AISJ's Statement on Selma Tornado Disaster
We are deeply saddened by the tragic tornado disaster that struck the city of Selma, Alabama on January 12, 2023. Our hearts go out to the families and loved ones of those who have lost their lives, and we extend our deepest sympathies to all those who have been affected by this devastating event.

The citizens of Selma have shown incredible strength and resilience in the face of this disaster, and we stand in solidarity with them as they begin the difficult process of rebuilding their homes and their lives. We are committed to providing any support and assistance that we can to the community as they work to recover from this tragedy.

We also extend our gratitude to the first responders, volunteers, and emergency personnel who have worked tirelessly to provide aid and assistance to those in need. Their dedication and selflessness in the face of such adversity is truly inspiring.

As a community, we must come together to support one another during this difficult time. Together, we will overcome this tragedy and emerge stronger than ever before.

Please keep the citizens of Selma in your thoughts and prayers during this difficult time. #SelmaStrong
Images from Selma, January 12, 2023.
Photo Credits: Valeria Miller and Warren "Billy" Young
"God thank you for your grace and mercy! WE shall rise! Just watch us! #SelmaStrong"
- Selma City Council President Warren "Billy" Young
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