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Brett W. Attaway
Electronic-Photonic Design Automation (EPDA) AIM Photonics American Institute for Manufacturing Integrated Photonics.

In the world of EPDA, exciting things are happening.  We are beginning to prepare silicon-based PDK, define design center, and unravel the needs for improved integrated photonics design. 

An important tapeout occurred the first week of June for AIM photonics silicon fab.  It will set the stage for the validation of the silicon photonics PDK library components and several test structures over the next 6-9 months. 

We're on target for an alpha release of the planned PDK end of July.  Prior to gaining access to the PDK or being able to submit designs to the MPW aggregator (MOSIS), a couple of agreements will need to be signed by designer organizations.  Stay tuned for the exact procedure.
One of the benefits of having world-class members in AIM is the great diversity of design methodology ideas and concepts. However, it is also a challenge. Compiling all the great ideas so that AIM Photonics will make a difference in photonic design practices is not trivial.

That being said, I truly believe a number of key methodology needs are surfacing.  Most specifically, the need for a reference design and standards for improved compact/behavior modeling (many facets of this). 

The next few weeks we will be busy refining these and other needs.  The result will be a single EPDA master framework proposal for 2017 into which coordinated methodology development tasks will fit.  

27-28 June:   AIM Photonics Technical Meeting & MIT Microphotonics Spring Meeting
MIT Cambridge, MA

12-14 July:  SEMICON West, San Francisco, CA
(M. Liehr, K. Patel , F. Tolic speaking)

19 Oct:   Photonics NESCO (North East Supply Conference)  at OSA FIO

25-27 Oct:   SEMICON EuropaGrenoble, France
(F. Tolic speaking)

28 Nov-1 Dec:  DMC 2016, Denver, CO

On June 22, the New York State Photonics Board of Officers met in Rochester, New York.   The Board, which is charged with overseeing and implementing the investment of State funds committed to support the efforts of AIM Photonics, approved funding of $106 million as the first tranche of the New York State commitment to AIM Photonics, representing $11 million to be spent on operating and maintenance costs and $95 million for capital expenditures.

All-Institute meeti ng was a success. More than 100 individuals and members attended for presentations on industry needs and innovative solutions.  In addition, discussions during the "proposers' day" portion of the meeting proved to be very productive for the attendees.

Brett Attaway presents design updates at All-Institute meeting in Rochester.


Edits have been made to the Call for Proposals document and MCE KTMA templates.  Please visit programs page on our website to access latest docs.

In preparing your proposal, please review the  AIM Photonics 2016 Call for Proposals  which contains valuable information about proposal expectations, detailed evaluation criteria, and manufacturing technology gaps or directions that have been identified by the AIM Photonics MCE and KTMA Technical Working Groups.
The project approval process is outlined on the timeline available on the AIM Photonics website.

Proposals are due Friday, July 15th at 12:00 midnight PDT. Completed proposals and/or any questions should be directed to: 
Amellia Kaplin:  AKaplin@sunypoly.edu


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Semiconductor equipment supplier of CMP, plating systems, bevel and backside cleaning systems.

Leading CMP wafer solution and design specialists serving the global CMP community for over 12 years.

Corporation founded to guide from the lab to the clinic, a University of Rochester discovery that if validated will provide better outcomes for cancer patients including better quality of life and lower overall cost. 

A full-service financial institution with headquarters in Rochester, New York.

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