Vol. 1, No. 2                                      THURSDAY, MAY 26, 2016                     www.aimphotonics.com
Dr. Lionel Kimerling
Executive Director:
American Institute for Manufacturing Integrated Photonics.
I am pleased to announce that the AIM Photonics Academy website is up and running.  Please visit and let us know your thoughts. 
The May 17 meeting of our DoD members with AIM Academy was a success. The five Academy Directorates; Roadmap, Education, Workforce Development, Assessment, and Digital Presence, reviewed current activities and plans within a comprehensive discussion of mission and success metrics. 
The Academy has near term events scheduled at the June 9-10 Institute meeting in Rochester, and at the June 27-28 Integrated Photonics Technology Roadmap meeting at MIT.
On the morning of June 10 we will conduct a session on "Participation of AIM Photonics Members in the International Technology Roadmap for Integrated Photonics".
The June 27-28 Roadmap meeting at MIT is entitled: "Building an Industry - Part I: Next Steps for Supply Chain Sustainability", and it will feature international presentations by leading industry, government and academic contributors to the integrated photonics manufacturing supply chain. In addition, tutorial technical lectures and workforce assessment and training sessions will be held.
AIM Photonics Academy team provides a unified knowledge, technology, and workforce interface for the members of AIM Photonics Institute.


9-11 May:   IEEE Optical Interconnects, San Diego, CA   (M. Liehr speaking )

22-25 May:  TechConnect World Innovation Conference & Expo (M. Liehr speaking)


5-10 June: CLEO San Jose, CA   (T. Koch speaking)

9-10 June:   All-Institute Meeting, Rochester, NY

27-28 June:   Integrated Photonics Technology Roadmap meeting at MIT

12-14 July:  SEMICON West, San Francisco, CA
(M. Liehr, K. Patel , F. Tolic speaking)

19 Oct:   Photonics NESCO (North East Supply Conference)  at OSA FIO

25-27 Oct:   SEMICON EuropaGrenoble, France
(F. Tolic speaking)

28 Nov-1 Dec:  DMC 2016, Denver, CO

The All-Institute Meeting is coming together nicely.  Thanks to all who have registered. The response from the community has been strong and we expect to have a full house. Consequently, it may be necessary for us to ask organizations that have a large number of registrants to limit that number.  This will allow us to accommodate attendees from other organizations, particularly those traveling from out of town.  

For those of you, who have not yet made your reservations, please note that the room block at The Strathallan will only be available until Friday, May 27. The number of the hotel is 1-800-678-7284.  You must refer to AIM Photonics and the Group Code "TRF."
Our Social Media is up and running. Please visit.  Links can be found at bottom of this newsletter.  Any members who would like to highlight activities related to AIM Photonics please contact Frank Tolic. The social media is intended to expand/promote the brand of AIM Photonics as well as expand/promote all our Member's AIM Photonics related activities.
Michael Liehr and Neil Supola traveled to Japan for membership and benchmarking activities.  They visited the PETRA facility.

PETRA is an Incorporated Technology Research Association which carries out research in Photonics.  It is funded by the Japanese government.   Mike and Neil toured the clean room in continuation of  our benchmarking efforts for AIM Photonics facility.  
Systems engineering company that provides software and optical components to the optical networking and service provider industries.
Leading global supplier of advanced wafer products and wafer services to the semiconductor industry.
A communications company, defense contractor, and Information Technology Services provider.
An industry trade association for New York Photonics companies.
World's leading organization that prepares and publishes International Standards for all electrical, electronic, and related technologies.
Global leader in semiconductor technology, providing innovative, advanced technology solutions to leading chip manufacturers.
Designer and manufacturer of fiber optic test and measurement equipment for the telecommunications industry and scientific applications.
A premier designer, manufacturer, and integrator of reliable communications satellites and satellite systems for an international roster of commercial and government customers.
A US-based manufacturer of LEDs, arrays, silicon photodiodes, gallium aluminum arsenide photodiodes and opto-electronic assemblies.
We have sent our annual membership survey.  Please look for it in your email inbox.  This survey will focus on opportunities to enhance the current membership experience.  Survey results will be discussed at upcoming All-Institute meeting.
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