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September 2020 - AIR Newsletter!
August 2020 Statistics:

Adoptions - 49
Intakes - 47
(Stray & Owner Surrenders)
Animals currently in our care - 52
(these numbers change daily)
Happy September!

Here we are already into September 2020! We have been working hard in our Community and focused on educating people on responsible dog ownership. Thanks to your donations we were able to provide dog food and dog items to our Homeless Community in downtown Hilo. We have been carefully meeting with people, taking in owner surrenders and doing adoptions when people need our help.

With the new Good Karma Spay and Neuter Clinic and a generous #spaytogether grant from the Humane Society of the United States, we have thus far spayed/neutered 206 dogs within our community in the last two months!

We have many new programs in the works and lots of changes to come soon. We are diligently working behind the scenes to make the lives of our dog companions in our community so much better. Thank you for being a part of our dog loving Village. Without you none of this would be possible.

In rescue,

Daylynn Kyles
Aloha Ilio Rescue
Have you heard of Littermate Syndrome?

Littermate Syndrome encompasses a vast variety of behavioral issues that arise during the key development periods. It stems from raising siblings together in the same household because they ultimately bond with one another and not their humans. While, littermate syndrome is common among raising siblings, it is a risk, not a guaranteed outcome of adopting siblings.

Some of the most common signs of littermate syndrome include: fearfulness towards unfamiliar people, dogs and other novel stimuli, increased and heightened anxiety when separated, difficulty learning basic obedience skills, and sometimes intense sibling aggression.

The intense anxiety due to separation occurs due to the intense sibling bond that forms, which leads to extreme distress when apart from one another for even just brief moments of time. This hyper-attachment also can result in hindered social and communication skills too.

Due to the rising awareness of the issues that may come with raising two sibling puppies together, many around the nation are now deterring people from even adopting puppies at once. While not all rescues deter it, Aloha Ilio Rescue does deter sibling adoptions due to our previous experiences. We have adopted siblings out in the past and due to littermate syndrome, in many instances, one or both of the siblings were returned to us due to behavioral issues. Now, instead of promoting sibling adoptions, we advise our adopters to adopt one puppy, raise it and then come back to adopt another puppy. The two dogs will be at different stages of life and the older one may become a great teacher for the younger one. By spreading awareness of the risks of littermate syndrome, we have seen repeat adoptions once the puppies have grown and less issues and returns due to sibling adoptions.

If you are insistent and determined to adopt puppies, please be prepared for not only double the work, but a different level of commitment to training. It is imperative that the siblings be provided with a separate-but-equal arrangement when they are raised in the same household. Although this may seem to be more of a burden and defeat the point of adopting two at once, it is imperative to deterring further behavioral issues from raising siblings. They cannot be allowed to only play and bond with one another. The siblings need to be socialized with other dogs and people, not just each other. If they are only socialized with one another, this isn't adequate and can result in freak out situations when they are faced with other dogs or people in the future. Additionally, training becomes a bigger issue and necessity with siblings too because of their combined energy, built up tension, and enormous distraction during sessions (each other).

This means that their owners will be responsible for providing them with significant amounts of time and training apart from each other to deter dependence on one another. Feeding, walking and even training should be conducted apart from the sibling and they should also have their own crates in different areas of the home. Additionally, social and vet visits should be done alone too.

Ernie (was Snickerdoodle) Pupdate!

Ernie is happily living his life with a fantastic family. Talk about a K9 match, this dog needed a family that would match his energy level and that's what we got him. Every day, Ernie gets to go to work on a farm but also enjoys adventuring with his family. His family says that he really enjoys hiking but also nighttime lap cuddles at the end of a long day.

We couldn't have found him a better FOREVER!
He loves adventures and hikes with his humans.
Everyone loves napping.
Family time is quality time.
Winston Pupdate!
Does anyone remember Winston?

Winston apparently loves Açaí bowls. His mama lets him lick the bowl clean. Aside from cleaning off bowls, he is living his best life with his sister Lulu (also from AIR) and his amazingly loving family.

As you can see, he is quite the lady's man. He loves to take family photos with his girls. Winston also loves to share the bed and snuggle up with his human sisters.

Winston is loving the life he gets to share with his wonderful family!

Ohia Pupdate
Do you folks remember Ohia and her sad story?

Ohia was picked up and saved by Oli from an owner who showed her no love. Ultimately, it worsened to the point of saying that he was going to shoot her if no one took her. Oli not only came to her rescue but contacted us to help place her in a foster home until she could be rehabilitated for adoption. Ohia used to cower and roll over to her side everytime someone approached her in anticipation of being beat. She was also very scared and nervous, walking around with her tail tucked between her legs.

Charlotte saw our post and reached out to foster Ohia. Off she went with Oli to meet her foster mom after work and head back to Waikoloa to her foster family, which included a dad and brother. Not even 24 hours later, change was already beginning, as Ohia started to go outside with her foster family without cowering or tucking her tail.

Now, Charlotte has decided to officially adopt Ohia and make her a forever member of their family. Thank you Oli for saving this wonderful girl and to this amazing family for opening up their home and hearts to Ohia. Enjoy happiness with many adventures Ohia, you deserve it!
Oli transporting Ohia to AIR.
Ohia 24 hours later in her new home.
Ohia enjoying her new life.
Mahalo Island Veterinary Center!

We would like to send a shout out to our friends at Island Veterinary Center. Dr.Lei and her staff are always providing excellent medical attention to the animals in our care. Without them, we wouldn't be able to care for our sick and injured animals. We also wouldn't have such wonderful outcomes for some of our owner surrendered pups, like Penny and Zia.

Thank you Dr.Lei and your staff for always squeezing us in to your already busy schedule, caring for our animals, and providing us with the ability to keep changing their lives, one dog at a time.

It takes a village to help these animals and we couldn't do it without your help!

Dr.Lei taking a minute to sneak a smile for the camera.
Brandi helping to load one of our dogs after the appointment.
Kelly taking Zia into Dr.Lei's care at Island Vet
Foster Spotlight!
This month we would like to introduce you to 2 rescue warrior sisters who have been a part of TEAM AIR for quite some time.

Beate and Bridget are no strangers to the rescue world and are two amazing power houses who aside from fostering for us, organize and run PetFix. Through PetFix, they are able to provide FREE spay and neuter clinics out in Hawaiian Ocean View.

These two definitely help us in more ways than we can count. From transporting animals to fostering dogs of all ages and sizes. These gals never shy from a challenge and we love them both!

Thank you Beate and Bridget for being an integral part of TEAM AIR! We love you ladies so much and so do the pups!

Beate lending a hand to carry some of our Mt.View pups.

This litter have all found wonderful forever homes once they are old enough.
Bridget holding one of the HOVE pups. Both her and Beate are working around the clock to care for this litter, which includes bottle feeding and meds.

This litter is NOT AVAILABLE for adoption yet. We will keep you posted when applications will be accepted.
Patiently waiting for their FOREVER!

Are you their K9Match?

Opie is a male, 1 year old, hound mix. He was owner surrendered to us because he disliked cats to the point where he would start chasing them.

He is a tad shy when you first meet him but warms up relatively quickly. Opie is so full of love, spunkiness and happiness and would love a yard to play in all day long. He is truly an amazing dog who needs a family to call his own.

Do you have a yard big enough for Opie to play in and are you ready for a new best friend? Opie is your guy!
Ninole is a sweet, 6 year old, whippet mix. She is about 36 lbs. Ninole is a very gentle, loving dog who would make the perfect companion for someone.

Every time you approach her, she immediately flops over for a good belly rub. She also enjoys taking car ride cruises and is the perfect co-pilot to any adventure. Ninole would also make a great couch potato dog with a loving family who would just rub her ears and give her belly rubs all day long.

Are you looking for a sweet, lovable companion for your life? Ninole is your girl!
Lucas is a beautiful white and brown hound who has such a sweet and friendly personality. He is a truly amazing dog. His only issue is that he has kidney disease. Lucas eats a special K/D dog food and seems to be doing well on it, plus his supplements.

Lucas is a playful, happy and active dog who loves being out in the yard all day. He truly needs a place to go to that can not only provide him with the food he needs but also the love he so desperately deserves. He is such a phenomenal dog!

Is Lucas your guy? He is a big lovable sweetheart who needs someone to give him his forever.
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