AIM Photonics - OFC 2017
AIM Photonics representatives and members will participate in The Optical Fiber Communication Conference and Exhibition (OFC); the largest global conference and exhibition for optical communications and networking professionals.

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OFC 2017
Wednesday, March 22, 15:00-18:00
Room 503 - Los Angeles Convention Center
Session organized by AIM Photonics

Join  AIM Photonics  for an evening of integrated silicon photonics discussion and updates from AIM Photonics Executives, Members, and Partners.  The Summit will include latest on PDK/MPW vehicles and real time studies, in addition to most recent updates on the brand new state-of-the-art  Test, Assembly, and Packaging facility (TAP), including latest projects and available programs.   The session will  close  with highlights of  some  of AIM Photonics ground breaking technical projects.  At the end will be a drawing for a special AIM Photonics prize.  Don’t miss out.


                  • Technology Details:  Full, Passive, Interposer, and MPW access
                  • PDK Overview:  Releases, component library, docs, DRC, EPDA support
                  • PDK library details:  Review components, use, specs, future additions

                  SESSION 2:  TAP

                  • TAP Road-map:  Chip package, system, and connector solutions
                  • Facility status update:  Tooling and infrastructure timeline

                  SESSION 3:  TECHNOLOGY

                  • Project Updates:   Data Comm, Packaging, Sensors, PIC, LIDAR
                  • Closing Tech Panel:  Technical Executives of AIM Photonics & Members 

                                              AIM Photonics will be exhibiting in Booth #3763 directly across from the Expo Theater II
                                              Department of Defense Project Call
                                              AIM Photonics announces a Government directed/interest project call to develop a prototype focal plane array (FPA) cryogenic integrated photonic data-link.  Currently, many high performance military sensing applications demand high sensitivity, very large dynamic ranges, high resolution, and fast data rates. Conventional electronic readout integrated circuit (ROIC) approaches have limited data-rate capabilities for transmitting data from the cryogenically cooled sensor to the off-board electronics required to process and display the data.

                                              Current cryogenic systems use large numbers of electronic data transmission lines passing from the sensor in the dewar to external data cable connections, causing significant thermal conduction paths between the cold space of the dewar and the outside environment.

                                              The objective of this project is to design, fabricate, and test an integrated photonic cryogenic optical data-link, manufactured on the AIM photonics standard process with adherence to the AIM Photonics design guide.  The design should be compatible with participating DoD industry partner’s Si CMOS readout integrated circuits (ROIC) and their cryogenic vacuum dewars.

                                              Look for formal request in your email box and on AIM Photonics website.

                                              Integrated Photonics Manufacturing IPSR Spring 2017 Meeting 

                                              It is an exciting time for the technology transition from integrated electronics to integrated photonics.  The opportunity is now!

                                              Gaps in the technology supply chain exist in the systems that will benefit most from integrated photonics.  Speakers at the spring road-map meeting represent their companies’ visions for the supply chain and anticipate solutions in the areas of test, assembly, and packaging. 

                                              The Integrated Photonics Systems Road-map (IPSR) represents a consortium of 254 organizations.  The third day of the March meeting will address ways small and medium-sized businesses with latent competencies in electronics and photonics can add value to the supply chain. 

                                              AIM Academy is working closely with government agencies, including the Department of Defense, the National Science Foundation’s Advanced Technology Education Program, the National Institute of Standard and Technology’s local and national Manufacturing Extension Partnerships, as well as state officials and legislators.

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                                              NASA Grant Opportunity  
                                              Integrated Photonic Sensors and  Science Instrument Subsystems
                                              AIM Photonics Webinar Series
                                              AIM Photonics will soon begin monthly webinars related to key integrated photonics research offerings, project & technology updates, and general membership Q&A. Look for announcement of our first Webinar coming soon.