Si Photonics Best in Class MPW Performance
NEW: Ultra Low-Loss Waveguides
  • <0.25 db/cm for 220nm silicon
  • <0.10 db/cm for 220nm SiN
  • ~1db/facet edge coupler for both TE and TM polarization
  • 90-day fab time for full actives process on 300mm SOI wafers
  • Same tool set which produces 14nm and smaller circuits
  • Ease of transfer to similar high volume equipped foundry
Active Interposer
  • Fusion bonding of PIC and interposer allows for the entire design real estate to be used for photonics or metal routing
  • Lasers soldered into pockets and deep trenches for coupling

 Passive Interposer
  • 100µm thick Si substrate with TSV, SiN waveguide, plus three front side and one backside metal wiring levels
  • Pockets for laser and PIC chips to be flip chip soldered in deep trenches for edge or evanescent fiber coupling
Si Photonics Process Design Kit
Over 50 reliable photonic components verified and matured by top universities and industry
Data from 14nm tool set to not only validate your design, but to achieve industry leading performance
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