’s tempting to rush through office review processes to try to get back to project work, but for anyone else who may have a similar process at the end of the year, I encourage you to make the most of it. If your firm doesn’t have a formalized review process, I encourage you to use these last few months of 2018 to set some time aside with your supervisor. Its beneficial to have dedicated time, free of distractions, to talk about your successes and progress over the past year, and to set new personal professional goals and firm related goals for the next 12 months.

So, what did progress did you make this year? Did you start your ARE exams, or make progress on your AXP hours? Did you learn a new skill at work, or take on a new role? Did you deliver an awesome project, and have a satisfied client? If you did – that’s great. Its important to take the time and reflect on those successes and make note of them. When the next project deadline always looming, it’s easy to overlook when we have professional wins instead of taking the time to enjoy them. So, what do you wants to accomplish next year? Maybe you’re going to finish your exams and get licensed? Maybe you’re looking to try a new role at work? Whatever it is, its important to share those goals with your office leadership and your supervisor. Its so much easier for them to support your goals if everyone is on the same page with what they are. They may be able to help you by staffing you on projects that will let you get the opportunities you want or helping you to study for your exams. So, whatever it is, take some time to think about these things for yourself, and write the, down. Then take the initiative to schedule that meeting with your supervisor before the end of the year. I promise, you won’t regret it. You’ll be able to wrap up 2018 feeling great about your accomplishments, and ready to take on the new year! 

Samantha Szeszulski, AIA
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  • Quinn Evans Architects has announced that the firm has acquired BCWH, a 34-person architectural firm based in Richmond, Va., effective October 30
  • Teffera Kowalske, Associate AIA is now Teffera Kowalske AIA - Congratulations Teffera!
  • Alex Stuckey, Associate AIA is now Alex Stuckey, AIA - Congratulations Alex!
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September 2018

Pandush Gaqi, AIA
Maxwell Bainbridge, Assoc. AIA
Deirdre Hennebury, Assoc. AIA
Nicholas Mendenhall, Assoc. AIA
Adam Smith, Assoc. AIA
Yao Tang, Assoc. AIA
Margaret Walsh, AIA

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