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Using your Ag in the Classroom Calendar

I hope you are all enjoying your 2019-2020 AITC calendar. With its beautiful photographs, interesting daily facts, vocabulary, and recommended books, the calendar offers engagement for students of all age groups. Here are some ideas to get you started!

Morning Circle Time: Have students gather on the carpet or other area of the room. Using the calendar as an example, discuss the month, day of the week, and the daily agricultural fact. Encouraging student to use this time to relate agriculture to their everyday lives.

Seasonal Units: Often times, monthly topics follow the theme of the current growing season. Before turning the page to a new month, ask students to predict what the next month's topic might be.

Writing Activities: Need a quick writing prompt? Have students write a short paragraph about the monthly topic prior to reading any of the facts. At the end of the month, ask students to write another paragraph expressing new things they learned.

How are you using your calendar? Let me know, by sharing your creative ideas on our facebook page!

September Highlights:
Butterflies and Pollinators                
       Pre-K                          Kindergarten

       1st grade                              2nd grade 
   3rd and 4th grade          5th and 6th grade

          Caterpillar          to               Butterfly
                 Pre-K - 1st grade, butterfly life cycle

Pumpkin Marketing Simulation Winners!!

Best Pumpkin Destination:
"Pumpin Land"

Created by: Hunter & Elizabeth, 
Dalzell Grade School

What's coming up?

November - America's First Farmers and Corn

December - Trees and Cranberries

October 31, 2019

Here are your quarterly Ag in the Classroom newsletter, created and distributed by the Bureau County Farm Bureau Ag literacy coordinator.  This newsletter is sent each quarter to keep you updated and informed on Bureau County Ag in the Classroom activities and current news and information you might find important.

Teacher Resources

Bureau County Farm Bureau AITC
We are gearing up for an incredible year!  We are excited to be presenting in your classroom and sharing information about the #1 industry in Illinois-Agriculture. Thank you for welcoming us into your classroom and giving your students the opportunity to experience agriculture through our hands-on activities. In addition to visiting your classroom, we also have a multitude of free resources to share with you. There are books, science equipment and various Ag materials available to check out at the Bureau County Farm Bureau office.  

AITC On-line Resources
Agriculture is more than Farming! Check out the following websites to discover just how fascinating the science, history, literature, and mathematics of agriculture can be in your classroom!   Illinois Agriculture in the Classroom: free interactive Ag Mags, lesson plans and handouts.  Here you will find teaching materials and training to help expand your student's knowledge on Illinois Agriculture.     The National Ag in the Classroom includes a vast curriculum matrix of lesson plans for K-12 th grade. Search the matrix and create your very own virtual binder to store your favorite lessons.   Illinois Farm Families provide links to engage consumers with farmers across Illinois

October Highlights:
Pumpkin Varieties
  Pre-K                   Kindergarten

1st grade                   2nd grade

         3rd and 4th grade      5th and 6th grade

     Everyone loved the "wagon of fun"!!

Pumpkin Marketing Simulation Winners!!

Best Pumpkin Product:
"Pumkin Soup"

Created by: Vianna & Titilayo, Neponset Grade School

Congratulations to these creative students - there were so many great ideas to select from!

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