March 12, 2021 AITP Chicago Events and Announcements
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Virtual Zoom Meeting
AITP Chicago AI SIG Meeting
March 18, 2021, 5:30-6:30 PM

Topic: Conversational AI: How will your business adapt?

We’ve seen commercials for Alexa, and Google assistant. You may have used a chat-bot on your bank’s website. Fast forward a few years, and imagine how these capabilities evolve. You’re engaging with a very capable virtual assistant that can do more than any single person, and holds your entire conversation history for context. It knows what you
like, has access to your accounts, and can perform tasks that were once only possible with a person. It ‘understands’ you.

How would that affect you as a customer, a business, and fellow employee? This presentation will focus on the coming changes, and what you can do to take advantage of the largest platform shift since mobile.

Speaker: Peter Haas

Over the past 15 years, Pete has developed voice experiences for companies like Nordstrom, Samsung, and Williams Sonoma. Initially, he developed on non-AI based platforms. More recently, he’s has been deeply involved with Conversational AI using Google, Amazon, and others bringing advances to automated speech recognition (ASR), and natural language understanding (NLU).

Virtual Zoom Meeting
AITP Chicago DevSec Ops and OOCIO SIG Meeting
March 23, 2021, 8:00-9:30 AM

Topic: The Future of Enterprise IT

AWS will be sharing a high level presentation on the “Future of Enterprise IT” seen through the eyes of AWS followed by a 30 minute Q&A period will highlight the specific challenges and successes organizations face during their migration to the public cloud as a part of their digital transformation / modernization strategy.”

Speaker: Miriam McLemore, Director Enterprise Strategy and Evangelism, Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Miriam joined AWS as Enterprise Strategist in August 2017. In this role, Miriam works with enterprise technology executives to share experiences and strategies for how the cloud can help them increase speed and agility while devoting more of their resources to their customers.

Before joining Amazon, Miriam was the Chief Information Officer, Corporate for The Coca-Cola Company. In this role with a 500+ team and $120M+ budget she provided global leadership across the enterprise on all technology matters in support of: global marketing; consumer/commercial leadership; product, package & equipment R&D; human resources; legal; sustainability; public affairs; and strategic security. Specific accomplishments include defining global marketing technology ecosystem, simplifying and cloud-enabling the consumer facing and legacy application portfolio, and shaping new companies/products through the startup and venture capital community.
Virtual Zoom Meeting
AITP Chicago Virtual Meeting on Disruptive Innovation
April 21, 2021, NOON-1:00 PM

Topic: How to Make Your IT Organization Disruptively Innovative (An Interview with Justin Lahullier, CIO Delta Dental of New Jersey)

Since taking the role of CIO, Justin has worked diligently to build a leadership culture within IT at Delta Dental. He has significantly improved IT’s image by improving his team’s leadership, communications and customer service mindset, and has mastered an improved project delivery process.

When the CEO wanted to develop Delta Dental’s culture to be more disruptively innovative, Justin was one of the first to step up to the task. He further developed his team and created a culture that embraced greater innovation and is leading the way to digitally transform the company. The timing was great; he and his team rapidly responded to the demands of Covid-19. He quickly facilitated all employees move home to work, and over the course of 2020, delivered capabilities to support patients and dentists alike as we all grappled with the impacts of the pandemic. Justin will be interviewed by Chicago’s own Steve Salisbury, a leadership, transformation and growth consultant who focuses on culture.



Justin LaHullier
Chief Information Officer
Delta Dental of New Jersey

Justin Lahullier joined Delta Dental of New Jersey in early 2000, has held several key positions in areas including Compliance, Product Development, Strategic Planning, and Informatics. He was previously Assistant Vice President of Strategic Decision Support and Data Services, where his focus was on driving value using analytics, data visualization, and storytelling. He was promoted to Chief Information Officer and Vice President of Information Services in April of 2017.


Steve Salisbury
President, Steve Salisbury Consulting LLC

Steve Salisbury is passionate about working with executives to build culture to drive exponential growth. For dozens of clients, he evaluates interpersonal, organizational, and process elements to eliminate cross-functional dysfunction and builds teams to create a leadership culture to drive all types of growth.

Steve has worked with some of the world’s most recognizable organizations to set change in motion by creating capacity, galvanizing leaders, and driving accountability to institutionalize the entire transformation. Comfortable in culturally diverse settings, Steve has worked in many international companies throughout Asia, Latin America, and Europe, as well as in the United States.
Virtual Zoom Meeting
AITP Chicago Virtual Meeting on IT Trends
April 29, 2021, Noon-1:00 PM

Topic: Critical Trends - A Perfect IT Storm: And what it means for IT Professionals

A perfect storm is an event in which a rare combination of circumstances drastically aggravates the event. 2020-21 was a Perfect Storm for IT.

In addition to making many millions of Americans sick and over 500,000 deaths, Covid-19 also caused a massive movement to Cloud solutions. WE began working from home; education went remote; on-line shopping and video streaming services increased; and we began going to Zoom meetings for work and with our friends and families.

Topics Include:

  • Security 
  • Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence 
  • Blockchain
  • Cloud Solutions
  • Hybrid Work

Speaker: Larry Dribin, Ph.D.

Larry is an independent consultant who provides clients with thought leadership, solution design, technical expertise as well as executive coaching, and project/program management expertise. Larry enjoys applying his creativity and energy along with agile processes to help clients solve their toughest business problems.

Prior to becoming an independent consultant, Larry worked at Cap Gemini’s Sogeti Division where he led its IT Excellence Practice. Prior to Cap Gemini, Larry worked for Digital Equipment Corporation supporting Motorola, when Motorola was developing Six Sigma. 

Larry is an adjunct instructor at DePaul University in Chicago, where he has taught Software Engineering, Agile Methods, Software Measurement, Project Management, and Quality Assurance classes. Larry co-created the Cloud Computing program for DePaul’s Institute for Professional Development
Virtual Zoom Meeting
AITP Chicago Virtual Meeting on Data Analytics
May 7, 2021, 10:00-11:00 AM

Topic: The Challenges of Analyzing Large Datasets

The world continues to create a huge and increasing amount of digital information – and the value of analyzing this incomprehensibly large volume of data is also accelerating. What are the largest datasets on the planet? How can they be analyzed? And what are the technical challenges to analyzing data at this massive and growing scale? These are some of the questions that Chris Gladwin, CEO and Co-Founder of Ocient, will explore. Ocient provides the technology that organizations around the world use for complex analysis of the very, very largest datasets.

Speaker: Chris Gladwin, CEO, Ocient

In 2004, Chris founded Cleversafe which became the largest and most strategic object storage vendor in the world (according to IDC.) He raised $100M and then led the company to over a $1.3B exit in 2015 when IBM acquired the company. The technology Cleversafe created is used by most people in the U.S. every day and generated over 1,000 patents granted or filed, creating one of the ten most powerful patent portfolios in the world. Chris is now the CEO and Co-Founder of Ocient whose mission is to successfully provide the leading platform the world uses to analyze its largest datasets.
Virtual Zoom Meeting
AITP Chicago Leadership & Teamwork SIG Meeting on Transforming Culture
May 19, 2021, Noon-1:00 PM
Topic: Transforming Your Organization’s Culture… The Impossible Turn?

Who is managing your organization? You or the culture? Culture in charge sir!

Many attempts, well intentioned, by leadership to change the culture unfortunately go nowhere.

Why is that? What does true transformation look like? And when will we get there? Are we there yet?

We’ll explore:

  • Practical, but not so obvious, ways to approach culture change (evolution versus revolution)
  • Ingredients that contribute to success
  • How to sustain changes over the long haul
  • Pitfalls and consequences

Speaker: Jeff Singleton, Founder and President of The Project Factory, Inc. and Managing Principal of Applied Product Lifecycle Strategies (APLS).

Jeff is a veteran management consultant and change agent with expertise leading strategic initiatives, implementations, and transformations in the public sector and well known global enterprises with clients like: Pfizer, AbbVie, Aon, Motorola Solutions, NASA, Lockheed Martin, US Navy – Department of Defense among many others.

As an Agile Leadership Coach and Consultant with experience catalyzing transformations across multiple disciplines in the Lean/Agile spectrum, Jeff teaches, coaches and helps clients apply the principles and values in a variety of industries in both IT and non-IT. His focus in coaching is to keep people progressing in the right direction – experimenting with new behaviors, testing different tactics then practicing and embedding the most effective ones in pursuit of becoming a learning organization.

Prior to starting The Project Factory, Jeff was co-founder and president of LegaServ/++, Inc, an IT management consulting company, serving Fortune 1000 and government for over a decade.
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