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Monday, May 18, 2020
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Sponsor Spotlight - Nabholz Construction
Revolutionizing Flexible Space
Women in Architecture Happy Hour
June AIA Luncheon - Register Today
ArchiPrep Free to Associate AIA Members
Napkin Sketch Competition
AIA Golf Tournament - June 15!
Congratulations Don Beck, AIA!
Mark Your Calendars!
May 19: Virtual Lunch & Learn
May 20: AIACOC Board Meeting via Zoom
May 21: Women in Architecture Virtual Happy Hour
June 11: AIA June Luncheon 
June 15: AIA Golf Tournament
July 16: Architecture after 5 at Wallace Engineering
August 5: AIA Luncheon
August 27: Architecture after 5 at Olsson
September 17: AIA Luncheon
September 24: Architecture after 5 at ZFI Engineeering
October 1-2: AIAOK Conference on Architecture 
October 17:  2020 AIA Architecture Tour
October 22: Architecture after 5 at Timberlake Construction
November 6: OCFA Drinks X Design
November 12: AIA Luncheon
November 13: AIACOC Design Awards Celebration
November 19: Architecture after 5 at Spur Design
December 3: Architecture after 5 at FSB Architects & Engineers

Sponsor Spotlight - Nabholz Construction 
We are thankful for the support we receive at AIA Central Oklahoma from our sponsors.  Since we aren't seeing each other right now, we'd like to spotlight one of our chapter package sponsors each week!

2020 Doric Sponsor:

Tell us three facts about your company:

1).  We're No Stranger: Nabholz is a 71 year old company with 13 offices in 7 different states, including our OKC and Tulsa offices.

2).  Full Service Shop: Our services include general contracting and construction management, but extend well beyond that with 24/7 specialty services, industrial services, excavation/civil services, and environmental/energy efficiency services. For more information on our capabilities, visit: https://www.nabholz.com/services/

3).  Our We Do It All: Our construction team is willing and able to do projects that are as small as a couple of thousands of dollars all the way up to hundreds of millions of dollars. If you have a need, we fill it.
A few images to showcase Nabholz Construction.

Our office volunteering at the Dream Center 
for our annual holiday volunteer day.

Tulsa Zoo Lost Kingdom. We recently were awarded the Tulsa Zoo's latest Lost Kingdom project for the new Elephant Exhibit. The entertainment/museum sector is quickly rising to be one of Nabholz' larger industries of work.

INTEGRIS Micro Hospital in OKC. Healthcare is one of the largest sectors of work for Nabholz corporate wide.

Virtual Lunch & Learn - TOMORROW!

Revolutionizing Flexible Space/ Automated Operable Partition 

presented by

Learning Objectives: 

To recognize the advantages of automated flexible spaces to manage spaces more effictively and efficiently.  

To compare and contrast between three types of automated partitions, including sizes, acoustical and finish options, and safety measures.  

To understand the acoustical separation (how sound moves) as it relates to flexible spaces and partitions- discussing STC, NIC and surrounding construction.

To understand the storage and structural consideration of these dynamic systems and the impact on overall design.

To compare overall cost implications- both initial and life cycle. Selecting products with an eye to overall cost to the client and also the environment.  

Attendees will earn 1 hour of HSW credit for participating in this virtual learning opportunity. 

Women in Architecture Happy Hour

June AIA Luncheon on June 11th

ego VS empathy: How the stories you tell are making you a commodity
In a time where public health concerns are suddenly top of mind and the most robust economy in history has come to a crashing stop, many architects are concerned about less work being available and more competition for that work. How will you reach the clients that have the work and set yourself apart from your competition? The answer to that question lies somewhere between ego and empathy because the words you use and the stories you tell will make or break your ability to survive the COVID-19 recession.
Jeff Echols
Jeff Echols has the unique ability to drill to the heart of an organization's purpose and use that fire to forge messaging that not only wins more work, but guides the entire organization. In times of velocity and uncertainty, Jeff's unique experience earned over more than two decades in the architecture industry is a calming force that helps leaders understand how to win in today's highly competitive arena by activating their prospects to make better and faster decisions.  His speaking clients have included American Institute of Architects (AIA), Construction Specifications Institute (CSI), and Society for Marketing Professional Services (SMPS).

Attention Associate AIA Members: ArchiPrep FREE!
ArchiPrep is free through August!
COVID-19 is changing everything, and AIA wants to help. Take some time to study for the AREĀ® for free through August 31, 2020. Use promo code FREEMONTH by July 31, 2020.

Get Out Those Pens & Napkins!  

DUE JUNE 1st! 

AIA Golf Tournament - JUNE 15, 2020! 


Congratulations Don Beck, AIA
Congratulations to Don Beck, AIA on being recognized as one of 3 honorees at the 2020 Dean A. McGee Awards. 

He earned the Neal Horton Award for his revitalization of Downtown Oklahoma City. Don has been involved in the design of over 1,500 buildings, master plans, and renovation and restoration of over 60 million square feet of historic structures including, the First National Center, Colcord Hotel, Dean A. McGee Center at Myriad Gardens, Ronald J. Norick Downtown Library, Oklahoma History Center, John D. Groendyke Wildlife Building, 420 W. Main, Skirvin Hotel, Carnegie Center, Automobile Alley's Hudson Essex Building, C.R. Anthony Building, and the Magnolia Petroleum Building. He has celebrated over 100 design awards and has served as Vice Chair of the Oklahoma City Building Code Board of Appeals, and served on the University of Oklahoma's College of Architecture Board of Visitors and Professional Advisory Board.

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