The 2018 AIM Awards, presented by the Arts Institute of Mississippi at The University of Southern Mississippi, recognize outstanding high school level arts teachers and organizations in Mississippi. Judges will evaluate the materials submitted and select a recipient in each discipline. The 2018 recipients will be notified by March 30, 2018, and must agree to receive the award in person  on date(s) to be determined in the spring of 2018.
Call for Nominations (Deadline: February 28, 2018)
Individuals who teach students or direct organizations (bands, orchestras, concert choirs, show choirs, dance studios/groups, theatre groups, etc.); high school, or organizations in the high school level may be nominated or may nominate themselves for the awardsThese awards may be received more than once, so if your nominee is a previous recipient, they are still eligible to be nominated again. However, a new form, along with supporting materials, must be filled out each year and resubmitted.
Evaluation Criteria
Awards are made for outstanding work in arts education in the diciplines, including creative writing, dance, music, theatre, and visual arts.
The judges will select recipients who best meet the following criteria:
  • Excellence in Arts Education;
  • Extent to which this person or organization has had a profound and enduring effect on arts education;
  • Extent to which this person's or organization's work enhance(s) the school's and/or community's image.
Four Easy Steps to Nomination
 1.  Consider the achievements of your nominee:
  • Are you nominating a Mississippi high school arts teacher, or a Mississippi high school arts organization that has made an outstanding contribution to a school, a community, or the state?
  • Has your nominee (individual or organization) enhanced education in, and through the arts? 
  • Does your nominee represent the best of Mississippi's cultural traditions?
  • Has your nominee enhanced Mississippi through teaching, performance, or exemplary service? 
  • Has your nominee made lasting and significant contribution to students, school, or community?

2.  Click here to complete the online nomination form.

3. Attach supporting materials:
1.  A one-page narrative describing why the nominee is outstanding and expanding on the qualities and achievements that contribute to this; 
2. A curriculum vitae (if individual);
3. A biography, or organizational description (Max. 100 words);
4. A headshot of nominee, or photo of group;
5. You may also attach media, audio recordings, video recordings, photographs, or writing samples (for writers/poets only), and up to two recommendation letters.
 4. Submit the  online nomination form. Online nomination submission deadline: February 28, 2018.
For questions, please e-mail:


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