August 2020 - AIR Newsletter!

July Statistics:

July 2020 Adoptions - 64
Intakes - 57
Animals currently in our care - 63
(these numbers change daily)
Dear Fellow Dog Lovers:

One whole month has passed and we are busier than ever. Lots going on in our dog world as we have been seeing online and in the newspaper. We all hope for positive changes to come! As always we continue to do what we do and move forward helping the animals. As you can see our adoptions and intake numbers increased a lot this last month. We found many amazing homes and took in a lot of homeless dogs. We are still supplying food to the animals that live downtown with our homeless friends and would like to thank the ones who are going in and delivering the bags. Thank you! We have plans for many big changes in our organization and none of it is possible without your donations and continued support. We want to express our heartfelt gratitude to you all for your unwavering assistance with our mission and goals. Let's keep this momentum going as we have made big changes in our community with an increase of awareness to our islands pets. Lets see what we can accomplish together in 2020!!! #TEAMAIR

Warmly in Rescue,
Daylynn Kyles

Are you a proud adopter from Aloha Ilio Rescue?
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Polu Pupdate
Polu came to AIR as an owner surrender. His previous owner wanted to find him a better home with a fenced yard to run all day long.

This wonderful family was waiting for the right male companion and addition to their family. Polu was PERFECT!

Big Ang and Polu hit it off from their first meeting and he has been great with their children. Did I mention, he now has a fenced yard and lives an indoor/outdoor life? Polu struck gold!
Gracie Pupdate
Gracie came to us after spending almost an entire year with her siblings in a kennel. She was fostered by a wonderful couple who helped her socialize with not only people but their other dogs.

She met her new beau, Boss and it was an instant connection! Gracie and Boss are best buds now and enjoy playing and gazing into each other's eyes all day long. Gracie struck gold and Boss couldn't be happier to have a new gal to spend his days with.
Buddy Pupdate
Buddy came to us as an owner surrender but we knew he would find a home fast due to his sweet and lovable personality. He enjoyed running and playing in the yard but also just laying in our laps and chilling. It didn't take long before these two contacted us to make Buddy a member of their family. We made all the arrangements and off Buddy went on his new adventure.

Buddy is now living the life in Oahu. Lots of walks and attention from his doting humans. As you can see, they even take him adventuring to the beach! I don't know who is happier, Buddy or his humans?

Enjoy your new forever home Buddy! Keep on smiling!
Adopters picking up Buddy from cargo.
Buddy on his first of many walks.
Buddy enjoying his first adventure to the beach.
Foster Spotlight
Our fosters are truly the unsung heroes and the glue that helps AIR to move forward in an effort to save more dogs.

This is Claire Hamura featured with her two daughters, Taylor and Shelby. Claire has been a member of Team AIR for about 10 years. She has fostered everything from puppies to dogs of all sizes. She never shies away from a challenge, like a little dog with an injured and broken pelvis.

Claire and her family are also proud owners of AIR adoptees, now known as Lefty and Eevee.

We are very thankful to have this amazing dog loving family as part of our #TEAMAIR ohana!
Volunteer Spotlight!
We value our loving volunteers and their dedication to the overall care and well-being of our animals. Our volunteers, like our fosters are an integral part of Team AIR. Every little bit helps us and trust us, the dogs benefit immensely.

Ari is one of our devoted volunteers who enjoys spending her afternoons at Casa Ilio helping out however she can. She helps with socializing the dogs, which includes taking approved dogs out on field trips and has even welcomed dogs like Sammy into her home for short over nighters.

This girl is always willing to offer her assistance for the welfare of the dogs. She offers her bathing expertise to any dog, no matter how big or small. Ari can't even enjoy her lunch without thinking of the dogs first. As shown below, she is willing to hold pups as she has her lunch, even sharing a carrot or two.

Have we mentioned how amazing this girl is? She is seriously in it to help the dogs and changing their lives, one dog at a time.

Thank you Ari for always lending a helping hand. The dogs and Team AIR appreciate all your assistance!
Lunch is never boring when you have 2 puppies in your arms.
Gracie getting a bath from Ariana.
Patiently waiting for their FOREVER!
Bud is a gorgeous bundle of happiness! He is a younger dog who absolutely loves and adores the water!

He came to us with his buddy Lucas and gets along well with other dogs but doesn't trust all dogs. He would be better off as an only dog or with a lady friend.

Bud would prefer a more outdoors lifestyle with a fenced yard, so he can run and adventure to his heart's content.
Bagel is a 3 year old, black and brown, mixed breed. She is a nice medium sized dog who came in with Ocean and Icicle (have been adopted).

Bagel came to AIR already far along in her pregnancy. She has done a great job in mothering her pups who have all been adopted into great and loving homes. She is now ready for her turn at a forever home to be loved after retirement from motherhood.

She is a little timid and shy at first but is learning trust and what love is from her very patient foster.

Is your home big enough for a Bagel? (all puppies in photo have been adopted)
Happy is a 2 year old, sweet, little, terrier mix. He is an indoor dog who likes to potty outside. Happy is great with other dogs and kids, who would do great with a fenced yard and family.

Are you looking for an indoor, lover boy to complete your family? Happy is your guy!