Vol. 1, No. 1                                       WEDNESDAY, MAY 11, 2016                     www.aimphotonics.com
Dr. Michael Liehr
CEO of AIM Photonics
American Institute for Manufacturing Integrated Photonics
We are pleased to deliver this bi-weekly publication. The newsletter is published as part of the charter of AIM Photonics.

It includes key highlights and accomplishments, member status updates, recent leadership activities, board updates, trade shows/events, and editorials.  
With our drive towards continuous improvement, we openly welcome all ideas, comments, and feedback to drive and improve the institute's communication.
We will also be rolling out our social media in the coming months, which can be easily accessed at the bottom of this newsletter.   This newsletter, in addition to other outreach tools will help grow the membership.

This area of the newsletter will feature commentary from leadership team members, industrial members, collegiate members, and various other participants.  It will focus on key current topics under discussion.

We look forward to an exciting venture into advancing photonics for current and future generations. 

5-7  April:   Photonics Europe, Brussels, Belgium
(M. Liehr speaking event)
3 May:  TRB (Technical Review Board) Meeting, Washington, D.C.

9-11 May:   IEEE Optical Interconnects, San Diego, CA   (M. Liehr speaking event )


9-10 June:   All-Institute Meeting, Rochester, NY

12-14 July:  SEMICON West, San Francisco, CA
(M. Liehr & K. Patel speaking event photonics packaging)

19 Oct:   Photonics NESCO (North East Supply Conference)  at OSA FIO

25-27 Oct:   SEMICON EuropaGrenoble, France
(F. Tolic speaking event)

28 Nov - 1 Dec:  DMC 2016, Denver, CO

Much was discussed and accomplished at the AIM Photonics West Coast Work Shop. KTMA/MCE project status and AIM Academy strategic planning were some of the many topics covered.  Details can be found at  UCSB photonics page.

The AIM Photonics TWGs, TRB, and Leadership Council have contributed to generate the 2016 Call for Proposals. Details can be found on the AIM Photonics website. Proposal submission date is July 15, 2016 for projects starting in January of 2017.
On March 28th representatives of Japan from Photonics Electronics Technology Research Association (PETRA) and New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) visited SUNY Poly to discuss AIM Photonics and potential areas of common interest.
That same week Representatives of Boeing visited SUNY Poly to discuss AIM Photonics Membership Agreement and potential projects. 

Planning continues for Q2 LC meeting and All-Institute meeting scheduled from 1:00 to 5:30 on June 9 and from 8:00 to 3:00 on June 10 at The Strathallan, 550 East Avenue, Rochester, New York 14607.  

The meeting is intended to facilitate responses to the 2016 Call for Proposals and promote proactive partnership discussion among proposers.  

On the afternoon of June 9, a series of large group presentations will be held.  These presentations will cover two general subject areas: market and technology perspectives of leading participants in the photonics industry, and selected examples of emerging technology solutions.  

Given the subject matter of the sessions on June 10, only individuals representing entities that have executed an AIM Photonics Membership Agreement or a Non-Disclosure Agreement with AIM Photonics will be permitted to attend. 

Additional meeting details and Agenda are available on the AIM Photonics website.   All participants are requested to register in advance.
Dr. Michael Liehr presented  overview of AIM Photonics consortium to SPIE fellows and stressed the importance of following industry commercialization models to enable the photonics industry scaling to larger markets, specifically data communications.
As discussed at the LC Meeting; IP licensing, IP sharing, and projects that span more than one of the currently defined classes remain issues that require resolution before some will execute a Membership Agreement. 
Future event planning and execution of current membership agreements in addition to finalizing Project Award Agreements with Industry Members continue to move forward.
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