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February 26, 2016  

Federal Update
Earlier this month President Obama released his budget for the 2017 fiscal year. Items related to workforce development include:
  • $2.2 billion for the Paid Leave Partnership to cover set up costs and part of the benefits of paid family and medical leave in five states
  • $150 million for workforce training programs for adults and youth
State Policy Update
Funnel Week
As many of you know, the first "funnel" of session occurred last week, meaning bills needed to advance through the committee of the house of origination in order to remain in consideration this year (with some exceptions for Appropriations and Ways and Means bills). Several highlighted bills are featured below. 

The second "funnel" will occur in two weeks where bills will need to make it out of the opposite chamber's committee (House bills must make it out of Senate committees and vice versa) in order to stay alive. 

Bills that advanced:
The Iowa Employment and Education Rides initiative ( HF 2203) is exempt from the funnel, as it is an Appropriations bill andtherefore, still eligible for consideration.

A bill to increase the supported employer reimbursement rate (SF 2101) passed the Senate Human Resources Committee and is awaiting action in the House Appropriations Committee.

A bill modifying the High Quality Jobs Program ( HF 2288 and SSB 3001) passed the Senate and is awaiting action in the House Ways and Means Committee.

A bill to provide academic and career guidance and technical education programs ( HF 2392) passed the House Education Committee and has been sent to the Senate for further action.

Bills that did not advance:
A bill to provide concurrent enrollment between school districts and community colleges ( HF 2070) did not pass out of the House Education Committee.

State Budget Targets
Last week the House released its budget targets for the upcoming fiscal year. These targets are a starting point for putting the budget together and show how much the House would like to spend next year, and where.

For a full comparison of the budget targets from the House, Senate, and Governor, click here.

Budget Links
House File 2228  and  Senate Study Bill 3095  Relate to the high quality jobs program by allowing additional tax incentives for businesses that use contractors and subcontractors operating or participating in an apprenticeship program. Under the bill, eligible businesses may receive additional investment tax credits of up to 2%. Sponsored by Representative Dunkel. Referred to House Economic Growth Committee. Sponsored by the Senate Committee on Economic Growth. Passed out of the Senate subcommittee.

Senate File 2046 and House File 2121 (successor to House Study Bill 533) Appropriate funds for a supported employment provider rate increase, and including effective date and retroactive applicability provisions. Sponsored by Senator Ragan, referred to Senate Human Resources Committee, and assigned to subcommittee with Ragan, Jochum, and Segebart. Sponsored by House Human Resources Committee and referred to House Appropriations Committee.

Senate File 2042 Establishes an Iowa Employment and Educations Rides initiative and related fund in the state department of transportation. Sponsored by Senator Mathis. Referred to Senate Transportation Committee and assigned to subcommittee with Brase, Danielson, and Smith.

Senate Study Bill 3001 and House Study Bill 518 Relates to the administration of programs by the Economic Development Authority (EDA) by modifying the high quality jobs program and creating renewable chemical production tax credit program. This would lower the maximum aggregate tax credit cap from $170 million per fiscal year to $105 million. The provision would be in effect for five fiscal years, beginning on July 1, 2016 and ending on June 30, 2021. Proposed Economic Development Authority bill. Assigned to Senate Economic Growth subcommittee with Hart, Dotzler, and Chelgren. Assigned to House Economic Growth subcommittee with Hanusa, H. Miller, and Best.

House File 2070 Relates to the concurrent enrollment program between school districts and community colleges. Sponsored by Senators Winckler, Hunter, Mascher, Hanson, Wolfe, Anderson, Kearns, Bearinger, Berry, Ourth, Steckman, Abdul-Samad, Gaskill, Ruff, Wessel-Kroeschell, Lensing, Forbes, Dawson, McConkey, Dunkel, and Stutsman.  Referred to Senate Education Committee.
Important Dates
March 11         Second Funnel
Final date for Senate bills to be reported out of House committees, and House bills out of Senate committees, to stay alive.
April 19           Target Adjournment Date
100th calendar day of the session and the date per-diem expenses will end.
Committee Assignments

Click here to view members of workforce-related committees and their corresponding workforce development region.

This update is a bi-weekly publication intended to share information and resources regarding legislative activities, events, and bills related to workforce issues in Iowa. If you have questions or need more information, please contact Gracie Brandsgard at or 515-237-0340.