20 September 2019

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Who will be named AIOA 2019 BEST EVOO and TABLE OLIVES OF SHOW?
Judging is over and the wait is on to find out who will take home the coveted Australian International Olive Awards (AIOA) Best EVOO and Table Olives of Show accolades. All will be revealed at the AIOA Gala Awards Presentation Dinner, being held on Friday, 18 October in Albury, NSW in conjunction with the 2019 National Olive Industry Conference & Exhibition.
If you’ve entered, don’t miss your chance to be there and accept your award - and if you haven’t, it’s a great opportunity to help celebrate the quality achieved by our producers and the success of your winning peers. A great night of recognition, fun and entertainment is planned, so join us for the celebrations. Book your tickets here and get ready to party!
13-Sep-2019 By Tingmin Koe

In this round up, we feature the current and upcoming health and nutrition trends, including supplement firms' interest in Thailand's hemp and CBD market, functional foods and supplements becoming a key contributor to Australian market by 2030 and more.

The CSIRO says that more than half of the estimated $250bn functional food market will be health and wellness foods. That’s a great opportunity for Australian EVOO.
Comply with biosecurity laws or pay the price
Australian biosecurity is here to protect our agricultural industries.
If you’re caught breaking Australia’s biosecurity rules, you’ll be punished. That’s the message a judge sent when he handed down a hefty sentence to individuals who bypassed our border controls and smuggled in pig semen. The penalties for the offenders included jail time of up to three years a fine of $500,000 for the company.
Read more here – and be thankful for the tough protective stance helping to keep our precious groves safe.
RATING: Extra virgin olive oil is currently ranked as a category 3 in the Health Star Rating system but the Australian olive industry would like to see that upgraded through an improved assessment calculator.
Olive oil is getting short-changed within Australia's Health Star Rating (HSR) system despite a five-year review of the program. It's prompted the Australian Olive Association (AOA) to call for a regulated exemption of edible oils from the HSR system. 

I’ve read this before, you’re saying … yes, and so have thousands of others. The AOA’s media release continues to get great coverage for the issue, with articles appearing in publications across the country over the past few weeks.
Farmer Niels Olsen designed a new machine to rejuvenate his soil. (Supplied: Niels Olsen) 
There's an old saying about soil: they're not making any more of it. But some farmers are. In just five years, Niels Olsen used his own invention to build more soil on his property in Gippsland, Victoria.

Want to know more about the benefits of improving your soil? Don’t miss David Morello’s presentation on The Importance of Soil Carbon at this year’s National Olive Industry Conference & Exhibition in Albury, NSW. More information and register here.
Got olive equipment you no longer use? Why not offer it for sale directly to your target market – OLIVE GROWERS AND PRODUCERS
Your production level has changed and you’ve outgrown that small processor but there’s undoubtedly another producer out there for whom it would be an ideal size. Why not get together and do a deal through Olivebiz Classifieds – THE intra-industry way to sell, buy and source. 
If you’ve got something industry-related to sell, our online Classifieds service is an easy and inexpensive solution to advertise your unwanted equipment, extra oil or even your grove. And if there’s something you’re looking for, it’s the ideal way to get the message out loud and clear to your peers and industry. 
Olivebiz Classifieds cost just $40 for AOA members ($100 for non-members), including a text ad and link through to either your web page or images hosted on our site. And you don’t need to be a tech-head: just send us your info and we’ll post it up for you.
Olivebiz Classifieds are online now at www.olivebiz.com.au/classifieds. To arrange a listing, contact Gerri at editor@olivegrower.com.au.
Malaysia, Thailand and Peru – all part of the 462!

Recent changes to the 462 Work and Holiday visa are likely to see increasing number of people from Asia, Europe and South America actively seeking horticulture work in Australia for periods of up to three years. Find out more here.
Find out more about the Indian premium food market
Austrade is inviting Australian food companies to consider India as part of your export mix. Find out more about India's premium food retail sector here.

and to assist in making it happen …
EMDG information webinar
Considering applying for an Export Market Development Grant? Austrade senior grants staff are running an information webinar on 25 September for aspiring and current exporters who want to learn about the EMDG program. Join in to hear about the grant, who is eligible and how to apply. Full information and register here.
TasteBook™/OliveCare® sensory workshops – book now for SA and NSW
Registrations are now open for the October TasteBook™/OliveCare® sensory training workshops, so if you missed out on the first round of events in SA and NSW, here’s your opportunity to secure your spot. And if you have already attended those run earlier this year, you may also wish to build on what you have already learned – particularly in terms of varietal nuances, as each workshop showcases different oils.
The workshops offer the opportunity to learn from industry experts and sensory scientists. Feedback to date has been outstandingly positive, with attendees gaining invaluable insight into the evaluation process, varietal nuances and EVOO quality parameters. Don’t miss the opportunity to: 
  • learn what makes award winning EVOO and table olives stand out from the rest 
  • understand what judges look for in industry competitions
  • develop your taste palate
  • network with peers.
The program includes sensory training, olive oil chemistry, freshness testing of EVOO and determining objective best before dates (BBDs) and more, providing an interactive learning experience which will benefit olive growers and processors, olive oil judges and anyone wishing to gain a better appreciation for EVOO and table olives.  
The cost is just $40 for levy payers, $50 non-levy payers, including catering and comprehensive course notes. 
More information and register here.
EU FTA and GI information sessions

The Department of Agriculture is holding a series of information sessions across the country on the EU Free Trade Agreement (FTA) and geographical indications (GI). The next round will be in Tasmania and NSW as follows: 
  • Hobart – Monday, 23 September 
  • Nowra – Friday, 27 September 
  • Singleton – Thursday, 24 October 
  • Coffs Harbour – Friday, 25 October 
The sessions will include an introduction to the EU FTA; information on the EU FTA, geographical indications and the public objections process; and Q&A discussion.
Those wanting to attend are asked to register your interest via email to au-eufta-gis@agriculture.gov.au. Further information on the EU FTA and GIs can be found on the department’s website.

The AOA has had substantial input into the negotiation process and is working with the Government to maximise opportunities and minimise any impact the EU-FTA might have on the olive industry, including GIs. Olive producers and marketers are urged to check the full list for specific risks to their businesses and contact AOA CEO Greg Seymour at ceo@australianolives.com.au  or on 0476 760 160 to discuss any concerns.
New Zealand
2019 NZ Harvest Census
NZ growers who have not completed and returned their 2019 harvest census are urged to do so ASAP. The data is needed to complete the final report for the first Focus Grove Project and claim the final payment. The data needed – harvest tonnage/kgs and oil yield, should be on the invoice from your processor.
Once a sufficient level of response has been received, the 2019 Harvest Data Report will be prepared and emailed to all participants along with their updated Grove Report. The latter is an invaluable business tool, enabling members to compare their annual harvest with previous years on an own grove, regional and national basis.
Any queries can be directed to EO Gayle Sheridan at admin@olivesnz.org.nz.
2019 NZ EVOO Awards
Entries for the 2019 NZ EVOO Awards have now closed, with 103 EVOO and 23 Flavoured received - a record entry for Flavoured Oils. Judging will take place in Auckland from 30 September-2 October, followed by a tour of the growing regions by Head Judge Dr Agusti Romero.
The Awards Dinner will be held at The Bolton Hotel on Saturday, 12 October, with Minister Damian O’Connor as guest speaker. Registrations close on 27 September - download the form here and secure your place as the best of NZ’s best are announced.

While the body of research on Xylella fastidiosa has expanded significantly since its discovery, so has the complexity of the disease. With no cure in sight, farmers must learn to adapt.

13-Sep-2019 By Jenny Eagle

Incorporation of hygienic design standards is one of the most effective food safety strategies a company can employ to deal with problems that continue to arise in the food industry today, e.g., risk of recalls, lawsuits, bad reputation, according to the University of Limerick, Ireland.

Sage advice – with industry-relevant guidance readily available through the AOA OliveCare® program. Learn more here.

The WTO has reportedly decided whether it will approve tariffs on European goods headed to the U.S. and is set to make an announcement soon. Until then, importers are accelerating purchasing schedules in order stock up on Spanish oils.

While at the same time …

Olive growers and packers in Spain have lost €45.5 million ($50.1 million) since the imposition of tariffs on black olive exports by the United States last year, according to the Spanish Association of Exporters and Industrialists of Table Olives (Asemesa).
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Olive oil has been used in the kitchen for ages. Another benefit of olive oil is to combat dandruff. Let us be honest, we all have suffered a case of the flaky scalp once in our lifetime. 

We love the line ‘Let olive oil be your saviour and ward off this evil.’

13-Sep-2019 By Danielle Masterson

As consumers become more supplement savvy, companies are increasingly under pressure to improve the health profiles of their products. Many companies are opting for various clean label and quality certifications.
Olive oil is perishable, sensitive to light and heat, and begins to degrade as soon as it is exposed to oxygen, just as an apple starts to turn brown as soon as it is cut and the process of spoilage begins.
When extra-virgin olive oil arrived in American kitchens around 1980, a set of myths came with it. You can’t use it for everyday cooking. You can’t use it for deep-frying. You must hoard your best stuff and bring it out only for occasional drizzling. Not one of those turns out to be true.

06-Sep-2019 By Katy Askew

Climate change and rising sea levels are increasingly causing saltwater to penetrate agricultural soils. An EU project, SalFar, is looking at solutions to prevent the loss of cultivated land. Saline farming could be the solution.

There’s great work on the issue being undertaken right here in Australia too. Don’t miss the R&D article on Reducing salinity stress in the September edition of Olivegrower & Processor. Not a subscriber? You can fix that here .

Plenty of warm days could remain (fingers crossed). Forget hot dogs and hamburgers, though. Try grilling seafood.

Why are we including this? Read down to the bit about choosing the right oil. Rod’s got it!
What's On

22-27 September
Sol d’Oro Southern Hemisphere – Tacna, Peru

24 September
2019 Taste of Excellence Awards, Sydney Fine Food Show – Sydney, NSW

4 October
Entries close, 2019 Hunter Valley Olive Show – Hunter Valley, NSW

12 October
ONZ EVOO Awards Dinner – Wellington, NZ 

12 October
Awards dinner- West Australian Olive Awards 2019 - WA 

12 October
TasteBook™/OliveCare® workshop – Roseworthy, SA

18 October
Presentation dinner, Australian International Olive Awards – Albury, NSW

16-19 October
2019 National Olive Industry Conference & Trade Exhibition – Albury, NSW

27 October
TasteBook™/OliveCare® workshop – Lovedale, NSW

2 November
TasteBook™/OliveCare® workshop – Tasmania

12-14 November
Food & Hotel China 2019 – Shanghai, China

14 November
Awards presentation, 2019 Hunter Valley Olive Show – Hunter Valley, NSW

15 November
TasteBook™/OliveCare® workshop – Toowoomba, Qld

22 November
Hort Innovation AGM – Sydney

26-28 November
SITEVI – Montpellier, France 


7-8 February 
Sensory Masterclass – Geelong, Vic

9-12 February
World Congress on Oils & Fats – Sydney, Australia

23-25 April
2020 London International Olive oil Competitions – London, UK

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