Changing dog at a time!
October 2020 - AIR Newsletter!

September 2020 Statistics:

Adoptions - 46
Intakes - 54
(Stray & Owner Surrenders)
Animals currently in our care - 61
(these numbers change daily)

Goodmorning Dog Lovers!

Today we find ourselves in a very confusing time for people and animals both. With social distancing due to COVID we have learned and adapted to new ways of reaching our goals with adoptions and education. We have lots more to accomplish and we need you! We appreciate your support each and every day. We continue to fight the fight to ensure that our islands animals are in loving homes and our Keiki (children) grow up knowing the value of owning and caring for their pets. We would like to extend a HUGE thank you to Humane Society of the United States #SPAYTOGETHER program. Thanks to these amazing organizations we spayed/neutered over 300 animals in three months.

In rescue,
Daylynn Kyles
Are microchips worth it?
Ask Monkey!! - Lost July 4th, 2020 and reunited with owner October 3rd, 2020!

The day he came into rescue and was scanned, he was reunited with his amazing family!

Did you know that every year, more than 10 million pets will get lost? That means that 1 in 3 pets will get lost sometime within their lives.

Is a microchip worth it? The simple answer is YES!

Microchips are highly recommended in order to not only keep your pet safe but also to give them a "voice" to find their way home if they ever get lost.

A microchip is a tiny device, roughly the size of a grain of rice that is injected into the loose skin between your dog's shoulder blades. While microchips aren't equipped with GPS tracking software, they do contain a specific identification number for your dog, along with their owner's contact information. This little microchip could mean the difference between your dog coming home or not.

The statistics are baffling but only about 22% of dogs who are not chipped and 52% of chipped dogs are reunited with their families after being found.

If you do find a lost dog, please have it scanned for a chip. Your local vets have microchips scanners. The lost dog's owner's might be looking for them and the chip could help them find their way home.

Pupdate - Patches
Patches came to us almost out of the puppy stage but with lots of love to share. She was quickly adopted by this lovely family with a big yard for her to run around in. As you can see, she also has a loving human sister to provide her with pets and cuddles, even in the car. Patches has a wonderful life. What more could a young catahoula/pit want in life?

Patches with her human sister
Enjoying a car ride with love
Patches and his new mom at her new forever home
Pupdate - La'i (was Chance)
Does anyone remember the 3 Panaewa puppies who were found in the bushes?

This is La'i (was Chance) who was had a bad case of ringworm when he came to us from the bushes. He was super shy and his foster Aimee took great care of him and his siblings. Through vet visits, medications, baths and care, He was finally ready for his new home, which didn't come as quickly as his sisters but like the saying goes, "good things come to those who wait" and Chance waited for the perfect home.

La'i is now a lot bigger and still growing after just a month with his new family who love him to death. Since day one, he was spoiled rotten with frozen water bottles, toys, and endless cuddles from his doting parents. They say he's the perfect dog for them and even gets along with his kitty siblings.

From the bushes to a loving family! Enjoy life La'i, you deserve it!

La'i enjoying his first ice water after arriving at his new forever home
La'i with a bunch of his new toys and dreaming of more to come.
La'i now, handsome as ever and enjoying his life.
Pupdate - Outlaw
Outlaw is a puppy who was surrendered to us with an already broken leg. Through the help of Aloha Vet, we were able to fix the break and he is now living a better and happier life, like any pup should.

He found his forever home with a dog loving family in Kona and now has 2 siblings to learn from. As you can see, he is fitting in with his doggy siblings quite well and his humans love him too. His new name is Butters

Butters has a life of adventures waiting for him. His family couldn't be happier to have Butters in their life!

Butters at Casa Ilio
Butters after ortho surgery before heading to his forever home in Kona
Butters with his doggy siblings
Foster Spotlight!

Fosters are the heart of Aloha Ilio Rescue and without their help, we wouldn't be able to keep changing dogs lives, one dog at a time. TEAM AIR is growing everyday and our fosters reside all around Hawaii Island. This month, we would like to spotlight a foster on the West Side of the island, Kyra.

This is Kyra Bronson featured with Lucy who recently found her forever home. Kyra has been an invaluable member of TEAM AIR who has a passion for medium to large sized dogs. She is always ready for a challenge, even if it requires visits to the vet. Does anyone remember Joe Dirt? Kyra was his loving foster and found him a fantastic forever home.

Thank you Kyra for being one of our amazing TEAM AIR fosters on the Kona side!

Patiently waiting for their FOREVER!

Are you their K9 Match?

This is Monroe, the sweet Mama dog to our beautiful hound puppies (Chance's mom).

Monroe is a sweet and healthy, roughly 3 year old, large mixed breed female. She was living in the forest by Hale Nani Correctional Center with her pups before entering our care. She has scars from being trapped in a snare at some point in her life.

She is on the shy and timid side at first but warms up quickly.

Are you Monroe's forever K9 match?

This is Teenah! She is a 2 year old, bull terrier mix who is fully house trained.

She loves to chase after tennis balls but also lay down and chill with her family. Teenah is okay with children but better if they are a little older and don't run up or overwhelming her.

Teenah is ready for her forever home. Can you play fetch all day with Teenah?

Jazzy is a 3 year old, chihuahua terrier who needs a lap to call her own. She is house trained to use potty pads. Jazzy is on the shy and timid side but would do great in a quieter situation with a patient and loving family.

Can you give Jazzy the TLC and a lap to call her own?
How can you help TEAM AIR?

Help us with our mission of changing the lives of our island's dogs, one dog at a time! Through your generous contributions, donations, and support, we are able to play the role of #K9matchmakers and spread awareness within our local community. We have many opportunities for you to become a member of TEAM AIR to help us save more animals! Check out our website at: Please consider a small monthly donation to our organization to help with spay and neuter within the community and food and veterinary bills. Thank you!
Candy Bars

  • Purchase a Big Island Crunch Bar
  • Available at the following locations:
  1. Aloha Pawz
  2. Don's Grill
  3. Island Veterinary Center
  • $5 each

*Proceeds go towards helping to care for the animals in our care.
Dog Food

  • Buy a bag of dog food or two and arrange for drop off/pick-up
  • Donation bins also available at Petco

*We can always use puppy and dog food.

Nature's Domain at Costco is our favorite!