Vol. 1, No. 8                               October - 2016                 www.aimphotonics.com
AIM Photonics and Infinera, a market leading provider of  Intelligent Transport Networks , announced that Infinera has become the latest member of AIM Photonics, demonstrating the continued swell of support for the Rochester-based initiative. Infinera will play a key role within the institute, providing access to its industry leading Indium Phosphide (InP) photonics technology and establishing InP-based Foundry Wafer access for AIM.

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Massachusetts Institute of Technology
October 31 – Nov 2, 2016

Building an Industry Part 2, Navigating the Integrated Photonics Technology Transition

AIM Photonics Institute, in conjunction with The MIT Microphotonics Center and INEMI, is holding a Fall Technical Meeting from October 31 – November 2, 2016. In addition to reviewing the current workforce needs and solutions, speakers will discuss photonics technologies and roadmap strategies moving forward.

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AIM Photonics has updated the Membership Agreement with some recent changes, including modified IP terms more favorable to SMEs and other industry partners.  

For those members already signed, your AIM Photonics account executive will contact you soon to discuss an amendment to your current agreement.
For those pending members who have not signed, please take this opportunity to discuss the recent changes with your account representative today!

For additional details please contact your designated account executive below.

Brett Attaway
AIM Photonics Members, Partners, and Sponsors participated in the 2nd annual North East Supply Conference (NESCO) in Rochester, NY at OSA's centennial celebration during Frontiers in Optics (FiO).

Photonics leaders and experts from government, industry, and academia participated in panel discussions and presented updates on integrated photonics, including technical keynote by  Dr. Michael A. Krainak Branch Head, Laser & Electro-Optics Branch, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center.  Dr. Krainak discussion included space based integrated photonics applications, and how AIM Photonics programs will help reduce manufacturing complexity and costs.

The day ended with a special industry panel discussion led by  John Maggiore Director of Policy for Governor Andrew M. Cuomo, and Chairman of AIM Photonics NYS Investment Board.  Mr. Maggiore and the industry panelist detailed the benefits their organizations have realized through AIM Photonics and discussed future opportunities through AIM Photonics Rochester TAP (Test, Assembly, & Packaging) facility, in addition to workforce development.

The following day, Dr. Michael Liehr, CEO AIM Photonics, and Edward White, Corporate Outreach Executive AIM Photonics, participated in a special workforce outreach event,  FiO/LS VIP Networking .  Dr. Liehr, Mr. White, and other industry executives shared their business experience with young professionals, recent graduates, and students, in addition to discussing industry trends, career topics, and other photonics-centered opportunities.  
AIM Photonics representatives and members will be exhibiting with other National Network for Manufacturing Innovation institutes during The Defense Manufacturing Conference (DMC) 2016 in Denver Colorado.

DMC is the nation’s largest annual forum for enhancing and leveraging the efforts of scientists, engineers, managers, technology leaders and policy makers across the defense manufacturing industrial base.