September 17, 2019
AIR Brings In Their Shoes
to Ocean County College
Visit part of National Suicide
Prevention Awareness Month
Attitudes in Reverse volunteers and the In Their Shoes exhibit were at Ocean County College in September as part of National Suicide Prevention Week and National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month.

AIR volunteers and AIR Dogs: Paws for Minds therapy dog teams are bringing In Their Shoes and AIR’s message throughout New Jersey this month - including the Seventh Annual Suicide Prevention Conference on September 23 - to promote awareness of suicide prevention.

Last Monday, more than 300 college students viewed the exhibit, which consists of 277 pairs of shoes representing the youths who lost all hope and ended their lives by suicide. On each pair is a tag with thoughts a young person might be struggling with, including:

  • “I have a good life. Why am I so miserable?”
  • “Everyone thinks I have so much to live for…except me.”
  • “Will I ever have a boyfriend?”
" Our goal with the exhibit is to let young people know that they’re not alone with their thoughts. There are others out there,” said AIR Co-Founder Tricia Baker . “AIR has been bringing the powerful In Their Shoes display to OCC for five years and each time it is exhibited, there have always been students who come forward to ask for help. We are grateful for our partnership with OCC.”

“One of my favorite colleges to visit is Ocean County College,” continued Tricia, who brought her therapy dog, Goober. “The students are so friendly and open, and the staff are amazing. They recognize how their students struggle and they take actions to support them.”

The college’s Counseling Services Department offers wellness workshops, hosts mental health events including AIR’s visit, counseling and mental health resources.

“In Their Shoes always has an impact on our students, faculty and staff. As a result of this exhibit, we are able to open much needed conversation and bring the topic of mental health and suicide prevention to our entire campus community,” said Katie Hueth, OCC Prevention Education Coordinator. “Thank you Tricia, Goober, and the AIR team for sharing a day of support and awareness on our campus this September.”

If you are in crisis, please seek professional help or contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-8255


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