May 2020
AIR Newsletter!

Changing dog at a time!

April Statistics:

April 2020 - 58 Adoptions !

Dogs in our care - 59 Dogs
(this number changes daily)
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Changing dog at a time!

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Message of Hope!

Another month has passed and things have definitely been changing quickly! Our new path of taking Owner Surrenders has worked tremendously well. So many dogs are in need of amazing homes. New Fosters and Volunteers have stepped in and we are growing every day. Such an exciting time. Of course we hope that one day, our job will be done and there will be no more unwanted/homeless pets on our island. Until then, we are here....with the help of many in our community (TEAMAIR) who make this all happen. I can't tell you how proud I am every day to be amongst you all, who give your these amazing animals. I couldn't do it without you. Let's keep Changing dog at a time!

Stick around and join us....we have more big changes coming!!

In rescue,
Daylynn Kyles
Kahi Pupdate!
We are committed to our mission as K-9 matchmakers. Our goal remains to change the lives of dogs, one dog at a time.

Look at Kahi enjoying life on Oahu with her very active mama. She gets to go exploring and on wonderful adventures. Keep on smiling Kahi!

Pupdates are always a highlight of our days. Keep sending them our way.

Pepper Pupdate!
This is Pepper with her new mama on Maui! Just what she needed! Hiking and adventure!
Here is Pepper out exploring again.....happy dog! We LOVE this.... #K9matchmakers
Foster Spotlight!
We would like to introduce one of our newest AIR foster extraordinaires, Jessica Loeffler. Jessica takes in practically any dog we need assistance with. She takes in puppies, small dogs, even medium to large dogs. She is up for any challenge, big or small. Most recently, she undertook the great task of fostering a pregnant mama.

Prior to starting her foster journey with us, she did adopt an AIR dog named Lulu.

We love having Jessica as part of our AIR team and her fun, dog loving personality is infectious.

Thank you Jessica for all your help. We appreciate you!

Do you know what to expect with your dogs castration?

The simple thought process is if I castrate my male dog, he will immediately calm down and be less aggressive. However, there are other benefits to castration, like minimizing the risks of testicular cancer and possible prostate issues later in life.

For more in depth information, please read the below article:

Patiently waiting for their FOREVER!
June Bug

June Bug came in with a group of terriers. She is a sweet and affectionate, dachshund terrier. She is a little shy and timid at first but warms up quickly. June Bug loves to cuddle in bed and take car ride cruises.

Are you ready to give June Bug the love, patience and time she deserves?

Pineapple is a 2 year old, gorgeous, tan and white colored, medium red heeler mix female.

Pineapple is a great girl who is full of life and easy-going. She is working on leash training but enjoys car rides and adventures.

Can you give Pineapple a great home to thrive in?

Dakota is a young, whippet mix. She loves to go out on adventures and plays in the water. She also got to do some basic training (sits). She loves to run and run, but is also okay just playing with toys by herself in the yard.

Do you have an active lifestyle that can incorporate a fellow adventurer?
Please help us as we help our islands displaced dogs. We need help as the vet bills we incur monthly are incredibly huge. If you go to our website you can click on the many ways you can help. Either buy one of our amazing shirts, a one time monetary donation, , or even a small monthly recurring donation that we can count on to help us pay our bills. Thank you so much!

TOGETHER we will see change! TOGETHER we can make this happen! Together...we are TEAMAIR!