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November 22, 2021
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AIANTA Highlights for the Coming Week
Thanksgiving Gratitude
I would like to wish everyone a happy and healthy day of gratitude surrounded by great food, great friends and family. While many celebrate Thanksgiving as a gathering around an abundance of food, let us also use this day as a day of remembrance, as it also commemorates the arrival of settlers in North America and their impact upon our Native people and our cultures, and for the centuries of genocide that followed. I am truly thankful for our AIANTA family, friends and partners that help us to tell our stories of perseverance and resilience through cultural tourism.
Native Chefs Celebrate the Holidays with Indigenous Cuisine, Recipes
Whether experiencing a bison ranch in the Great Plains or watching dip netters fish for salmon along the Columbia River or learning the symbiotic relationship of the “Three Sisters” from Native farmers across the country, visitors have nearly countless options to explore the true meaning of “American food.”

To celebrate the best part of the holidays (food) we have compiled a list of articles and resources to add a little indigenous flavor to your holiday menus.

Visitor Outreach Programs for 2022
AIANTA has officially announced the visitor outreach programs we will be attending in 2022 which include: Go West Summit, IPW 2022 and Showcase USA - Italy. View our schedule and join us at one of our booths in 2022.

SAVE THE DATE: Go International 2022
April 19 – 20, 2022, Albuquerque, NM
Venue: To be announced

Designed to help tribal tourism businesses keep up with the rapid shifts in the packaged travel landscape, Go International features expert speakers and hands-on presentations that will guide tribal enterprises and businesses in conceptualizing and developing their tourism product(s) and promoting them to tour operators, wholesalers and domestic and international group travelers.
NAHM Presentation for Temple University
November 22; 2 p.m. EST
I will be participating in a discussion about the future and state of the Native American tourism industry in a post COVID-19 world with Temple University's School of Sports, Tourism and Hospitality Management. If, you are a part of the Temple University community, be sure to stop by and join the conversation.
(See you later, Northern Paiute)

Sherry L. Rupert, Chief Executive Officer
American Indian Alaska Native Tourism Association
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