05 July 2019

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Entries NOW OPEN for the Australian International Olive Awards – don’t miss your chance to be named 2019 BEST EVOO or TABLE OLIVES OF SHOW
We hope you’ve got your oil ready and lab testing organized, because entries are now open for the 2019 Australian International Olive Awards – Australia’s premier EVOO and table olive competition.
Providing an unmatched opportunity for peer review and brand promotion, the 2019 competition features new elements including:
  • Reserved Champion of Class awards - increased chances of winning
  • Bigger and better trophies
  • Online decal ordering
  • Medal results emailed post-judging
  • Earlier entry and earlier results = early promotion and increased marketing opportunities
Key dates:
1 July – entries open
30 August – entries close
18 October – Awards Presentation Dinner, Albury, NSW
More information here or contact Chief Steward Trudie Michels on 0419 031 527, tmichels@globaldial.com.
Stephanie Alexander and Altona Meadows Primary School students grade four students (L-R) Marcia Wilson, Connor Ebsworth and Lachlan Marshall pick olives at Rose Creek Estate in Keilor East. Photo: Jason South 
If you're looking for the good oil, you can find it in a classroom. That's not an idiom, there's actually olive oil in Victorian classrooms, all of it made by students. It's all thanks to Brendan Bolton, garden specialist at Werribee's Thomas Chirnside Primary School west of Melbourne, who five years ago made olive oil with his students and then decided to join forces with other primary schools in the area.
New-look Farm Biosecurity website
Sourcing information on how to secure your farm against diseases, pests and weeds just became a whole lot easier, with improved access to a vast suite of resources on the Farm Biosecurity website.
Animal Health Australia (AHA) and Plant Health Australia (PHA) recently launched the new-look site for the Farm Biosecurity Program, a joint initiative of the two organisations managed on behalf of members. Learn more and take a look here.
Olive Industry Communications Survey: your feedback is important
The AOA operates a communications and extension program for the benefit of our industry. They need your feedback from time to time to help measure the impact of the program, and to ensure that each of the resources is delivering benefits for producers. 
As such, the 2019 Communications and Extension Survey is currently underway and participation by all industry members would be greatly appreciated. All responses remain confidential, and completion should only take 5-10 minutes.

“Thank you in advance. Your feedback is important in ensuring we continually improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our efforts” - Greg Seymour, AOA CEO.
The survey closes on 22 July 2019 – please take part now here.
Duncan Abbey from Westonfence makes fence posts out of recycled plastic chemical drums (ABC News: Chris Nilsen).
Plastic is one of the most versatile tools on farms, with uses ranging from storing chemicals and transporting water to controlling weeds and protecting crops. But getting rid of it when it is no longer needed has become a major environmental problem, after China stopped taking most of Australia's plastic waste and other countries followed suit.
Lawry is selling a COE C7 harvesting unit, so he’s gone directly to his target market
Got something to sell, or want to buy? You can reach your target market directly with Olivebiz Classifieds. If you’ve got something industry-related to sell, our online Classifieds service is an easy and inexpensive solution to advertise your unwanted equipment, extra oil or even your grove – like Lawry, who’s selling a COE C7 prune/olive harvesting unit for a client as part of an auction clearing sale. And if there’s something you’re looking for, it’s the ideal way to get the message out loud and clear to your peers and industry. 
Olivebiz Classifieds cost just $40 for AOA members ($100 for non-members), including a text ad and link through to either your web page or images hosted on our site. And you don’t need to be a tech-head: just send us your info and we’ll post it up for you.
Olivebiz Classifieds are online now at www.olivebiz.com.au/classifieds. To arrange a listing, contact Gerri at editor@olivegrower.com.au.
2019/20 Australian Olive Association membership – help us continue to help you
Are you an Australian Olive Association member? Thank you! We appreciate your ongoing support and look forward to hearing from you in 2019/20. Please look out for your membership invoices which will be emailed over the next couple of weeks. Please check your SPAM folders and whitelist secretariat@australianolives.com.au to ensure you receive your invoice.
Here is a reminder of some of the many activities the AOA is able to achieve for the olive industry with your membership contribution:
✓Advocacy and Representation - your voice to Government ✓Australian Standard for Olive oil and olive pomace oil AS 5264-2011 ✓Code of Practice OliveCare® ✓Consumer Awareness & Education Campaigns – Everyday, Fresher Tastes Better! ✓Biosecurity management ✓Australian International Olive Awards ✓AOA National Industry Conference & Exhibition ✓Point of sale marketing merchandise ✓PHA Biosecurity Levy ✓Market surveillance and reporting ✓Grower field days & seminars ✓Industry communications – Olivegrower & Processor, Friday Olive Extracts, Olivebiz ✓ AOA Facebook page ✓ TasteBook™ program ✓Registered pesticide minor use permits holder for industry ✓Voice of Horticulture Membership ✓NFF Horticulture Council Membership ✓Industry Risk and Crisis Management.
Being a member also entitles you to many invaluable benefits which can provide you with major competitive advantages – e.g. the opportunity to obtain certification through the OliveCare® program, and discounted subscriptions and tickets to the annual premier olive industry events, the National Industry Conference & Exhibition and Australian International Olive Awards – knowledge and awards can set your business apart!
Not a member? Help us help you. New members receive a FREE copy of The Olive Growing Book, valued at $165. Click here for more details on the benefits of becoming a member today.
CSIRO Data61 Survey: Understanding privacy and confidentiality issues in supply chains

You are invited to take part in a research study which aims to understand the concerns associated with sharing data within organisations that are part of broader food supply chains. The project aims to inform the development of technology platforms which deliver connected and visible food supply chains, which requires input from all stakeholders in the supply chain. Participation involves a survey that will take about 15 minutes. 
Access the survey information sheet and link here: CSIRO Survey Information Sheet on OliveBiz.
New Zealand
The extra virgin olive oils are made on site at Greytown’s The Olive Press. Photo supplied.
Take part in a traditional olive harvest ritual and sample freshly pressed olive oils from Wairarapa growers at the Olive Press tasting session in Greytown this coming weekend. This is the first year the extra virgin olive oil tasting sessions have been run and they will include visiting international oil maker and judge, Pablo Voitzuk.
27-Jun-2019 By Elizabeth Crawford 

Organic may be moving mainstream with sales rising and household penetration increasing, but persistent stereotypes about who buys organic, higher prices compared to conventional and inequity due to uneven distribution are holding back the category’s full potential, according to industry stakeholders. 

Several incumbents retained their positions at the top of the International Olive Council hierarchy, but not without controversy as Italy again missed out on a leadership role and Israel's representative was unable to vote.
25-Jun-2019 By Mary Ellen Shoup 

By the end of 2019, 98% of food and beverage products will have adopted a standardized version of date labeling – ‘Best If Used By' – with complete adoption anticipated by January 2020, predict the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) and the Food Marketing Institute (FMI).

D-Life website indicates that anti-inflammatory eating is right in line with healthy, diabetes-friendly eating. It is the way we all should eat, whether we have diabetes or not: lots of plant foods and moderate portions of animal foods, as unaltered and unprocessed as possible. If we all ate this way, we would see a much larger portion of our population living healthier, longer lives.
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24-Jun-2019 By Elizabeth Crawford 

Consumers increasingly want products that are better for them, but also better for the planet – unfortunately, it is not always easy to tell which products are healthy or sustainable, which is why it is important to use claims that resonate with shoppers and have a holistic marketing strategy to communicate other key values. 
27-Jun-2019 By Jenny Eagle 

From consumer digital engagement to reverse writing on packaging which appears left to right on selfies, Christopher Houghton, brand innovation and packaging, Cambridge Design Partnership (CDP) highlights the five areas to ensure ‘Context is King’.
Yes, you can eat it, but olive oil does so much more.
Extra virgin olive oil: what is it good for? Absolutely everything. Soaking your bread in oil is great, but if that’s all you’re using it for, you’re missing out on a world of applications that might just blow your mind. 
26-Jun-2019 By Katy Askew 

European project REFRAME, which aims to support the development of rural SMEs, has been granted an extra year of funding. According to the project’s coordinator, small rural businesses are “uniquely positioned” to meet changing consumer preferences. 
The European Commission (EC) places the production of olive oil in the European Union (EU) at 2,267,100 tons this 2018/19 season compared to 2,185,200 tons in the previous season, which translates in an increase by 3.7%, according to the latest estimates of the Community Executive. In the case of Spain, Brussels places its production at 1,790,000 tons (+42%).
What's On

Australian Women's Leadership Symposiums – all states, Australia 

12 July
Entries close, 2019 Royal Hobart Fine Food Awards – Hobart, Tasmania

19-24 July
OLIVE JAPAN SHOW 2019 – Tokyo, Japan

25 July
Submission deadline, 2019 Australian Golden Olive Awards – Rutherglen, VIC 

30-31 July
Western Sydney University Soil Biology Masterclass – Richmond, NSW 

2 August
Entries close, 2019 Royal Adelaide Olive Awards – Adelaide, SA 

20 August
Royal Adelaide Olive Awards Presentation Dinner – Lockleys, SA 

26 August
Entries close, 2019 Royal Easter Show Olive Oil Competition – Auckland, NZ

30 August
Entries close, Australian International Olive Awards – Sydney, NSW

24 September
2019 Taste of Excellence Awards, Sydney Fine Food Show – Sydney, NSW

4 October
Entries close, 2019 Hunter Valley Olive Show – Hunter Valley, NSW

12 October
ONZ EVOO Awards Dinner – Wellington, NZ 

18 October
Presentation dinner, Australian International Olive Awards – Albury, NSW

16-19 October
2019 National Olive Industry Conference & Trade Exhibition – Albury, NSW

14 November
Awards presentation, 2019 Hunter Valley Olive Show – Hunter Valley, NSW

9-12 February
World Congress on Oils & Fats – Sydney, Australia

23-25 April
2020 London International Olive oil Competitions – London, UK

To include your event, or update your existing event details, email FOE editor Gerri Nelligan at  editor@olivegrower.com.au
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