Vol. 1, No. 7   -   WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 31, 2016
Only few days left to reserve your spot on the 2016 MPW run.
Please be sure and request your space for the September 30th MPW run here AIM MPW Reservation to ensure a spot on this year's run.   Deadline is this Friday, September 2nd, 2016.

A dditional details and information, please contact:  Chandra  Cotter
Members with access to AIM Photonics PDK and MPW gain significant cost savings and technical advantages utilizing AIM Photonics MPW run.
AIM Photonics Member Support
Is your company or organization hosting a seminar? Will you or a colleague be attending a conference with speaking events or exhibits? Do you have an upcoming press release for new product or recent success?  Is your company or organization engaged in community related events supporting photonics technology awareness and workforce development?  
AIM Photonics can help with your promotion of all these and other items  through our news and social media. If you have something you would like AIM Marketing and Communications organization to help promote, please contact us, and we'll do everything we can to share your efforts and success with our photonics members and community.  Additional details and information, please contact:  Frank Tolic FTolic@aimphotonics.com  
AIM Welcomes New York Partner FuzeHub
FuzeHub Matching NYS Manufacturers to Innovation Assets

FuzeHub was designated earlier this year as the statewide New York Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) center, complementing eleven regional MEP centers in New York administered by Empire State Development’s Division of Science, Technology & Innovation. FuzeHub is a non-profit organization that uses a custom platform and process for assessing manufacturers' needs, evaluating potential resources for assistance, matching companies to those resources, and tracking issues to their resolution. FuzeHub’s consultation is free and makes it easier for companies to navigate New York’s robust network of industry experts at universities, regional MEP centers, economic development organizations, and other providers. As part of the New York MEP system, FuzeHub is an important partner in helping small and mid-sized companies realize the benefits of technologies developed at AIM Photonics and other institutes within the National Network for Manufacturing Innovation. For more information on FuzeHub, please contact: Amber Mooney amber@fuzehub.com 

AIM Academy Workforce Development
AIM Photonics is partnering with the student chapter of IEEE Photonics Society (IPS) and the Center for Science and Engineering Partnerships at the University of California Santa Barbara (UCSB) to provide several educational outreach events related to photonics and manufacturing.  See upcoming events section of newsletter for more details.
Upcoming Events
AIM Photonics Announces Release of Process Design Kit (PDK) for Integrated Silicon Photonics Design and Multi Project Wafer (MPW) availability.  

The integrated silicon photonics Process Design Kit (PDK) is now available to all those organizations that have executed membership agreements. The achievement of this important milestone resulted from a project led by SUNY Polytechnic Institute, encompassing a significant effort by Analog Photonics, to create a library of photonic components designed to work within the SUNY Poly silicon photonics process. 

The PDK will enable AIM Photonics members to access leading edge silicon photonics technology to generate their own piece of real estate on the up-coming Multi Project Wafer (MPW) run. 

AIM Photonics  2016
Multi Project Wafer
(MPW) Run
Reservation Deadline
 2 Sept.  2016

Design Submission Deadline
25 Sept.  2016

Full Wafer Run Begins
31 Oct.  2016
UCSB IPS student chapter president and electrical engineering graduate student, Eric Stanton, has created Physics of lasers and light, a mini-course for high school students that will be taught through the School for Scientific Though.   This course will target 20-25 high school students in grades 9-12, with special recruitment for underrepresented minorities and first generation college bound students.

In this Saturday science course, students will explore what makes lasers different from other sources of light and why lasers are important in modern society, how phones and the internet use light, and much more!  They will discover how the fundamentals of light enable many current and future technologies through scientific demonstrations and hands-on experiments .

In honor of Manufacturing Day, the class on October 8, 2016 will focus on careers in manufacturing. This course is sponsored by a grant from the IEEE Photonics Society.

Physics of Lasers and Light
UCSB Elings Hall, 10:00am - 12:15pm
24 Sept. & 1,8,15,22 Oct.  2016

The AIM Photonics Northeast Supply Conference (NESCO) will be held October 19, 8:00am–5:00pm at the Hyatt Regency in Rochester, NY, in conjunction with Frontiers in Optics technical conference during The Optical Society’s Centennial year celebration.  AIM Photonics and its members will also be exhibiting October 19-20 at the Rochester Riverside Convention Center.

Participants will gain insights into technology, capital, partnership, workforce development, and collaboration strategies necessary for mutual success throughout the photonics community.

Event details and registration can be found here:

Technical Conference 
17 – 21 Oct.  2016

19 – 20 Oct.  2016

Riverside Convention Center
Rochester, New York, US
Members and representatives of AIM Photonics will be speaking and participating in technology and business programs at SEMICON Europa 2016, October 25-27 at the Alpexo Center, Grenoble, France.    

The largest microelectronics event in Europe. SEMICON Europa addresses the critical issues and challenges facing the microelectronics industries.

AIM Photonics representatives and members will be exhibiting with other National Network for Manufacturing Innovation institutes during The Defense Manufacturing Conference (DMC) 2016 in Denver Colorado.

DMC is the nation’s largest annual forum for enhancing and leveraging the efforts of scientists, engineers, managers, technology leaders and policy makers across the defense manufacturing industrial base. 

Welcome New Members
Frank Tolic | AIM Photonics | 518.956.7221 |  ftolic@sunypoly.edu | www.aimphotonics.com