General Registration open for
Note-Taking for
Consecutive Interpreting
Full-day Refresher Course
July 13, 2019

with AIIC interpreter and trainer David Violet
We are happy to announce that general registration for AIIC conference interpreter and trainer David Violet’s seminar in San Francisco, California, on July 13 th 2019 is now open.
Click the link below to sign up. Payment is not required at this time. The course is contingent on a minimum number of participants. We will confirm the seminar as soon as we have enough participants.
Consecutive Interpreting with notes is an essential skill for all interpreters. Moreover, you can shine and dazzle your clients with long, accurate pieces. You will likely be in a prominent position near the speaker. Good consecutive is also required for the certification exams of most international institutions. It is also a major pedagogical tool for most interpreting schools since the process can be examined over various phases and the sound of the original word choice is no longer present when it comes to the expression phase.

What is important to explore?
This course will provide a review of the interpreting process and work step-by-step through the building blocks of consecutive with notes. It will emphasize good understanding and analysis while taking notes. It will teach the note-taking system used in top interpreting schools. The system supports clear, accurate and complete interpreting including numbers, facts, names, emotions, register, and style of pieces ten-minutes or longer. This is an introductory or refresher course. Many months of practice will be necessary for the beginner to reach a professional level.

  We will address concepts such as:
  • Notes as landmarks and memory as the guide on the message path
  • Page organization that conveys meaning by using columns, diagonal writing, recall lines, etc.
  • Note-taking in a way that supports understanding, feeling and analysis of the message
  • Symbols: those used by many professionals but most of all how to build your own organic symbols
  • Minimal notes that, unlike dense text, tell a story immediately
  • What you must note and what you can skip
  • The eye-memory-voice cycle in coordination with hands and notepad.

About David Violet
David Violet is a freelance AIIC conference interpreter, translator and instructor living in San Mateo, California.
Trained by Danica Seleskovitch, Christopher Thiery, Gérard Ilg and others at ESIT, Paris, David worked as staff interpreter and translator for the International Criminal Court, The Hague, and has freelanced for many other international organizations (OECD, UNESCO, UPU, European Parliament and Court of Justice, U. S. Department of State, United Nations)
He was professor of interpreting 2006-2008 at MIIS, Monterey.
In Kosovo he trained staff conference interpreters at the UN mission UNMIK, where he was chief interpreter, the Kosovo OSCE office, the Kosovo Prime Minister’s Office and Kosovo NATO HQ and at NATO HQ Sarajevo, Bosnia.
 He also trained UN police interpreters for UN peacekeeping (Kosovo) and local interpreters at the UN peacekeeping missions in Rwanda and Angola.
Cost and How to Sign up?
General public $250
Members of a recognized interpreter association (NCTA, ATA, NAJIT, etc) $200
AIIC members: $175
Students of interpretation schools: $150

Please click the link below to sign up.

See you in San Francisco!

AIIC USA Training
Seminar Location:
San Francisco, CA, location TBD