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Monday, August 10, 2020
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Sponsor Spotlight - Pella Windows & Doors of Oklahoma
COTE Framework for Design Excellence Webinar
Architecture after 5 hosted by Olsson
Register for the AIA Kickball Tournament
AIACOC Design Awards Call for Entries
AIA Oklahoma Honor Awards - Call for Entries
Register for the AIA Oklahoma Conference!
AXP Friendly Firm Application
Architecture Garage Sale!
Minick Materials Quarry Tour
Mark Your Calendars!
August 20: COTE Continuing Education Webinar
August 27: Architecture after 5 at Olsson
September 17: AIA Luncheon
September 24: Architecture after 5 at ZFI Engineeering
September 26: AIA Kickball Tournament
August 28: Deadline for Design Awards Forms and Fees
September 30 - October 2: AIAOK Conference on Architecture 
October 17:  2020 AIA Architecture Tour
October 22: Architecture after 5 at Timberlake Construction
November 12: AIA Luncheon
November 13: AIACOC Design Awards Celebration
November 19: Architecture after 5 at Spur Design
December 3: Architecture after 5 at FSB Architects & Engineers

Sponsor Spotlight - Pella Windows & Doors of Oklahoma
We are thankful for the support we receive at AIA Central Oklahoma from our sponsors.  Since we aren't seeing each other right now, we'd like to spotlight one of our chapter package sponsors each week!

2020  Corinthian Sponsor!

A few facts about Pella Windows & Doors of Oklahoma:

1).  Pella has more than 50 years of experience with commercial projects of all shapes and sizes, from one-story office buildings to mid-rise condos and everything in between.

2).  Whether you're a contractor, architect, developer or owner, Pella Architectural Solutions provides the tools, resources and solutions you need to use Pella products to make your projects perform beautifully.

3).  Pella's services cover the entire design and construction cycle.

COTE Framework for Design Excellence Webinar
Attendees will earn 1 hour of HSW credit.

Thursday, August 20th
12:00 - 1:00 p.m.
via Zoom Webinar

Register for Architecture after 5 with Olsson!

Register for the AIA Kickball Tournament!

Saturday, September 26, 2020
9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
PCAA Fields
3100 West Britton Road, OKC

$400 - Team of 12 Players

AIACOC Design Awards -  Forms & Fees Due August 28th! 

AIA Oklahoma Honor Awards Call for Nominations

Registration is Open for the AIA Oklahoma Conference on Architecture!
AXP Friendly Firm Applications
The AIA Oklahoma AXP Friendly Firm program (formerly "intern friendly firm") began in 2006 to recognize those firms that go above and beyond to help intern architects advance in their career through leadership opportunities and assistance throughout the licensure process. The program is now called AXP Friendly Firms to highlight the importance of the Architectural Experience Program (AXP). AIA Oklahoma believes this program benefits both the interns and the firms that participate. It helps bridge the gap between education and experience by providing the tools necessary to achieve licensure. Firms benefit by creating an atmosphere of learning and professional growth, promoting professional development of staff so that more responsibility can be shared and fostering relationships among staff that create a positive environment which aids in retention of employees and a positive reputation among likely recruits. In the end the sharing of knowledge between those who have experience and those who are eager to learn benefits the profession as a whole.

OKC Foundation for Architecture Garage Sale! We Need Your Donations!

Due to COVID-19, many of the OKC Foundation for Architecture events have been cancelled so we're looking for new ways to reach the community and to raise funds.  And we've decided to have an Architecture Garage Sale!  

We're looking for items you might  have stashed away in your attic or garage that you would be willing to donate.  We ask that items have an architecture theme... such as architecture books, furniture, etc.  

The Oklahoma City Foundation for Architecture (OCFA) is a 501c3 nonprofit so all donations will be tax deductible.  

The tentative date for the Architecture Garage Sale is Saturday, October 17th.  

If you are interested in supporting the OCFA by donating an item or two, CLICK HERE.  

Minick Materials Quarry Tour
We will be visiting several sandstone quarries in eastern Oklahoma and western Arkansas at no cost to the attendees.
There will be from 8-10 CEU's earned on this overnight trip that will leave via chartered bus from Minick Materials at 326 N Council Road, OKC, OK on the morning of October 7th and return the afternoon of October 8th. This year's tour will be a Wednesday-Thursday event. If it helps for anyone out of town that will be attending we will be able to meet at a predetermined location along the way to pick you up if needed instead of meeting at our office.
On this tour you will see how sandstone is quarried and cut into useable pieces for all uses. We will see all phases of production from slabs being pulled out of the ground and cut into full bed depth building stone, flagstones, beams, boulders and even thin cut building stones. This will be a hands on event that we have provided for the last several years and have been given rave reviews by all attendees.
This will not be all work and no play! This is an overnight adventure that will also include an evening of shooting clay pigeons, relaxing by a fire pit at a reclaimed portion of a quarry and let's not forget the steak dinner with all the fixings and s'mores for desert. We will stay overnight in a Holiday Inn in the town of Poteau, OK, home of the highest hill in the world, Cavanal Hill (according to the Poteau Chamber of Commerce) at 1,999 feet.

For questions and more information, please contact Tim Shanahan at Minick Materials at 843-8280 or tims@minickmaterials.com 

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